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GraphQL Editor

5 Developer Tools you need to check out!

tomekponiat profile image Tomek Poniatowicz Originally published at Updated on ・2 min read

One of the things that differentiate an average developer from a good one is the constant urge for learning and adopting new tools that can simplify one's life. Here is a list of five cool tools that can facilitate your life :)


bundle phobia

/ˈbʌnd(ə)l fəʊbɪə/
an irrational fear of possible consequences of adding new npm package to your bundle.

If you live in a constant fear that adding a npm package to your project will destroy it, this is a tool for you. BundlePhobia lets you understand the performance cost of npm installing any package before actually adding it to your project.

No more dangerous bundles

GraphQL Editor

GraphQL is a query language for APIs, it shows types of data provided by the server and then the client can fetch exactly what it needs in one call rather than making multiple REST API calls. The schema is a crucial part of any GraphQL project and GraphQL Editor makes building or understanding existing GraphQL schema a lot easier as you can plan it by linking visual nodes. Features like loading schema from URL/file or a fake backend data can speed up the prototyping of your app by a lot!

GraphQL Schema that can be turned into a production-ready backend


CloudCraft is a fancy tool allowing you to design your cloud architecture in no time. This tool allows you to build a smart AWS diagram and calculate the cost of the services. Isn't that cool?
Visualize you cloud architecture

Amplify Framework

Want to build a cloud base app? This is the only tool you need! Amplify Framework by AWS is a library for building fully-featured apps! The framework allows you to easily connect micro-services for:

  • API
  • Analytics
  • Authentication
  • Notifications
  • Storage

and many more with just a few lines of code! The Amplify also offers a vast range of beautiful out-of-the-box UI components ready to take your app to the next level!

Library for building your fancy cloud-powered apps


Flare is a powerful design and animation tool, which allows designers and developers to easily add high-quality animation to their apps and games. With Flare you can create:

  • sophisticated interactions
  • animated icons
  • onboarding screens
  • game characters

These are real design assets that run in your app - they don't need to be recreated in code! This makes future modifications super easy!

Super cool animations

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sarneeh profile image
Jakub Sarnowski

Awesome article Tomek! :) Personally, I find Bundlephobia the most useful - I use it whenever I want to add a new dependency to a web project. This way I'm sure I'm not using any bloated libraries and force users to download unnecessary kilobytes on their devices :)

tomekponiat profile image
Tomek Poniatowicz Author

Thanks :) Yeah, Bundlephobia is pretty neat!

karataev profile image
Eugene Karataev

Bunlephobia is great when you considering if it's worthwhile to add a package to your bundle.
But when you have an existing project bundled with webpack, then webpack bundle analyzer is an invaluable tool to analyze what packages are in your bundle and what is their size 📚

newfrontendweekly profile image


Can I translate your article into English and share it with Chinese developers?

tomekponiat profile image
newfrontendweekly profile image
newfrontendweekly profile image
yucer profile image

Very interesting. Thanks.

Do you know some opensource frameworks that allow to build modelling tools like CloudCraft ?

tomekponiat profile image
vinceramces profile image
Vince Ramces Oliveros

I used flare for animations in flutter. Though there are occurence that prompt me some bugs. It's a handy tool for UX design with minimal amount of code.

terabytetiger profile image
Tyler V. (he/him)

Haven't heard of Flare before now, but wow does it look cool! Thanks for the neat tools! 🔥

tomekponiat profile image
Tomek Poniatowicz Author

You are welcome :)

thegeoffstevens profile image
Geoff Stevens

Flare reminds me a bit of Figma, but for animations. Seems really useful.

kateika profile image

thanks for the article and especially for The Bundle Phobia :)

manutopik profile image
Emmanuel Salomon

Cool tools! Thanks.
Flare is impressive, but their javascript bundle seems very large. Do you already use it in production ?

tomekponiat profile image
Tomek Poniatowicz Author

Hey! Just played with it a little bit, but haven't used for production yet.

gratiaa profile image

Those tools look really interesting, especially the BundlePhobia one! Its logo tells everything about the tool. Thanks for the post!