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Atulit Anand
Atulit Anand

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#1 of 100DaysOfCode

Today I started my 100 days of code journey.
Right now I don't know much about the topic that I am learning so can't specify what should be my daily goal or at least how many topics I'm gonna cover each day.

My today's learnings:
What is react?
Why use it?
Possible use cases.
Shortcomings and strengths...
Just theory nothing too fancy.

Key takeaways:
1) React is a library
2) It makes js more powerful, unlike frameworks.
3) With the help of appropriate third-party libraries react can do anything that a framework can.
4) After zipping up its total size falls in the range of 30-35 kb, so super small.
5) To get better at react you need to get better at javascript.
6) React doesn't violate the separation of concerns, it just gives it a new definition.
7) Principle of React: "Do one thing, but do it right"
8) React gives an overwhelming number of options, so till you don't become experienced enough stick to the recommondations.

I know there is nothing to learn from this article but just trying to build a habit here. 😀

Hope I may find interested peers on my way.
Wish me luck. 🤞
Thanks for reading, Have a beautiful day.

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