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Atulit Anand
Atulit Anand

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Day 24 - 29 and RIP of 100DaysOfCode

I started my first 100 days of code journey on 12 April 2021 and for the first 25 days, I did pretty well actually.

so long ago

React was the hero for the first two weeks followed by react-router and flux but then a couple of days back, I broke my streak and since then I've been feeling pretty bad about it.

I don't wanna trick myself so I accepted my failure and I started a new 100 days of code challenge today.

But since I have faced a couple of setbacks, now I am familiar with what may happen and how can I improve.

this is power

Here is one more thing that I thought, rather than posting articles daily, which is actually great but sometimes it's overwhelming. I can share my journey with everyone after a couple of days or whenever I'll feel like I have something worth sharing.
And I made a Twitter account to share my journey. If anyone like to keep me in check pls do.

🌟Bonus: Follow this. Believe me, you will definitely thank me later.

These are the best places to get help because the community is pretty strong.

In the study group, you have rooms where you actually have to keep your desk cam on if you don't wanna get kicked out. It gives a class-like experience, just without a teachers.

There is a bot that keeps a check on all the present members and they have to post their hourly goals as well, if they don't wanna get kicked out.

They seem like worth sharing cause they have been pretty helpful for me.

Thanks for being here.
Hope I may finish this one. I will.

Have a wonderful day.😀

Check out the cool cover image right here.
It's an excellent laptop wallpaper for sure.

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