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Atulit Anand
Atulit Anand

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#21-23 of 100DaysOfCode

Another three days passed by,
Well, I am here to tell you what did I learned and how it all went.

The Highlights:

  • I learned how to make a virtual environment of python using

    • pipenv
    • venv
    • virtualenv
  • What's the difference between them and how does it works.


  • I'm back to javascript i.e. node Till a couple of days back I was so determined to learn Django and then use React with it to create super optimized and secure web apps. But then again I don't have much experience with React or node and I want to make a strong foundation, So I started learning more about server-side stuff. How does the web work? Express.js You know the whole nine.

Those are just my first thoughts. Thanks for joining me.
Have a beautiful day.😀😀

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🐤🥇 Jasper de Jager

Keep it up! 😊

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Atulit Anand

Ty mate