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Udacity: SUSE Cloud Native Foundations

A write-up on the recent program from Udacity, called SUSE Cloud Native Foundations. Here I'll be discussing my thoughts on the scholarship. The course duration is from 07-May-2021 to 02-Aug-2021.

Wow. I've actually already forgotten about this offering from Udacity when I took my chance and submitted my registration two months back. During the weekend, I received a congratulations email - I was one of the lucky students chosen to participate in the Phase 1! 😃


The program consists of two phases:

Phase 1 which happens from the 8th of May until the 2nd of August. During the three months, we're given a chance to access the program's learning videos through Udacity and interact with other learners through the program's Slack channel.


Phase 2 occurs after the 2nd of August. Students will be evaluated and those who completed the course (plus accomplishment of other criteria) will be awarded the full Nanodegree program scholarship at no additional cost.

I'm already grateful to have been one of the few selected candidates for Phase 1 and I guess I'll be perfectly fine if I don't get chosen for the second phase but if lady luck grants me the chance again on August, well then, rock on!

Head in the game

When you first enter the Udacity classroom for the the SUSE program, you'll be greeted with the slick homepage and you will see the core curriculum, which is comprised of three parts:

1. Welcome!
2. Cloud Native Fundamentals
3. Congratulations!

I knew the main serving is the second part, so I finished off the Welcome section which consists of all the details and prerequisites that you need to know to start the program, and the Congratulations! section first which is a single page for the congratulatory message and information about What's Next.

What you're here for

In the second section, Cloud Native Fundamentals, there are five lessons which delves into the essentials of cloud native applications. You might notice that while there are only five lessons, the whole series is a lot more. This is because I've broken down some lessons into parts as to ensure the important concepts will be given their own attention.

This is also an on-going series so the list below will be updated until the end of Lesson 5.

  1. ____________________________________________

Final Thoughts

If you've reach this part, great! I know this was quite a read that's why I decided to create a series which you can view separately. Hopefully this has piqued your interest, if it did, you could click the Follow button just below to get an update on the next sections, as well as for new articles.

While we're on the subject, hit me up in Twitter. I'll be glad to connect with you there! 😃

As always, Happy Learning!

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