What was your win this week?

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It's Friday!!!!

Looking back on the week, what was something you're proud of?

All wins count -- big or small!

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Getting to all your meetings on time
  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Cleaning your house...or whatever else that may spark joy 😄 🎉
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We try to do more "showing" than "telling" in this organization, but this week I felt the urge to tweet about how great our site is and it was super well received!

It brought it a bunch of new, curious folks to the platform—which is great. 😄


This is the reason I’m on Dev.to and not on medium anymore


This week, I... announced my course that I've been thinking about for the past year!!!


I was really excited about the news. Can't wait to see what you come up with :)


This week, I...realized my flight was going to get snowed out so I got on an earlier flight to have a stress-free vacation!!

And even though I had nothing to do with this, @sarthology 's post felt like a win to me:

happy kermit the frog


This week, I... told my team that I handed in my notice to start a new job next month. A bit of a weird one, but one that I dreaded doing. Just glad that I did it.


I know that had to be tough. Congrats, and good luck (and I mean that in a good way). Ending something stinks, but that's behind you so now you get to start something new...and that's almost always exciting!


This week, I had the first guest on my podcast where we talked about websites, social media, and content ownership (which greatly relates to Ben's win this week).


Listened, and subscribed on Google Podcast. Great work...keep it up. Looking forward to the next episode.


This week, I crossed a bunch of items off my to-do list, including several that I had been putting off because I knew that they'd be especially tedious and frustrating. I've also been making a lot of progress in writing (non-technical) documentation for some of our internal processes. It feels really good to get more of this knowledge recorded.

typing fast and furiously


This week, I... brought attention to the linting issues in the DEV project and helped open a discussion.

Could view linting be suppressing contributions? #1828

I have the feeling that view linting could be presenting a pretty strong burden to contributions. You could make a small contribution and get hung up with a huge linting fix chore as it currently stands.

I just feel like as an outsider without context it could add a bit too much burden at the time being. Thoughts on taking it away as a blocker to pushing and leave it as something folks can voluntarily make progress on until the app is at a closer place to being fully linted on the view with our preferred styles?



This week, I made progress and completed the desktop newsletter landing page for my new project. Ignore lorem ipsum stuff. :p




This week, a team I help to coordinate started a 11-week project building cohort with developers from 70 countries to help them put the skills they've been learning into practice....and to learn more!

Happy elephant


This week, I was added as a maintainer of Gridsome. A static site generator for vue.js and also got a lot of positive feedback about my last article!


This week, I finally took the time to add optional chaining into a JS project (something I'd been saying I was going to do for ages but never found the time). Out with the:

something && something.somethingElse && something.somethingElse.someOtherThing

and in with the



Barney Stinson high-fiving himself


This week, I helped improve the code coverage in our front-end code base as well as merge code coverage reports. Outside of work, I'm close to finishing the enabling of strict mode in TypeScript for the Refined GithHub browser extension (Chrome, Firefox).

Enable strict-mode for TypeScript #1783

Basically going with the non-null assertion operator in almost all places, because as mentioned in github.com/sindresorhus/refined-gi..., the assumption with the extension is that the DOM nodes referenced in most cases are expected to be there. If they aren't, the extension breaks, a bug is filed and it's fixed.

One thing to note @bfred-it, is currently dom-chef types need to handle JSX (Element and IntrinsicElements) or we import @types/react.

Tenacious D animated gif

This week, I actually understood this week's lessons at Lambda School on relational databases, SQL, migrations and seeding! I was nervous about going into the back-end unit, but I'm getting the hang of it. :)

Kelly Kapor from the Office saying she's really smart


This week, I... finally managed to do my first public pull request for the year 2019...

[WIP] Feature : docker-run.sh script + docker container build #1844

What type of PR is this? (check all applicable)

  • [ ] Refactor
  • [x] Feature
  • [ ] Bug Fix
  • [ ] Documentation Update


A single bash script that helps quickly setup either a DEV or DEMO environment

bash-3.2$ ./docker-run.sh 
# This script will perform the following steps ... 
# 1) Stop and remove any docker container with the name 'dev-to-postgres' and 'dev-to'
# 2) Reset any storage directories if RUN_MODE starts with 'RESET-'
# 3) Build the dev.to docker image, with the name of 'dev-to:dev' or 'dev-to:demo'
# 4) Deploy the postgres container, mounting '_docker-storage/postgres' with the name 'dev-to-postgres'
# 5) Deploy the dev-to container, with the name of 'dev-to-app', and sets up its port to 3000
# To run this script properly, execute with the following (inside the dev.to repository folder)...
# './docker-run.sh [RUN_MODE] [Additional docker envrionment arguments]'
# Alternatively to run this script in 'interactive mode' simply run
# './docker-run.sh INTERACTIVE-DEMO'
# RUN_MODE can either be the following
# - 'DEV'  : Start up the container into bash, with a quick start guide
# - 'DEMO' : Start up the container, and run dev.to (requries ALGOLIA environment variables)
# - 'RESET-DEV'   : Resets postgresql and upload data directory for a clean deployment, before running as DEV mode
# - 'RESET-DEMO'  : Resets postgresql and upload data directory for a clean deployment, before running as DEMO mode
# - 'INTERACTIVE-DEMO' : Runs this script in 'interactive' mode to setup the 'DEMO'
# So for example to run a development container in bash its simply
# './docker-run.sh DEV'
# To run a simple demo, with some dummy data (replace <?> with the actual keys)
# Finally to run a working demo, you will need to provide either...
# './docker-run.sh .... -e GITHUB_KEY=<?> -e GITHUB_SECRET=<?> -e GITHUB_TOKEN=<?>
# And / Or ...
# Note that all of this can also be configured via ENVIRONMENT variables prior to running the script

And does the deployment using docker. Includes option to do a reset prior to deployment.

Optional contextual information provided here : dev.to/uilicious/adopt-your-own-de...

Added to documentation?

What gif best describes this PR

quick demo

What gif best describes how it makes you feel?

how i feel

A personal win in stepping away from work-work, and doing more on github



This week, I...continued working on a .md template generator CLI and finally got data returned the way I needed it in my biggest SQL query yet (8 window functions).


This week, I.... launched the new landing page for my product BrandVantage.

I am especially proud of it as I designed it too (including the logo)!


Just wondering,is it on wordpress? Btw page looks great.


Nope, hand made in flat HTML. I wrote an article the other day diving into my process for building it a little but really, I was writing vanilla HTML and CSS in my files. 🙂


This week, I discovered dev.to, I wish my LinkedIn feed looked like this! A real dev community!


This week, I...

  • discovered it was actually very easy to build an rpm with python setup tools
  • finished the Google Machine learning crash course - see post

I released Orchid 0.16.0 on Sunday, which added support for Groovydoc (in addition to the existing Java and Kotlin docs) and a new theme!

I also published a how-to post here on using Orchid for a Kotlin project's documentation.



This week, I...

Created my first multi-page website with HTML5 and CSS3. Super pumped for my Beginner Gains!


This week, I... started messing around with Kotlin and TornadoFX.

It's a bit harder to create a desktop app using these rather than Electron, but I enjoy the size of the compiled app a lot!


Cool, I'll have to look into those. Thanks for sharing!


This week, I survived despite my wife not being home and ordered pizza only once during all this time! And I even ate some fruit today!


Pics of you eating fruit...or it didn't happen. LOL.


This week, I...

Found time to take a break for myself and focus on my hobbies


This week, I...
Made some more modifications to my notepad web app (link -boiling-plains-87481.herokuapp.com) and it is fully functional to the point it is uploaded while also being mobile responsive, I plan to add on authentication,individual notes in the future soon.


This week, I reduced the execution time of a SQL query against a legacy database from 2 minutes to 2 seconds via careful wizardry.


This week, I created my first merge request in our internal gitlab. We've been using gitlab for a few weeks now, so it's quite new. Also we don't have a code review culture in our team, we just trust each other to write reasonable code.

So when I changed an important feature ("updating a document means overwriting the content BLOB" becomes "updating a document means creating a new content BLOB") I wanted my colleague to review my changes. It turned out to be difficult because I changed some lines here and there, I did not even wrote a new method.

So how do you do review such changes based on a diff? Much of the context is missing!

I also tackled some defects and wrote some integration tests that increased our code coverage. Yeah!

And how do I use this giphy-link?



This week, I

  • Started

    theodesp / cookiecutter-swift-library

    A simple, opinionated Cookiecutter template for a Swift Library.


    A cookiecutter template for starting a new library in Swift


    Install cookiecutter command line: pip install cookiecutter


    Generate a new Cookiecutter template layout: cookiecutter gh:theodesp/cookiecutter-swift-library


    This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT License

  • Finished some exercises in

    theodesp / go-leetcode

    Solutions and implementations of Leetcode problems in Go.



    Solutions and implementations of Leetcode problems in Go. May the code be with you.

    Challenges completed

    • Tries: Link
      • : Trie Representation
      • : Trie Operations
      • : Map Sum
      • : ReplaceWords
      • : AddSearch
      • : FindMaximumXOR
      • : WordSearch


    Copyright © 2019 Theo Despoudis MIT license

  • Made a silly IOS app

    theodesp / silly-song-ios

    Silly Song iOS app

    Silly Song

    Example ios App (Swift)

    Tutorial Link Udacity


This week, I got a ticket to Google Next 19 from Udacity, where I've completed some nanodegrees. I've been wanting to visit SF and SV and now I have an excuse.


This week, I... taught myself how to use Firebase.


Ah man...that's me next week. You're ahead of me! Any recommendations or links? Thanks!


This week, I...created my professional landing page for my services.


Everyone single dev should have one of these IMO.


This week, I... delved into Jest, a unit testing framework for Javascript as a potential testing tool for my Javascript projects.


This week, I...

Restarted work on the next update for my learning Unity game. I also figured out how to get svg exported from my prototype/design tool to my Gatsby WIP site.


This week, I...fixed a coroutine bug on my silly little Android app


This week I found that I bug I introduced last week was neutralized by another bug I introduced a Day After. That was a good week


This week, I... planned interviews for the research of my next book MVPs with AWS


This week, I got a new job where I'll be working as a junior developer! I'm really excited to start!


This week, I came up with a new way to prerender one of my projects on the fly!

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