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What was your win this week?

jess profile image Jess Lee (she/her) ・1 min read


Looking back on your week -- what was something you're proud of?

All wins count -- big or small πŸŽ‰

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Getting a promotion!
  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Cleaning your house...or whatever else that may spark joy πŸ˜„


Happy Friday!


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I've been on performance management for the past 3 months and today, I PASSED! With flying colours! My manager even talked about the possibility of promotion!

I suffer with ADHD so this is a really big deal for me :) :) <3

I also discovered the python humble bundle that's currently on offer, win! :)



πŸ“’ congratulations πŸŽ‰


Made pancakes and that weren't burnt for a change.


Nice πŸ˜„, Cooking is a Good skill these days. Do you have a recipe in Youtube ? Also is this recipe specific to any country ?


the only thing missing is some strawberry/raspberry jam, lots of it xddd


I am well known for burning things.


I'm currently actively working on my project ConvoyChat and made some good progress this week also did some refactors & implemented lot of features including image uploads & experimental webhooks support. :D


Contributions are welcomed! <3


I live in Brazil and work remote for a company in Denmark. This week my boss told me that when this Covid craze is over we should meet in Copenhagen, so I have one more thing to look up to after this pandemic πŸ˜„


Got a promotion at work! πŸ₯³


Kept studying regularly even if I did not feel like it and passed all the exams I took so far. Yay!


Well done, not feeling like doing something and pushing through to get it done is always a big win.

  • Find first developer job after 10 years in medicine profession.
  • Write first post
  • Learn TypeScript

After so many years I finally wrote my first blog post πŸŽ‰



I got a raise and released my app in the Apple App Store; waiting for Google's review before it gets released in the Google Play Store!
Here's a link for those curious: apps.apple.com/us/app/r-e-i/id1519...
Not only was it my very first app, but it was also my first Flutter project :)


Almost finished a full stack project, stuck at a problem but will be solved soon!


Write an article! Has been a while! dev.to/zooly/my-full-free-jamstack...

And with some friends, we released major update of freatle.com/en, an app to organize your events πŸ₯³


I just reached the halfway point of my 100 days of CSS art project πŸŽ‰ Can't believe I've now made 50 pieces of CSS art and I'm halfway through already! I've written up a little bit about the journey so far 😊


I submitted my first written article for a paid blog and hopefully they accept it!

I made commits on Github 5 days in a row and I'm almost done with a Javascript class I'm doing.

I practiced Japanese this week and committed to studying it more seriously.


I learned SVG Animations using gsap.

Check out this firefly animation I made


Big win! πŸ˜† Finally finished writing a post I started working on almost a year ago πŸ˜…


I've been focusing on React and frontend for years but added a very small commit to my work's Spring backend this week. It was nice to remember that's a thing I can do a little of too!


Landed a full-time job as a front-end developer. I will be working mostly with Vue. Will also be involved in the UX.
Pretty excited to work with Vue, it has been a hectic 1.5 year, since I decided to quit my job and make a career change.
I still have a lot to learn obviously, I will be a greenhorn in the dev team, but hey, I am looking forward to it.


I fixed a bug on my personal blog, that was nice.


Congrats, sometimes we forget to look at our own stuff and fix it. Yeah that's a confession from me LOL


My personal project is getting real! Not fancy, small beginning, but is moving! πŸ€—


Almost a year ago, I started a new personal website, techuplife.com, and this past week I finally started averaging 700+ pageviews a day. Not a ton, but for a side project that's just me writing for it, I'm pleased with its growth so far.


Got .NET Core and IoT/GPIO bindings working on my Raspberry Pi, the way I wanted them to work. Also, getting Visual Studio Code to remote to the pi to develop on the board, no moving stuff back and forth.


Technically this was the last Sunday, but depending on what you perceive as a week, I've finally - after a whole year and numerous attempts - redesigned my blog! πŸŽ‰ If you're interested you can read the whole story behind it right here.


My pull request for flower (celery worker monitoring client), to change it to be python3 only, was merged! Celery 4.5 (I think) will be py3 only but as a downstream client/app, flower didn't need to wait ("easier" but also unnecessary since we have less incompatibility issues/risks).

Small plug (for those curious to see what the code change was), the PR.

  • The new fluct library went over 10 clones in one day!

  • My photography website is getting an average of 1.6k visits and almost a 100 unique visitors on a daily basis:


My win this week was to get macOS Big Sur beta running on an external drive and a Parallels VM. Which granted doesn't sound like much to many, but since I work with their platforms it's important to get a heads up before the release happens later in the year.


I figured out how to put a file in an s3 bucket and return files from s3 buckets out of an endpoint. Very big, new stuff for me.


Definitely motivating a team of volunteers. We're working on a product which diagnoses Covid19 from radiologist scans πŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈ.


My phone finally got fixed after 4 months and I messaged a bunch of my friends. I almost forgot how good it feels to socialize


Started using codepen and making fun stuff !!


Reaching 500 stars on GitHub on tsParticles



Outstanding, well done. That's a tough crowd so 500 is amazing.


After 12 years of pure backend jobs, this friday I completed my first sprint of pure frontend on a new job, I feel like on my first job as Jr, and I find it amazing.


I got my first client as a freelancer this week. I was able to get them through the help of a lot of different "Starting Freelance" articles on DEV.


I got 6 stars on my project React Native Wifi & Hotspot Wizard which is the highest on my repositories till now😁


I have almost payed off my house debt in Animal crossing?


started this thread on Twitter twitter.com/thisismahmoud_/status/...
and people are liking it so far :D


I finally released this minigame: logoquiz.dev/. Started as a side project to learn react and redux. πŸ˜ƒ


I will be able to finish my studies that I had to stop due to money/situation, as I've been accepted in a remote-study university I've been rooting for, and now I can pay it! Very excited about this.


Finished working on a logs reader and notifier, I worked on it on the side and gave it for the company I work for.


Moving my side hustle to Jamstack with Stackbit. Or shall I say finally moving it :-) Will write about it soon.


My django module django-check-seo was shared in the last django-news newsletter!


After suffering from burnout, I was able to do my first live coding stream in three weeks today. Happy that I'm getting back on track again.