What was your win this week?

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Let's end the week on a high note.

Looking back, what was something you're proud of?

All wins count -- big or small!

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Getting to all your meetings on time
  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Cleaning your house...or whatever else that may spark joy πŸ˜„


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This week, I learned about using NOT EXISTS in a SQL subquery! I was able to use this to get rid of a left join and speed up a hairy database query πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ It really made my week lol. Also had a really good chat with a mentee about equivalence vs. equality in JS and Ruby!



I wish SQL had a negative join operation consistent with other join types because the fact that a NOT EXISTS subquery outperforms the outer join + null test approach just doesn't seem right.


I absolutely agree - I actually found this by googling "opposite of a join query" πŸ˜‚ it would be cool to have an EXCLUDE operation or something similar


(can it be non-dev related? Please @jess πŸ––)

This week, I went back to the gym after the physiotherapist benched me for a few weeks because of an injury! It gives me an energy boost and... it sparks joy :D

simone biles vaulting


Yes it can (i'll update with an example)!!
and heck yeah!!!

Glad you're doing well :)


Cleaning your house...or whatever else that may spark joy


Glad you're doing well :)

ahah thanks! :-)


This week, I.... turned this post into a lightning talk and gave it at a Women Who Code event I organized!

dancing T-rexes


This week, I... was able to earn my Responsive Web Design Certificate via FCC, was able to launch my Amazon Affiliate site, started reading The Art Of War of Sun Tzu and started developing my Web Design company website.
Alt Text


This week, I made five 3-pointers (4 in a row) in a pickup πŸ€ game and setup Code Climate on an open source project.

Great idea for a discussion, I ❀️ it!


This week, I added code climate check for one my open source library.
It was tough to get code coverage test work but with help from Dave Follett πŸ‘Š,

10+ commits

I got it working last night.

Add test coverage task list #54

Test Coverage tasks

  • [x] Add test coverage flag to Jest: reference
  • [x] Add Code Climate configuration to CircleCI: example
  • [x] Add Code Climate test coverage badge: markdown

Validate CircleCI configuration file

And a CircleCI issue was due to an indentation error, which Dave pointed out πŸ˜›



Uber cool.

It reminds you of the time when you first used eslint(or Resharper) and see massive errors πŸ˜›

In addition to being a great tool, Code Climate generously gives itself away for free to open source. Amazing stuff.


This week, I... finally started reading "Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby: An Agile Primer" by @sandimetz and have been enjoying it SO much. What a fantastic writer!



Omg! That's one of my favorite books of all time. I actually use a quote from it as my "goodbye" to students on the last day of class. May or may not have cried a few times.


Nice! Let us know how it is when you finish it!


This week, I....

Coded a lot of stuff in Go! I spent a lot of time thinking about how best to approach the problem and making sure test along the way. So far I have about 85% test coverage according to

go test -cover

and 100% test coverage of exported utilities.


This week, I finally started sharing on Dev! I’ve always wanted to get involved in a dev community and start writing about my perspective on things but always got caught in the trap of trying to β€˜overperfect’ everything I wrote (and never actually posting any of it.)

This week I finally just posted something. Then another thing. Then another thing after that. I know the writing could use a lot of work, but hey, I’m not gonna learn by rewriting the same five articles on Evernote a thousand times!

Meta GIF


This week, I pushed a fix to allow code spans in comments and the article editor! I had been putting it off a bit because I thought it would be a hairy fix, but it turned out to be really straightforward. It was a pleasant surprise, and it was a good reminder that something may seem more difficult than it actually is.

A clay-mations sheep wipes its forehead in relief.


This week, I was able to arrange to get paid for the first time to write a python tutorial or article in one of the awesome python blogs I had been learning from for awhile.

Amazed to get to write


Yeah, it is cause I would never imagine me in getting paid to write. Now it's left for me to write the article or tutorial which is a nice problem to have I guess.


This one was actually from earlier today! I was struggling with a PR, so I thought it'd be a smarter, more productive move to walk away and address another bug. When I tracked down the cause of this other bug, I wound up finding an issue that broke several key parts of our app while slipping through a blind spot in the tests. Thanks to me finding it, we managed to get a fix to production before the weekend!

I count it as a win since it shows my old habit of banging my head against something to prove myself, it's often not as good as moving to where I can be more effective for the team.

GIF of someone having chosen wisely


Back at the beginning of January I submitted an op-ed to a local newspaper on a non-tech related topic, and they finally published it this morning. So that made me pretty happy. Also got a particularly annoying bug fix ticket into testing, so there's that.


This week, I....

Performed a six second freestanding handstand off the wall for the first time in about six months.

Wrote the slides for my upcoming online course (The Mindful Developer).

Got my head around graphql.


This week, I finished the first major module of my DM Suite application (check my GitHub!) and our SQE at work thinks it's neat! He has free reign to test things and he's excited to do a non-work testing project, plus he's a D&D nerd like me so it's interesting.

Right now all it does is manage a database of tavern menus and menu items so my players will stop asking me "What does this place serve?" when I can't remember what the heck I told them last time they visited a particular tavern.

Next module is adding item management and loot tables.



This week, I....

  • onboarding a new security engineer to the team
  • discovered one of our ECS clusters which use EFS for some state had run out of I/O credits, causing the service to behave in a naughty way. Did some math, moved EFS to provisioned throughput and sat back to watch the accolades
  • quickly identified all the access points for one of our services which had it's ip reset after an accidental restart.
  • logged back into dev.to

I finished the incantations for staging reproducible, self-sourced Cassandra clusters in the cloud with SaltStack. Or at least they work; there are parts that might do with a little improvement.


This week, I helped another Dev on my team fix a security bug in about a quarter of the time. He didn't have any idea how to reproduce it and I got him set up in about 5 minutes when he could have spent all day.

Unfortunately I don't have a gif :(


This week, I....Submitted a PR for a new React component for my team to review and I finished Part 3 of an article I've been working on

Ric Flair


My app got accepted for App Store after a series of rejections!


It is a social networking app for high schoolers. We currently have ~200 users in beta and 10k average daily page views. It’s been months since I started coding it, and it’s great to see all the hard work pay off! I will write up a post after our launch next week about both the development and marketing of the app.


Finally joined this community after a long time lurking.

Insatalled Hugo on my machine and started building a portfolio.



This week, I submitted a PR to a Go repo at my new job. As a JavaScript dev, learning Go and actually producing value in the first sprint at a new workplace is a huge success for me.



This week, I:

  • Finished a big rebuild of the home page of the legacy project I maintain, meaning we'll soon be able to delete some of the worst code in the whole code base :-)
  • Started work on a new mega menu, which will also lead to deleting some crappy legacy code
  • Got to not just use React extensively, but also coached one of my co-workers on it. This is the biggest project I've used React on to date, and I always enjoy using it

Deleting that legacy code is going to feel so good.


This week, I wrote tests. I reviewed too many codes and I installed our local Git server. So, I moved our projects from GitHub to our server.

I went to the gym three times this week. It was tiring. My grandmother was dead. This was bad for us. My mother still crying. I had good and bad experiences this week.

We also caught a bug about this comment form' comment template feature.

@HZooly created an issue. (dev.to/issues/1698)

@rhymes and I found where the bug was.

That's all.



By this week, I have been able to stick to a diet for more than 2 weeks and lost 5 KG(around 10 lbs). I have been trying to lose some weight for more than an year, with each attempts falling flat after 1-2 week without any significant improvement.

Last month with some guidance from a nutritionist, looks like this be the charm. :)


This week, I stopped procrastinating and finally finished my personal website/ portfolio. I even got to write a post here asking for feedback. It's a big win for me as I wanted to redesign it for quite a while now but was always setting it aside, focusing on other projects.

Plus, it's the first one I built using Gatsby since I wanted to learn how it works.

yay me


I need to do this ^^; I even made a trello board to have my notes on what I want to write on my phone.

Still haven't written any content for it yet. THough I'm using grad school final project as my argument.


This week, I....

Sorry no gif...

I survived a week full of meetings. And I made a previously almost non-testable code base (too many highly coupled endpoints in Graph, Database, SCCM, Active Directory...) testable. 😎

The first unit tests are already there and the goal is to make it to at least 66% covered code base by the midst of February.

There is still a small hack for AD items, but thats going to be tackled next week.

And as a last addition : I finally wrote some F#. Nothing big yet, still only to practice, but itβ€˜s a start.


This week (well last week as I'm a little late to the game), I got my PR merged into the Refined GitHub browser extension repository. πŸ”₯

I talk about my PR in my latest TypeScript article as it relates to the content.

Napoleon Dynamite dancing


This week, I....
Thinking back to last week (I JUST found this thread(?))
i... had a failed phone interview (with a bottom feeder) and got call-backs on two substantive positions. Oh, yeah... my portfolio site also went live. Banner Week!



This week, I shipped the whole new analytics service at Slanglabs.


This week, I finished a Pr to support Google log in for 2k domains through a single authorization gateway site


This week, I connected a Questions Vue app to a questions endpoint, using axios πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€


This week, I had some cool things happen... but I can't talk about until next week! GAH!

it's classified gif


This week, I migrated the codebase to ionic 4 πŸŽ‰

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