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What was your win this week?

jess profile image Jess Lee (she/her) ・1 min read

Happy Friday, everyone!!

Looking back at your week, what was something you're proud of?

All wins count -- big or small!

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Giving someone constructive feedback!
  • Contributing to OSS
  • Fixing a trickster bug
  • Watering your plants...or whatever else that may spark joy 😄 🎉


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This week, I did my last shift as an IT Support Technician. I start as a Front End Developer Monday!



Congrats! I am in the exact same position. I work tech support and just signed my first freelance front end contract to build a website for a company. I hope it turns into a full-time job like you got


This week, I'm excited about the progress of night mode, with leadership of @link2twenty . This will be extensible for general custom themes.


Soon, old Borland blue will be resurrected. :)


That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.


This week:

  • I'm glad that people liked my productivity post
  • I called a guy on Twitter out for being sexist and he recognized and apologized
  • I survived until Friday

animated "yay"


This week, I finally published my first blog post 🎉

I feel like I might have caught the writing bug 😁

Kermit the frog vigorously typing on typewriter


Congrats on your first post! 🔥


This week, I:


Sounds like a good week! I enjoyed your article on content creation and the luck factor 🎲


Next week my entry will likely by, "This week I enjoyed my successes from last week." :)


This week, my first blog post about my first day working 100% remote at big corporations on dev.to got over 1024 views!

I'm making it a goal to write more blog posts this year. I want help out other #webdev!


This week, I hit a personal high in daily views on my website (1,604). Most of those views are from organic traffic to a single Python article, so I'm not sure how sustainable it is. Regardless, I'm excited!

Obama Mic Drop


Careful, views are addictive. :)


Haha it’s true! Thankfully, I’ve been grinding on my site for about two years now, so I’ve grown patient.


This week, I was accepted to give a lightning talk at a conference I'm attending! Now I just need to finish writing/planning it... and maybe practice a little...


This week, I...had a go at creating my first portfolio website using a template I saw on this very site and applied for a scholarship at college.

Squirtle shades


Awesome stuff dude. Keep it up 🙌


This week, I started writing a product feature that was supposed to send emails to users and admins, but I ended up writing a full-blown async messaging bus including database models, delivery status and a batching service ...I hate when this happens.

what was I doing


I released my first js package onto npm called funnl. It's a couple functions that allow users to flexibly pipe operations on data. Any feedback is welcome! If the lil' project piques your interest, or you'd like to see what it can do, you can check it out here: npmjs.com/package/funnl


This week, I... made a nearly functional text editor in Vue.

It's still not done, but it can do a lot of what most online text editors can do:



This week's win is I'm still on vacation. Back to work Monday. It's been a great mind & body recharge for me. Saying the obvious, but vacation is good for you peeps!

Also, snorkeling today, I had an octopus wrapped around my arm. Pretty cool beautiful smart creatures.

And sloths this week as well.


This week, I wrote my first custom WordPress editor block after not touching WordPress in ~3 years and I feel kinda drunk with power.


This week, I submitted my second web dev bootcamp project called Tweeter (simple single-page Twitter clone) and received incredibly positive feedback on it :)


This week I've learned more about NPM script and how to use it with chained command lines to prepare the folders/files tree structure of my webpack boilerplate. Things like :

    "prepare": "npm-run-all -s prepare:*",
    "prepare:clean": "rm -rf ./src",
    "prepare:src-tree": "bash -c 'mkdir -p src/{images,modules,styles/partials}'",
    "prepare:html-entry": "touch src/index.html",
    "prepare:js-entry": "touch src/index.js",
    "prepare:git": "touch ./.gitignore",
    "prepare:gitignore-rules": "(echo node_modules/ && echo dist/) >> ./.gitignore",
    "prepare:js-entry-import-scss": "echo import './styles/main.scss' >> src/index.js",
    "prepare:js-entry-log": "echo console.log('I am the endry point!'); >> src/index.js",
    "prepare:scss": "touch src/styles/main.scss",
    "prepare:scss-partials": "touch src/styles/partials/{_variables.scss,_reset.scss,_mixins.scss}",
    "prepare:scss-import-partials": "(echo @import \"partials/variables.scss\"; && echo @import \"partials/reset.scss\"; && echo @import \"partials/mixins.scss\";) >> src/styles/main.scss",
    "prepare:serve": "webpack-dev-server --open",

This week I've read and practiced my book about CSS Grid Layout and validated the FreeCodeCamp's course on this topic.

CSS 3 Grid Layout

This week I've started to code the front end of a tiny musical application...


This week, I...made my first functioning JS app. A simple image slider. I didn't really style it because I wanted to see if I can actually code it...but it is keyboard accessible.

codepen.io/horussky/pen/drgjyW (tear it to shreds if you want)


  • I built several card components that I intend to add to our playbook
  • I did some yard work because....spring ¯_(ツ)_/¯
  • Decided on a side project to finally try out Netlify

This week, I...
Watered my plants and installed a dIY system to use a camping sh<ower and a water gun to shower th<em in th<e balcony...
btw i managed to create a security testing in an AWS region using Prod base images (big mistake) 79 customers were affected by strange notifications in their phone at 4 am :-)


This week, I was able to implement that POST request in an API (that i have been dealing for a week )
The whole API looks now more production friendly 🤩🤩



This week, I... Finally was able to finish up a data pipeline and push my training task to ML Engine! So thrilled!

heck yeah


This week, I...

Stood up for technical excellence and rallied for refactoring existing code that had accumulated some cruft over the years. I was able to reduce the number of lines by 60% and killed all of the useless overloaded operators without breaking features, with only golden master tests as a data vice grip to prove nothing had went terribly wrong. I am very pleased with the outcome of the code and the clarity that came with it.


This week, I...

  • At this week's Code for Boston Meetup wrote a script in Node.js to scrape table data from a website to save us hard-coding out the data by hand, in less than 10 minutes. It's not anything super-special, but it made me feel like a wizard.

  • Reached and crossed the 1000 follower milestone here on dev.to, after less than a month of actively blogging here. I know this community was cool, but holy &%$ you guys!

Bruce Lee


This week, I

  • Pushed some commits into Elastic UI framework
  • Solved a few problems in Leetcode for go-leetcode
  • Started tinkering with llvm

This week, I...

  • I found and am on the steps for a remote position.
  • I applied to remote, paid development internship and am moving through the process.
  • I didn’t lose my mind but stayed focused.

Onward to the Weekend!!



This week, I worked with my friend @florinpop on his App-Ideas project to improve the repo and to add new app ideas for Devs who are looking for practice projects.



This week, I bought verypupil.com to create a website for students at school to make homework online, and this with a friend I met here on dev.to (!!!)



This week, I got promoted from junior developer to mid-level developer!



This week, I'm excited about the launch of my Dart course on Egghead :)


This week, I learned a lesson. Honestly doesn't make you a better person. It makes you, and only you, feel badly


This week, I finished building my portfolio


This week, I took several similar query methods and was able to refine it down to a single query, simply converting the return value when calling the method. Was pretty happy with my DRY practice!


This week. . .

  • I made a ship name generator in vanilla javascript.

  • Improved an existing calculator app that I had been procastinating on for weeks.

  • Had lots of fun.


This week, I actually managed to make an abstract syntax tree visitor that exports the tree into a graphviz file. And I may write an article about it!


Whoo!! ps. those are my favorite birds. sun conures 😍


This week, I managed to migrate one of our packages from Python 2 to Python 3.6 with backwards compatibility.


This week, I made great progress on a Vue base project written in TypeScript and even started to write documentation on using it.