What's your dream job?

A job at a company with a strong remote-first philosophy that recognizes:

That well-rounded developers > 10x ninja developers.

That having a life outside of work makes for more productive workers.

That having a diverse team from a variety of backgrounds and dispositions > having "cultural fit".

That sounds like a mighty nice place to work. I'm ready to sign up!

Also, on the 10x devs: en.wikisource.org/wiki/Why_I_Never...

I was inspired to look up the job description of being a ninja:

The functions of the ninja included espionage, sabotage, infiltration, assassination and guerrilla warfare.


Interestingly, western culture glamorizes the hell out of ninjas but it seems like they had a pretty sleezy rep at the time:

Their covert methods of waging irregular warfare were deemed dishonorable and beneath the samurai, who observed strict rules about honor and combat.[

This dev ninja culture had started from php as far as I remember. Such methods and reputation are quite normal for php 😂

Yup, sounds just like the type of toxic work culture I'd like to avoid... 😉

The elephant's always had a pretty suspicious look if you ask me.

I think I'm doing it. I'm making a thing I care about. That's always been a big part of my life. I'm having an impact in things I care about, but not pretending to "make the world a better place" in a platitude sense.

And I'm learning all the time.

In my ideal world I have fewer nagging tasks that pull me away from the thing I really want to do at the moment, but I feel free to strive for that situation. I don't think I'd want the version of my life where I automatically get everything I want.

I really love the intersection of code, art, and social justice. If I could do teaching in the future that joins those things well I would be in heaven.

More realistically, I would love to do developer advocacy/evangelism. I really like doing speaking and blogging. I also love building small projects that show a tool off!

code + art + social justice.

take my money already :D!


I love cooking and I always feel very accomplished after cleaning. I would love to create a beautiful and supportive household for my family so my children and husband can succeed in whatever they want to do.

In my free time I'd read, write music, and even code!

I want to teach! Something in the neighborhood of calculus, physics, mechanics, Computer-Aided Design, mechanical design, or -- last but not least -- programming. :)

Right now I'm just working a few odd tutoring jobs here or there, but I'm keeping an eye out for an opportunity to teach in a more classroomy setting, either high-school or college.

Fiction author. It's completely different from being a CTO but I've got dreams of sitting by a lake in Italy with a herd of dogs and a typewriter.

developing software for the anime industry.

Being in a position where I can move to a French-speaking and immerse myself in the language. I don't know what french country yet maybe French Guiana, France, Togo, or Belgium.

I would love to be a photographer that is sent around to world to photograph animals.

But fortunately I love my job as a web developer, which I get to do from home

I think dream job (a position i'd enjoy doing all day, everyday forever) is different from an idealized position (being this super meaningful impactful person who solved a big social problem with their talents... )
For the former definition wine sommelier or scent chemist might be super interesting. Maybe writing childrens books about really heavy topics to help people understand them? I'm already an artist and have been for 8 years and that is a longterm commitment.

For the latter, I'd love to be one of the people who wrote the ACLU live recording app for recording state misconduct aclu.org/issues/criminal-law-refor...

But actually, I'm working really happily from home at a civic tech company right now, and learning tons.

I'd love to work in a place that allows me to choose the projects I work on, so I can work on what I'm passionate about. I'd also like to not be expected to work to the bone to get a measly pay check and have it be for "progression".

One that pays off my student loans.

Game developer - it's been my dream job since I was 5 or 6, shortly after we got an NES.

As a web developer, I'm closer to it now (especially after being a dental tech for 15 years), but not quite there yet. I've dabbled in game dev, but haven't seriously looked for a job in it - not sure what the market really looks like for remote HTML5/JS game devs. Currently learning Unity, but the remote question still comes into play.

Given that last paragraph, I should qualify it as "remote game dev."

Remote is a big thing for me, too. I almost moved to New York 3 years ago for the company I worked for (remotely), but then that company went under. Glad I didn't move. Also decided then that I wouldn't move for a job - something that isn't guaranteed which could jeopardize my family's well-being.

A job where I get to bring my passion for connecting with people and my training and experience in community organizing along with my technical skills. Something along the lines of developer advocate, developer evangelist (yes, a rabbi/developer working as a developer evangelist would be hilarious) or developer marketing.

Probably my dream job is being an artist that works in the media of computing - I can imagine generative and reactive pieces that's be fun to work on and probably cool to experience. I imagine something like Vermilion Sands.

On the more prosaic "dream version of developer" end,

A job that ends when I go home

A job that respects my commitments outside of work

A job with a defined vacation policy - unlimited vacation doesn't count

A job with a door, and a window - view optional

A job with a remote option

A job with a strong benefits package - health insurance, 401k matching, maybe equity or a pension....

A job with a respectful culture that values listening, collaboration and consensus

I'm a homeschooling parent and also a full-time salaried tech worker. In my dream world, I would be able to do both of those things together, without feeling like they were at cross-purposes. That might sound strange, but I like the idea that my child could participate in my work, or that the work of helping to educate my child could also be part of my salaried job.

Working with a technology that goes beyond helping a single company. Feeling like I'm part of something greater than myself and I am using my knowledge to empower people. I want to feel like I'm a participant in something like that. This is one of the reasons why I started to learn about blockchain. I believe it will have the potential to change our societies for the better, and I want to be a part of it.

3rd shift mattress tester.

I think I would really enjoy being a developer advocate for a company, if it was a product I believed in.

Or maybe a position where I help large non-tech companies run their IT using modern methods. A lot of companies in sectors like finance have sluggish IT with codebases from deprecated technologies, and outdated methodologies because the top players at the company are in a slower business, and as a result their IT department fails to keep up with the best practices and standards that pure tech companies strive to adopt.

Music producer. I want to compose music for video games, and learn to code them for fun

If we are talking about a dream job, I have the only strong wish: all my colleagues should be smarter than me.

That applies to dream-everything, not to job-of-the-dream only. Everything else I might develop myself, but everybody around smarter than me—that’s the real paradise for the Homo Sapiens.

If they will be also 10× developers—even better :)

I've thought about this a bit. The answer would be different if you asked me a few years ago.

I think the closest thing to what I want to do could be called software product research. I have several ideas that I think could be profitable and beneficial if explored, but no vehicle/resources to realize prototypes of those ideas. I don't have a lot of interest in the tedium of setting up corporate structures, or I probably would have started my own company by now.

A 30 hours per week job, where I can do only things that matter, being well paid, having enough freedom & flexibility, therefore having plenty of time for family and private life.

Right on the money loan! It's about time ⏰

Yeah, we all agree that a job without good money is not a dream job :)

Know the feeling, I got my dream job in 2011 welding for one of my fav artists of all time, 80+ hrs/wk for $125...no lie. Glad I switched it up 👌

Sounds very bad. Glad you switched up!

My answer would be disappointingly simple: a gig where I would legit be proud of what I do because I know that it adds value to people's lives. A gig where I can experiment with different solutions to a problem, and I can work on improving the knowledge of those around me with talks or teaching sessions. A company that cares about the professional and personal improvement of their employees, and the community around it. A company that cares about the morality and good will of their goods and services.

Other important things would be casual dress code, comfortable company dynamics, good work-life balance, hip office in a metropolitan-ish area.

And an espresso machine. I've worked at one location that had a proper espresso machine, and no other place has had that perk since.

Philanthropist. If I have an entrepreneurial bone in my body, it's to get stupid rich and then spending my life trying to spend it all helping people. Like a social justice Batman.

Chef or Running a kids school or a dog shelter.

As of right now I'd like to do IT with an emphasis on networking.

Every job I have, until I don't like it anymore! To be honest, I've always been very content with every job I had. Ideally I'd help making an actual difference in this world though

Working remotely and with open source

Combination of learning theory and applying it in meaningful ways but no matter where I go there is no shortage of politics to get in the way of that endeavor.

I'd be happy with a job that helped me get past level 2 on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

Simple... work in Aerospace Industry... write software for flying stuff.

Working remotely and finding a good co-working space.

(insert Martin Luther King) I have a dream, that one day I'll lead my own team of game developers and walk among the big ones #Kojima #Miyamoto

"Head of the machines" when they take over


Therapist to devs so I can tell them it's okay not wanting to spend so much time of their lives waiting for webpack to compile

A dream job would be not having a job at all. In the meantime, high salary + no bullshit + get in touch with new technology + remote + workmates who know more than me is my starter pack.

I don't like working. I do my hobby and they pay for me :)
But I want to do lots of things. I want to explore space, make a game, learn ai, learn robotic programming. I don't have a single dream.

Dream job is to drink coffee and talk about it casually.

Radical sports guide. It's is very crazy heheheehe

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