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Any "How do I..." question when the answer is either RTFM or 5 seconds away on google.


As someone who used to ask such questions a lot, and now someone who usually answers such questions a lot, I don't see why this bothers some people so much. Just reply with "Google it" and shrug it off.


When a person ask such a question once a week, or even once a day, it's fine. But when the same person asks questions like this every 30-60 minutes, that's really annoying. I mean, learn the goddamn lesson, man! Google before you ask!


I can see a response like that coming back to bite me come annual review time where my boss gives me a low ranking or denies a raise for not being a "team player."

Well it depends if the question is googlable or not.

If it is you are giving a service to everyone by teaching them autonomny with letmegooglethat.com/?q=how+to+do+x

It it's not, you are just being rude.

Where it live it's not conditional. You're going to pay for it sooner or later if you don't answer, because at the end of the day, nobody who affects your employment status cares if you're teaching autonomy or not. In fact, they'd tell you to "grow up" and deal with the fact people are going to be needy sometimes even if they could find the answer to "how to use scp" easily online. "Rules for me but not for thee" apply.

And I've heard this for over 10 years at multiple different companies.


"How long will it take to do X?"


'How long will this take, also the requirements haven't been finalized yet'.

'so i'm gonna say anywhere between an hour and a year'


I think you nailed it, that's a really important bad question.

My answer is:

I have a boring answer for you:
It depends a lot on the requirements
Maybe we should invest a few hours thinking the options through?

Weeks of programming can save hours of planning.


... Tell us one fun fact about yourself... during standups, sprints, retros, etc


did you want some donuts and coffee, earlier?