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Joe Hobot
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What Did You Try New This Week?

So after my work is done, and family is asleep, my inner geek'ness wakes up to try some new things which I heard about OR wanted to learn.

For example: Few weeks ago, I was curious if I could somehow teach Google Assistant/Alexa to run some command for me.

I went onto YT and this guy deployed full Kubernetes Cluster by just saying "Hey Google, Start Cluster" , the fact that GA asked what size cluster do you want, which zone and which environment to deploy it into.. I was super impressed.

Now some of you might find that cheese, but whatever.. I had different things in my mind I could do with that power πŸ˜‚.

ME:Hey Google, scale up QA to 50 nodes, QA is having a hard time
GA: Yes my lord, and do you want me to slack the status once I am done?
ME: Yeesss please.

I searched for some code and samples and seriously there is almost nothing out there that ties Google Assistant > GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine) ... (Basically Google Cloud πŸ˜›)

Well, I got to the point where I slapped Dialogflow which created a Function, and that function triggeres API between Google Assistant and GKE.
I am not ready to show off, but if anyone is interested in working offline , feel free to hit me up :) ..

Oh and today I learned more about GitLab + GKE ( Please bare in mind that I am exclusivly working on Kubernetes in AWS and or baremetal (locally) , so connecting the GitLab and doing CI/CD with GKE was a nice learning curve..

Here are samples if you are into it: GitLab

Your turn..

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Ryan Palo

I installed Debian on a laptop! It's my first time trying Debian, and I think I like it. I've still got a lot to learn, and there's a lot less help out there for Debian than there is for a distro like Ubuntu (although probably a lot of crossover). But I'm having fun!

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John Alcher

Do you intend to use it as your daily driver? Are there any significant difference that you immediately noticed? The thought of switching to a more "barebone" distro has always intrigued me, but I never seem to rationalize it as I rest firmly with the comfort of distros like Mint/*buntu/Fedora.

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Ryan Palo

I'm not sure. I think I like my Macbook too much for that (apps like Spark, Alfred, and iTerm), all the multi-touch stuff, and how it ties into my phone. I'll probably use the Linux laptop for coding, server management, and a light-carry, travel laptop.

That being said, the laptop I installed it on was 150 bucks and isn't super powerful, but Debian still runs like a champ. I really enjoy how barebones it is because it lets me figure out what's added in Ubuntu and what's part of a more basic setup. When I first opened it up, I had to install sudo, and that made me giggle a little bit. I think I may end up going back to a more comfortable distro eventually, but, right now, this is a great learning experience!

joehobot profile image
Joe Hobot

Nice! I remember the days switching from Windows to Linux, it was all blur to me but over the years it was best I've ever done. Now I am on Mac so I get both worlds (am not a gamer, so Its perfect)

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Tyler V. (he/him)

I tried Flutter for the first time last week for work, and this week I'm trying Gatsby (and in turn React) for the first time! Flutter was fun to try and the basic app I threw together will work for now, but will probably need to be redone sooner or later.

Gatsby has opened my eyes to why people enjoy React so much. I've been enjoying the component aspect a lot!

josegonz321 profile image
Jose Gonzalez

Playing with RamdaJS.

Functional Programming FTW!