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Netlify Functions is the way to go!

There you can't actually send your express app, but it provides an interface to achieve the same with cloud functions. Check it out, it might suit you even better.


I saw Netlify functions in my search. I am definitely going to check this out. Thank you.


No. Netlify is a static host, with a few added managed capabilities (i.e. a static host on which you can plug some behaviour they manage).

If you want a netlify-like hosting on which you can just throw a node daemon and let the hosting service manage it, you're probably interested in managed hosting, such as Heroku.


Nope, but you can use serverless functions. And also can make bested routing inside function.


Thanks. I am going to check out serverless functions today.


There’s not. Netlify is only for static sites, ie. sites that don’t have a server. Not in the traditional sense, that is. It does support serverless functions, although that’d require a major server-side rewrite.

If you absolutely need a traditional Node app, there are services that let you host one, although they aren’t free.


I like Netlify, so I am going to check out serverless functions. I guess this is the perfect opportunity to learn about this technology. Thanks for the tips.

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