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krishna kakade
krishna kakade

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Firefox🦊 is the best browser for web-developers 💻🐱‍👤

Hello all😊👋
In this article, I am going to tell you guys why Firefox is the best browser for web-developers to date in deep🌊👓⤵🔥.

Contents of Article

  • Basic Intro
  • Benefits and Features of Firefox
  • How I contributed to using firefox Devtools🔥

Basic Intro

According to Google Searches also Firefox is the best browser for web-developers. and why that is a true detailed description with practical examples you can find in this article⤵ stay tuned for bonus tips too.
Mozilla Firefox is a free and open-source web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation which is available on all well known operating systems.
You can use two versions of Firefox

  • Firefox Developer Edition
  • Firefox Firefox usesSpiderMonkey is the code name for the first JavaScript engine, written by Brendan Eich at Netscape Communications, later released as open-source and currently maintained by the Mozilla Foundation.

Benefits and Features of firefox

Firefox is the best choice for both web developers and their viewers, because it offers the most reliable performance, even with many tabs open(it takes less RAM and CPU usage compare to the chrome according to my 2 years of experience with firefox and many forums also agree that😊), the most consistent standards-compliant rendering and Javascript functioning across all desktop/laptop platforms, and the most democratic transparent open-source software development community, resulting in browser software which is much less likely to contain malware. Firefox is the only major browser that is truly open source, maintained by all opensource contributors. Firefox is also better than other major browsers because it is available in its native form on all platforms. Firefox renders and performs reliably on all platforms.

Customization and Features/tools

We can customize the firefox browser UI in our own way⤵
After opening the customize tab we can customize search box themes/tabs/tools/flexible search box view like⤵
and firefox is having many other inbuilt tools also.
this type of facility is not available on chrome etc browsers.


Firefox is opensource and it is the best-secured browser to date and it looks for Data breaches and blocks the trackers automatically inbuilt tools are there for maintaining users' security.

FireFox Devtools Shortcuts

You can use Firefox dev-tools using CTRL+SHIFT+I on windows and on mac using Cmd + Opt + I.

FireFox Developer Edition

Among developers, Firefox is probably the world’s most popular browser.

On it’s own, Firefox is a pretty powerful browser. Deemed a lot faster than the average web browser, Firefox helps you to track down information and create stunning websites in a fraction of the time of something like Edge.

However, if you really want to get the next-level Firefox experience, then it’s worth upgrading to Firefox’s own developer edition.

Like Google Chrome for Developers, Firefox’s Developer Edition comes built for the open web.

Additionally, with Firefox Developer Edition, you get access to a next-generation CSS engine (written in RUST), an inactive CSS system that grays out CSS declarations that don’t impact the page, and more. There is also a host of “Firefox DevTools” to access.

With your new browser, you can access a best-in-class JavaScript debugger, a Master CSS Grid, and various other features too. In fact, Firefox is the only browser that is specifically built with tools that help developers to build and design with their own CSS grid. These tools make it easier to visualize information, display area names, and preview transformations too.
Firefox developer edition is having
specific web developeroption there you can find ⤵ following features

Color picker is awesome 🔥🦊❤
And including all these tools we can get more web developer tools on Firefox web-developer toolbox
and many more things you can do with Firefox go and explore.

How I contributed to using firefox dev-tools

A month ago I find issue's in Ten X hacker theme of email text color's are overridden you can check the issue here on Github


Describe the bug
I set my theme to Ten X hacker theme my username is hidden because in default theme my username is everything is white except contents ex:-name and articles but after switching to dark theme my is get mixed with that and then that thing is hidden if you guys let me in I can change CSS color properties for showing text it is just a color property thanks 😊

To Reproduce

Go the Profile icon then UX but first your theme is set to the default mode and then switch to Ten X hacker theme and then go and see the difference that's all about how to reproduce.

Expected behavior

Annotation 2020-05-21 144847
Annotation 2020-05-21 144920
Annotation 2020-05-21 144948

Desktop (please complete the following information):

  • OS:Windows 10 X64
  • Browser:firefox
  • Version:76.0.1 (64-bit)

My solution to that using Firefox Devtools ⤵

You can check my PR on Github
Annotation 2020-05-21 144920
Annotation 2020-05-21 144948

After changing base 50 value to white text appeared clear🔽

I changed the value of base 50 (saas codebase) using Firefox inspector tool and in live-preview of webpage(We can't do that in Chrome🤙) I can see changes there and the good thing is my PR is merged and I got Dev contributor badge also and because of all these things Firefox is the best browser for the web-developers.
I do things daily with 1.5 gigs of the internet you guys can support me for internet expenses my DM's are open for donations details and for Queries related to web-development/tech.
Thank you good day all.
Note:-I wrote this article in 2 hours my max time record is broked after this article😅.

I am FireFoxian 🌊🐱‍👤

 Indie Dev

Discussion (47)

leob profile image
leob • Edited

Some bold statements about Firefox being "the best", but as far as I see this is mainly "opinion based", not fact-based:

Firefox is the best choice for both web developers and their viewers, because it offers the most reliable performance, even with many tabs open (it takes less RAM and CPU usage compare to the chrome according to my 2 years of experience with firefox and many forums also agree that😊)

Numbers and facts to back this up? On which OS, on which hardware, etc?

krishnakakade profile image
krishna kakade Author • Edited

windows version 1909 (OS build 18363.900)
for checking facts read the whole article and then give a read⤵
Opensource Directory of Mozilla Firefox
Firefox Github Codebase
Comparison of Mozilla Firefox and Chrome
Here I go with my minimalistic setup

leob profile image

Cool, thanks ... this is what I mean, it's not 100% guaranteed to perform better on let's say Linux, OSX and so on. Besides, performance is a moving target, with the next version of Chrome and FF things could be different again.

I think what's more important is that having a CHOICE and an alternative is a good thing - it wouldn't be good if Chrome would 100% dominate the browser market.

Thread Thread
ashleyjsheridan profile image
Ashley Sheridan

It does perform better than chrome (by quite a margin) on Linux, and Chrome crashes often there.

ohyesren profile image
Ren • Edited

Windows 10. 12 RAM.
Mac Catalina 8 GB RAM. 3.5 GHz.

Firefox is superior in both for me.

ekansss profile image

I'll say it depend on what you do, because firefox devtool for ServiceWorker and PWA are really bad, and in my personnal opinion, JavaScript debugging is more intuitive on chrome than firefox.

On another hand, debugging on a vastly used browser let you catch more bug on it, and chart talk for themselves ( ).

zryru profile image
Jorge Del Castillo

This is a common post the problem is your title.It is not true.

For web development, chrome is better for debugging with many different tools and libraries. Also if you use Cordova to make your web a native. The native uses chrome too for android.

However as you have shown, Firefox is better for CSS ux styles debugging how it looks. This I cannot deny Firefox offers a great environment if you focus on HTML and CSS but all that's included in web development no.

pavelloz profile image
Paweł Kowalski

As a Fx user for a long time (both in private and dev job) there are definietly some things that are much worse in dev tools than chrome. But thats not because its bad in general, its just because chrome is pushing hard with new features and UI/UX improvements, like previously mentioned SW/PWA.

Back in the ~2016, i participated in live interview with Mozilla how Firefox devtools can be improved and i must say that in 2020 most of my feedback is outdated, so im optimistic.

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

Nice. I know a couple people have definitely switched to Firefox based on my posts (which don't so much argue in favor of this, just remind folks it's an option), and I think this is a really great resource for anyone doing that.

krishnakakade profile image
krishna kakade Author

Yes 💯 Thank You🤗🤩

jackdomleo7 profile image
Jack Domleo

This is a really good article and well done for contributing to!! 💪

Personally, I have no favourite browser for web development because I try and use as many as I can to ensure my creations look good in them (I primarily visually test in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, & Opera - never IE because I don't need or want to 😅). But for general web surfing, Firefox is my favourite browser.

As you highlighted, Firefox has a lot of great debugging tools, so I will primarily debug in Firefox, unless the bug only appears in a different browser.

krishnakakade profile image
krishna kakade Author

Yup thanks Jack 😊
We are firefoxian😂

g33knoob profile image

im forcing myself to use firefox for 3month , in my opinion the bad thing in firefox is javascript debugging, sometimes i don't see detail error in firefox then i open chrome and i see a lot more detail, i don't know why this thing happen, but maybe i will try use developer edition version.

kalyani754975 profile image

node.js is built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. I’m not sure but I think if one is working on an app using node.js then it might not be the best idea to use Firefox. Do you have any experience building apps using Express?

demkantor profile image

I build a lot off apps with node.js and express, personally I've always been very attached to Firefox but do at times pull out chrome. I know I'm bias, but also know that I have the best development experience using Firefox. At the same time I truly believe others have the best experience using chrome. Just like my choice of OS (always some Linux distro) is the best option for me, but Mac or windows may be best for you

krishnakakade profile image
krishna kakade Author

Not yet but sure I am going to work on express in future by using Mozilla Firefox resource ⤵

_ajay_gupta profile image
Ajay Gupta

I would prefer chrome over the Firefox.

metajunaid profile image

Not biased about Chrome, but you mention "I changed the value of base 50 (saas codebase) using Firefox inspector tool and in live-preview of webpage(We can't do that in Chrome🤙)".

we can change the variables colors in chrome as well. I have been doing it. Attached a gif for the same.
Changing CSS variables in Chrome

krtobias profile image
Tobias Krause

"Firefox is opensource and it is the best-secured browser to date".
Proof? I dodged FF since they had some very old bugs which they did not fix for years

krishnakakade profile image
krishna kakade Author
designedbynino profile image

I'm not sure about you, but I don't intend making my mac google's playground, as seen with the recent and current Chrome updater and secret program 'Keystone' absolutely taking over the performance of your computer. For all of you hardcore google fanboys, check this :

tluanga34 profile image
Lalnuntluanga • Edited

For web developers. The best browser is the browser which majority of the visitors will use. So, any chromium based browser is going to be better than Firefox.

chxguillaume profile image
Guillaume Chx

Nice article :p

Tho for having tried Firefox dev tools several times I still prefer chrome's dev tools and can't explain why :/
But I'd it fits some of us, beautiful Web dev community thats cool :D

mxldevs profile image
MxL Devs

What kind of things does Firefox offer that would make it superior to chrome?

krishnakakade profile image
krishna kakade Author

Read whole article and then compare features and tools with chrome/other browsers 😊👋

mxldevs profile image
MxL Devs

I was hoping you would be able to offer insight on that, since chrome can basically do everything you mentioned.

jacobherrington profile image
Jacob Herrington (he/him)

Great write up!

jdmg94 profile image
José Muñoz

I've been a Firefox user for some years now, while its not perfect, I hope that with more developers using it we can bring it to parity with Chrome (in terms of ecosystem).

krishnakakade profile image
krishna kakade Author

Right But Devtools and other tools/features/functionality matters.

pandafy profile image
Gagan Deep

I didn't know there is something like "Google Chrome for Developers" or "Firefox’s Developer Edition". Thanks for educating me.

krishnakakade profile image
krishna kakade Author

Welcome buddy

arturssmirnovs profile image
Arturs Smirnovs

I made this browser: Browser for developers
It allows you to test responsive web design easily.. :)

petee profile image

100% agree

ucheuzor profile image

I think you're right. I stated using Firefox of late and am enjoying it. it uses less ram space compared to chrome. it's also easy to debug in firefox than in chrome

zba profile image

Firefox devtools much worse than chrome, many things, each time i debug in Firefox i feel pain.

ashimb profile image

Nice article

johnmelodyme profile image
John Melody Me

Not to mentioned that firefox pretty print json value by default.

vimino profile image

While I use it personally, I'll go to Chrome for work since that's what users are likely using without going into the "test it in every browser" territory.

Sloan, the sloth mascot
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Josue Zafra


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