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The confusion between git and GitHub

Hi everyone, I am back with a new article of this git and GitHub series, in these series I will discuss about the world's most popular version control system i.e. git, and about the tools and technologies that are associated with it.


git is basically a version control software for tracking changes in any set of files, mainly used for source code management in open source and agile software development where a team of people coordinating for developing a particular project, to track every single workflow to it. Let's understand it more clearly with an example Suppose there is a team of 3 people A, B,C respectively coordinating to build a webapp. Now while working in a team every team member should know about every single change in the codebase of the project, they are working on. Like A changes a particular file name or B has implemented a new algorithm to a particular function in which C depends, now every single change or workflow will be tracked by git. So, nobody needs to ask each other about a changes and implementation. That's why git is used.


GitHub is a provider of internet hosting for software development and provides version controlling using git, Other than that GitHub also provides some additional feature for collaboration, bug tracking, issue management, etc. Like use have hosted your code to GitHub and no you can server it anywhere in the world. Other than that GitHub is the world most popular as it is used by almost every software developer in the world. GitHub also provides some other tools like and features like, code spaces, GitHub Desktop (a wonderful Gui for git), making organizations and teams, actions for automating workflow, issue tracking and many more.


people often think that git and GitHub are same, but I think after reading this blog everyone's confusion is going to be disappeared.
Feel free to comment out if you have any queries.
Stay tuned for next , Happy Coding :)


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