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Which Window Manager Are You Using?

l04db4l4nc3r profile image Angad Sharma ・1 min read

Window Manager Hopping (10 Part Series)

1) Herbstluftwm: A Dead Simple Window Manager 2) Dwm: The Suckless Window Manager 3 ... 8 3) I3: The Improved Tiling Window Manager 4) Awesome: A Versatile Window Manager 5) Bspwm: A Bare-Bones Window Manager 6) Which Window Manager Are You Using? 7) Spectrwm: The Compact Window Manager 8) Ratpoison: Forget About Your Mouse 9) Monsterwm: 700 lines of pure beast 10) XMonad: Hackability, At a Cost

I recently reviewed about 5 window managers. I wanna survey which window manager you guys are using. You can optionally add screenshots of your environment here as well. I'll keep on sharing the form responses soon :)

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Mutter :)

But this is because I've just recently decided to try Gnome out for a bit. It's surprisingly decent. Before that I was using i3, which I still have installed.


Why you did not cover qtile,xmonad


I am actually currently using Xmonad only. It has a LOT to it. Trying to familiarise myself with it before writing a review.