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Anna still codes

Last year in March I shared my story about how I got into development:

This year I still code and do other things related to software development. Here are some of my accomplishments since that time:

  • with and the team we organized the first RailsGirls event in Saint Petersburg. It was the second in Russia and the first within the last 5 years. And we are preparing for a new one in April!
  • started public speaking. I gave a short talk at our RailsGirls event and then a longer one at the Pyladies meetup this year.
  • I wrote a series at DEV about reading and technical books
  • I started writing more consistently in Russian about it and work-related topics

  • I continued to learn, as usual :)

I have more technical accomplishments this year too but they seem less noticeable to me comparing to the "brand new" stuff that I did during this time.
I have spent many years in IT already and through these years I was feeling burned out at times. But later I discovered that there are many opportunities to grow in our field besides improving our technical skills. We can teach, write, give talks, and do many other things while still staying technical. Helping others is a great motivation to grow ourselves ✨ It also helps with burnout (as long with other measures, like limiting our working time!)

Happy international women's day! Let's support each other, learn to be more compassionate to others, while not forgetting to be more self-compassionate as well.

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Michael Tharrington • Edited

It's been awesome working with you Anna! You've done some super cool stuff since your last #shecoded post.

And as for the technical accomplishments that feel less noticeable to you, I'm sure there's plenty. I know I've made quite a few feature requests here at DEV and you've always delivered on these quickly and thoughtfully, involving me (a nontechnical team member) throughout the process which I always appreciate. I greatly respect your abilities as a dev and your thoughtfulness throughout the process.

Just to say that in addition to the multitude of non-technical tasks you excelled at this past year, I know you absolutely coded too. Thanks for everything that you do, it's an honor to work alongside you on this team. πŸ™‚

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Anna Buianova

Thanks, Michael. I value technical tasks as well (they are my job first of all and I enjoy working on them!). It's a pleasure to work with you ✨

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Ben Halpern


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Katie Nelson

I really enjoyed your post Anna!

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Anna Buianova

Thanks, Katie!

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You inspired me :)