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Why wouldn't you use a graphical/visual programming language for backend services?

This post is about starting a discussion around why developers wouldn't use a graphical/visual programming language, especially for backend services. By graphical programming, it is meant to use blocks of code recipes (ready to use configurable components) to compose a service (business logic unit). Example: [input parsing] -> [input validation] -> [Third party api];
So, why wouldn't you? Let's hear them.

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John 'BBQ' Wollner

I use VS-CODE or it's big brother for 90% my work and I'm more or less full time backend / integration. It's a tool that works and any tool that improves or at least does not harm your productivity is the right move

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Tiago de Noronha

My work consists almost always on developing on Azure. When I'm, developing the back end, I mostly propose our clients to use Logic Apps because they are so much easier to maintain and so much easier to teach the client how to modify them. So yes, drag and drop the back end is a common scenario for me :)

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The most used technology by developers is not Javascript.

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