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Nudity detection with JavaScript and HTMLCanvas

Guess, you get a javascript solution to avoid showing an image uploaded by user that contains nudity.

Here is a wonderful solution:

You can directly jump to its repo:

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Nudity detection with JavaScript and HTMLCanvas


nude.js is a JavaScript implementation of a nudity scanner based on approaches from research papers. HTMLCanvas makes it possible to analyse image data and afterwards decide whether it should be displayed or not. The detection algorithm runs at the client, therefore it's possible (with user interaction) to display the image even if it's identified as nude (false positive) The real world usage for client side nudity detection could be in webproxies with child security filters, and maybe even more (e.g. on social media plattforms) nude.js is Open Source. Contributions are very welcome, the goal is to build a reliable client-side nudity scanner.

NOTE The algorithm is mostly based on the following paper


Test the nudity detection script on several predefined images, I didn't have enough time to build a nice demo with flickr image support but feel free to test some of your images too. nude.js is…

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hot dog, not hot dog

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perpetual . education

"What does it mean - when it's always blocking out my nose?" 😉

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manish srivastava


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NASA wants their nudity detection system back, they need to censor Uranus

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manish srivastava