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success, people praising you... it goes away

Everyone likes fame and some of us achieve it too at some community group or at the organization level. But, the truth is it fades

As a developer, we get appreciated many times for our awesome work and it also encourages us to keep doing good stuff.

Being honest, I have done many things to impress team members, leads, colleagues, juniors, clients etc... and everything I have done was productive...

So people around my organization started to recognize me. There are some perks of being famous which are

  • Surrounding people become nice to you.
  • Opportunities arise for you
  • You get noticed

So initially, we like being famous... But everything has a price to pay. There are also cons of it

  • You will get more work and it will also keep increasing gradually
  • You won't get appreciated as after some time it's not astonishing for others if you do amazing work of the same level as your previous work
  • You get the pressure of keep impressing everyone
  • You easily get noticed if you do a single mistake

The above-mentioned things happened to me. So at this stage, I felt that I am not valued enough or in the technical term I am deprecating.

It gave me a bit of anxiety but then I have started blogging to share my thoughts and I again felt good. While going through the blogs, I found a blog and there was a quote

“Don’t expect to be motivated every day to get out there and make things happen. You won’t be. Don’t count on motivation. Count on Discipline.”
Jocko Willink
Blog - Good habits, good code quality

I am actually inspired by it, Truth was known to me but I was busy impressing everyone... and a sharp question arose in my mind. Which is

Why I need motivation or appreciation for doing amazing work?

...and a happy ending :D

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Shunjid Rahman Showrov

Very well said !!

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Thank you Shunjid