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Any conservation foundations or initiatives that you'd recommend others look into?

Today, we're celebrating Earth Day on DEV! 🌍🌏🌎

As such, we thought it'd be cool to start a thread for folks to link to different conservation foundations and efforts so that others can learn more and potentially donate to these awesome initiatives!

earth dance

So, do you know of any conservation foundations or efforts that you'd recommend others look into? Please drop a link if so!

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Jess Lee

Not a conservation, but I'd recommend checking out "The Uninhabitable Earth" by David Wallace-Wells


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Michael Tharrington

I'm glad you brought this up... heard about this book a while ago, but forgot to look into it!

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Kyle Jones

On a similar thread, I'd recommend The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert

Thread Thread
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Michael Tharrington

Oh wow, this looks super interesting! Thanks for the recommendation.

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Michael Tharrington

I gotta highlight 3!

1) The Jaguar Rescue Center

My wife, Katelyn, worked here for 2 months up until recently. When COVID hit, we decided to come back home. I know they were hurting for equipment before all this, but they're really struggling now. If you're interested in donating, check out this page.

2) The Sloth Conservation Foundation

We actually have an AMA going on about this! A friend and neighbor of ours in Costa Rica is the founder of this org. Go check out her post and ask a question!

And here's a handy link in case you want to help out!

3) Carolina Tiger Rescue

I know, I know... Tiger King! But yeah, clearly tigers need help from weirdos. Having been there myself and listened to the stories about how many tigers got to be there, I can vouch for Carolina Tiger Rescue. While they aren't trying to rehabilitate animals to release in the wild, I sincerely think they are doing great work with big cats who have been through some really awful situations.

If you're interested in supporting them, take a look here!

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Yufan Lou

Project Wren: Become aware of the carbon cost of your daily life and donate to offset it

Tab for A Cause: Every time you open a new tab, contribute to charities at the cost of seeing some ads

GiveDirectly: The most efficient way to help is to give cash directly to who needs it Otherwise, the most fundamental way to help is to ensure clean water