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Rishabh Singh ⚡
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Can you live without Undo & Redo?

The very idea of living without Undo & Redo may sound a little scary to some of you (including me). Because we as humans are prone to making error so often that Undo & Redo comes out as a lifesaver. Without them, the daily usual coding job will become an extremely focused job & even a single mistake caused may lead you to change the code manually.

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This is just one scenario but as we know there can be infinite possibilities (or difficulties) when it comes to making mistakes you manually have to fix!


Feel free to share your own opinion on:

  • How often you think you use Undo & Redo?
  • What will you do if Undo & Redo suddenly disappeared one day?
  • And do you think it's possible to live without Undo & Redo?

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Suraj Vishwakarma • Edited

Living without Undo and Redo is very very complicated. As we do a lot of mistake is real life and while working on PC. Redo is life saver who accidentally deleted hours of work, Undo is life saver as it will save time from going into code/designs to delete manually and it will take time, concentration and precision in case of design.

If it disappears for one day, I might take rest that day from things that include Redo and Undo.

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Ben Halpern

This would certainly be an interesting constraint.

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John Doyle

Use the functionality constantly, but trying to imagine what would happen if it "disappeared"... so there would be no version control, not even the roughshod option of renaming saves _1, _1_new, _2,_2_1_new...

Back to the days of spending hours working out the code by hand with cards and fearing despair when realizing you never removed card #543 when resolving some issue...

My efficiency of validating ideas quickly is out the window, a return to annual deploys.

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Hmm... Maybe I should make a app to keep track of how often undo & redo is executed on my rig, lol.

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Sometimes, thinking inside the box and having constraints brings out the best in us.

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Nice question bro i have saved it i will answer you after a while