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#6) What is NaN property in JavaScript❓

🚀NaN : Not a Number

✔So basically it means that the value should not be a legal number.

💠Some Examples for better understanding👇

✔For checking if a value is NaN, we use isNaN() function.


NaN first converts it into a number type and then compares or equates to NaN.

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In defense of the modern web

I expect I'll annoy everyone with this post: the anti-JavaScript crusaders, justly aghast at how much of the stuff we slather onto modern websites; the people arguing the web is a broken platform for interactive applications anyway and we should start over;

React users; the old guard with their artisanal JS and hand authored HTML; and Tom MacWright, someone I've admired from afar since I first became aware of his work on Mapbox many years ago. But I guess that's the price of having opinions.