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Nick Saraev
Nick Saraev

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1SecondPainting: Generate realistic art in one click.

Hi Devs,

This is sort of new for me. I've never really been a business guy - more the kind of dude that just codes away behind the scenes - but I've been working on a really cool project and thought it fit to show the community. We also hit #1 on Hacker News, so I figured there was a fair bit of crossover :-)

Short description

1SecondPainting is an artificial intelligence art generator that lets people create their own, stunning quality paintings in seconds.  You can then purchase canvas prints, framed posters, or digital downloads (for NFTs). Every painting sold is 100% unique - you're in full control of your art.

I combined some pretty cutting edge ML with a proprietary post-processing pipeline to deliver probably the highest quality art of this kind (in my opinion, though of course I'm biased).

A lot of people have called it unsettling & kind of scary, which I agree with! If you're interested, you can try it for yourself here. Let me know what you think :)


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Jay Jeckel • Edited

That is pretty amazing. Some of those generated images are absolutely stunning.

Since you are running a business related to NTFs of AI generated content, I'm curious if you thought about and/or what your opinions are on a few things.

First, there seems to be a growing world consensus that AI generated content is not copyrightable. The USA is pretty adamant that, just like the infamous monkey selfie, if it wasn't created by a human, then it can't be copyrighted. The EU has a little more nuance, in that AI-assisted creations can be copyrightable, but, like the USA, one-click creations with no human assistance don't qualify. The situation in Canada isn't as clear cut, but as I understand it is more or less similar to the EU, at least if/until something comes of the request for consolation that ended earlier this year.

So my first question are:

  1. Were you aware that the creations of your AI are most likely not protected by copyright and therefore most likely fall into the public domain?
  2. Did you consult any legal advice before starting your company?
  3. If yes to (2), did they in any way address the issue of copyright as it relates to AI generated content?

Going on from that, you mention NTFs in your post. Seeing as NFTs' value is based in the perceived uniqueness of ownership of the content (something which is inherently lacking without a copyright), are you aware that there is a good chance offering NFTs of public domain or copyleft content constitutes fraud?

I ask all this to, one, inform you of important information that you may not be aware of, and, two, because this is such a new and interesting area of digital copyright issues and there aren't many pioneers such as yourself blazing these trails.

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GrahamTheDev • Edited

Jay covered the legal side very well (as always), I have a suggestion from a sales side.

A monthly subscription with a certain amount of downloads per month would be a great step.

You can still sell your prints service but a monthly income would probably help you scale far more efficiently (as I wouldn't pay $38.00 for the complete rights to an AI generated image so would look at the site, maybe buy a print if I happened to love the design it generated and then probably forget about it.)

A monthly fee that would make it comparable to a stock photo site would certainly be very appealing and would likely result in a load of word of mouth as people show off the creations the AI made that they downloaded.

It also lets you know roughly how much you have to work with each month for marketing and your salary etc.

If you want inspiration for what I think is a good model check out as I have fallen in love with their service, mainly because the price allows for the time it takes for me to find a good track vs the low cost of ownership (although I would probably charge per generation of an image as that is where the real cost is?)!

Anyway just my 2cents, let me just say that I was blown away by some of the art it created, it is truly impressive and one of, if not the best, AI art generators I have seen so far! ❤🦄

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Nick Saraev

Thank you! This makes a great deal of sense & would certainly deal with variability re: incoming revenue. Great feedback & I really appreciate the time you and Jay took to comment on this.

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Nick Saraev

Hi Jay,

Thank you for the insight. I did consult legal advice, and this was an open question (at the time). Several proprietary augmentations are performed to each image which may qualify as human assistance, but as this is a relatively novel field I am certainly monitoring this closely. I do plan on moving to human prompt-directed generations soon, which I think will help minimize this.

We don't actually sell NFTs. I didn't want to involve myself in upcoming the jungle of crypto regulations. Instead, you're free to mint your own NFTs after purchase using your platform of choice (with the associated costs therein).

This was immensely valuable & I appreciate the feedback :)