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Great(er) goals for the future of Elixir

Dave Thomas gave this inspirational and funny lecture about how the Elixir programming language could play a big part in creating the future.

The gist of this lecture is:

  • making Elixir and the Phoenix framework "just" a better Rails is a low goal
  • Elixir/Erlang have roots in Prolog
  • Prolog allows you to program extremely declaratively
  • if the BEAM community (Erlang + Elixir) dare to do new things the BEAM languages could play a big role in the Internet of Things, ambient computing and a host of other things
  • if we don't do it, it may well be done (very) poorly by other technologies, including security flaws

(Thanks @rhymes for the tip on YouTube markdown)

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What about Elixir future? It'd be great to have a summary of the video as you've already seen it :P

Just a note, you can directly embed videos with {% youtube ZHx_1yWkSiA %}, for example:

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Igor Katkov

It's an inspirational talk for sure. But it's not clear what to do next.