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📢 Grype 0.42.0 is out... and hello grype-contribs 👶

❔ About

Grype recently released a very interesting version : v0.42.0, which includes a very (very) interesting feature (and resource within the issue itself) :

Templates for Grype output. HTML template Issue #724 :

Templates for grype output. HTML template #724

Hi! Does someone have templates for grype? I need to scan my images to human-readable format HTML.

I think will be great if we can have a directory with templates for grype project.

☝️ This post is dedicated to this feature and to a contribution project I did create for our needs.

🗞️ Always stay aware of Grype updates

Find below how I stay up-to-date with Grype :

💡 The "grype-contribs" idea

I wanted to summarize at a single place a community driven set of resources and practices around Grype as it is now part of our culture at opt-nc.

In this first version I wanted to

  • 📊 Perform nice looking charts in the terminal
  • 📜 Be able to export nice looking scan reports

👉 Let's see what we got it this very early versions.

🍿 Demo time

🔖 grype-contribs repo

GitHub logo opt-nc / grype-contribs

A set of resources around Anchore's grype tool

❔ About

The aim of this repo is to summarize some resources around Grype to take the best ouf this great tool.

🔖 Discover grype-contribs

To learn more about this project, take a glance at :


🧰 Prerequisites

For an optimal usage of these resources, you'll need :

  • git
  • brew installed
  • python3 and pip

Install tools

brew tap anchore/grype
brew install grype

We'll use termgraph, "A command-line tool that draws basic graphs in the terminal," :

python3 -m pip install termgraph

Finally clone this repo :

gh repo clone opt-nc/grype-contribs
cd grype-contribs

👉 You are ready.

📜 Templating

Since v0.42.0, and its issue #724 it is possible to transform analysis report with templates.

This feature makes it possible to build nicely useable and highly customizable reports.

📊 Aggregated report in the terminal (termgraph)

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📑 Resources

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