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⬆️ Upgrade GitHub cli

❔ About cli/cli

GitHub focuses more and more its users productivity and UX.

Target audience are :

  • Programmers/people making code (DEV, OPS, SECOPS, Network, DevSecOPS,..),
  • Team Managers,
  • SCRUM Masters,
  • Product Owners,
  • Security managers (see organization-level security manager role),
  • DEVOPS engineers,

, ... and more generally every person how is engaged on the software creation, delivery and deployment pipeline.

To make userexperience always better they have released a dedicated cli : cli/cli/ :

GitHub logo cli / cli

GitHub’s official command line tool

GitHub CLI

gh is GitHub on the command line. It brings pull requests, issues, and other GitHub concepts to the terminal next to where you are already working with git and your code.

screenshot of gh pr status

GitHub CLI is available for repositories hosted on and GitHub Enterprise Server 2.20+, and to install on macOS, Windows, and Linux.


For installation options see below, for usage instructions see the manual.


If anything feels off, or if you feel that some functionality is missing, please check out the contributing page. There you will find instructions for sharing your feedback, building the tool locally, and submitting pull requests to the project.

If you are a hubber and are interested in shipping new commands for the CLI, check out our doc on internal contributions.



gh is available via Homebrew, MacPorts, Conda, Spack, and as a…

In addition to traditional git operations, you can smoothely interact on an - everyday - growing set of GitHub features.

🆙 Stay up-to-date

As any other software and as it is also maintained by an ever growing programmers community, cli/cli is often released.

Hence you often have to upgrade (the cli warns you about new release availability).

Fortunately it is distributed through brew wich makes uprgade process a real piece of cake

... making it possible to enjoy new features very easily.

🎬 Upgrade demo

To upgrade things are a easy as :

brew upgrade gh  
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See below how to upgrade (v2.6.0 to v2.7.0 in my case):

🔖 cli/cli Homepage

For more about that tool, just visit its homepage :

GitHub CLI | Take GitHub to the command line

Take GitHub to the command line


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