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Developer's Digest: Revisited

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In case you missed the original post, you can find it here, where I gave readers a run down of how my diet looks like.

A lot has changed since, and seeing more posts about keeping healthy as a developer, I was inspired to write about my diet again. I am still a "lazy chewer" (if that term exists), but I have incorporated more meals in a day to my diet and I take more vitamins. Here's a breakdown of my meals in an average day at work:


I start my morning by taking some Spirulina Powder mixed with water, about 250ml . I then have my breakfast typically at around 05:45am and it composes of some bran cereal with warm milk (lactose free). I then take my Vitamin B Complex, Omega vitamins, as well as my Iron supplements tablets. One of each.

Snack One

This snack is a smoothie that I have 3 hours after breakfast and it is made with Oats, milk, yoghurt ,honey, berry mix, egg, and some hemp powder. I know some people are horrified of the thought of a raw egg in a drink, but I can barely taste it. I also try to change up the fruit mix for my smoothie from day to day.

Snack Two

Green salad, chicken breasts with some salad dressing or mayonnaise.
I usually eat this an hour or two after drinking my smoothie.


Lunch is usually a larger portion as compared to the snacks and I usually have some red meat or fish, with a salad or two on the side, and rice with some gravy.

Snack Three

A packet of crisps.


Dinner is similar to what I would have for lunch.

And yes, I drink water throughout the day. Water is very essential. Changing my diet for the better has made a major difference. I feel less tired and I have become more productive. I do have days where I would have fast food, having a diet is not about eliminating certain foods but rather eating in moderation.

Some awesome posts to read:

What does your diet look like?

Happy reading and eating!

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