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What is your daily routine?

What is your daily routine?

Do you dive straight into work, do you plan time for self-study or side projects, how do you relax and re-charge away from work?

Be sure to note whether you work in a traditional office setting, or whether you work remotely.

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Mat Silva • Edited

I work remotely in this awesome thing right here:
mat silva tech shed

  1. Coffee
  2. Feed dogs.
  3. Work on side projects or learn
  4. Take daughters to bus stop
  5. Coffee and breakfast.
  6. Work in DND for 3 hours straight, with strong focus on one thing (if i can).
  7. lunch (get stuff done around the house, errands, calls, w/e)
  8. Groom journal(notionhq), groom jira, any other admin type stuff
  9. meetings (ZZzzz)
  10. Allow for distractions/flexibility & try to get all the rest of work related activities done, mostly the smaller easier stuff. Noodle the guitar when I need a brain break.
  11. Stop working and make dinner happen. Hang with fam, play minecraft with kids, etc.

**Update: Link to post with more pics here:

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Oh man, I love that office.

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Mat Silva

hah thanks 😁

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Todd Robinson

Woah, interested in your workspace you have there. Is it a separate structure from your house?

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Mat Silva

Hey Todd, ya it's in the backyard and separate from the home. Much needed upgrade from working in the basement 😁

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Ice or Fire

I'm curious what it looks like inside lol

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Ulisses Cavalcante

me too.

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Mat Silva

Hah well I may do a follow up post here with more pics of the setup!

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yes please!

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Mat Silva
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Noman Gul • Edited

I'm Muslim and Remote ReactJS/React-Native dev so my daily routine is:

  1. Wake up (between 5 am - 6 am)
  2. Namaz-e-Fajr pray
  3. Breakfast at 7:30 am (Tea with Paratha ☕ )
  4. Then start working on client projects or start exploring projects on
  5. Namaz-e-Zuhr pray between 1 pm - 1:45 pm
  6. then some social-media/blogs-reading 😜
  7. teaching 9th and 10th grade (under matric) students from 4:30 pm to 7 pm (Namaz-e-Asar pray included)
  8. Namaz-e-Maghrib pray at 7 pm
  9. Namaz-e-Isha pray at 8:30 pm
  10. finally, sleep between 10 pm - 12 am

(Pardon... my English is not good 😑)

Forgot about dinner and lunch 😁

  • lunch between 12 pm - 1 pm
  • dinner between 9 pm - 10 pm
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Frederik 👨‍💻➡️🌐 Creemers

Don't worry, your English is great, I didn't find any mistakes :). Is the teaching you do religion-related? I can imagine it provides a pretty nice change from coding.

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Noman Gul

Thanks/Jazakallah, Frederik

Is the teaching you do religion-related?

Nope, I am just teaching Computer science and other minor subjects.

I can imagine it provides a pretty nice change from coding.

Yup, It refreshes your mind/body and keeps your heart alive with beautiful inner-peace.

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Winston • Edited
  • Wake up (between 7am and 10am)
  • (~2hours) [only every 4 to 5 days] baking some bread [on the other days] relax
  • things to do for the day:
    • 2 or 3 days a week I have to go to work
    • 2 or 3 days I am studying at the university
    • 1 day personal projects and self-study. bouldering in the afternoon
    • 1 day without a plan (just doing what I feel like that day, often personal projects and meeting with friends)

I work in a traditional office setting, however I can decide on my own at what day and time I want to show up (as long as I show up for the required amount of hours per month). I am also allowed to do home office, but I do not use this possibility currently.

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Coding Sam

I go to the office everyday.

My routine is something like:

  • Wake up (5.50am)
  • Get ready to leave the house, includes having breakfast
  • 1 hour commuting to the office (around 30 minutes by boat and almost 30 minutes by Metro)
  • Arrive at the office
  • Join standup
  • Work until lunch
  • Lunch
  • Work
  • Leave work
  • Again another hour commuting (Metro and boat again)
  • Arrive at home
  • Have dinner

Not very exciting.
Seems like a really long commute but it actually allows me to read a couple of pages of a book :)

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Brooke Sargent

I work in a standard open office. Most days:

  1. Wake up around 5am a. Sometimes workout + protein shake b. Sometimes tidy house + cook oatmeal
  2. Get ready
  3. Head into the office. I’m usually there by 7am ^ coffee is usually in one of the 3 steps above depending on how I’m feeling
  4. The actual workday varies between code and 1:1s and pairing sessions. Sometimes I go to lunch with coworkers. Other days I eat at my desk but I’ve been trying to limit that.
  5. I leave the office around 3:45 or 4 on a good day
  6. If I haven’t worked out in the morning I might go to the gym
  7. Cook dinner - I love cooking things from scratch!
  8. Watch tv with partner
  9. Get a bit of reading in
  10. Sleep! Ideally this happens by 9 and definitely before 10.
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Gabriel La Torre

After 8 years of working in an office I managed to become a freelancer, nowadays I work 4 to 5 hours per day remotely, once a week I go to my main customer's office.

Usually I work from home and once a month I work in a coworking space located at 30 minutes from home by bus just to change a little bit my environment.

As I'm currently finishing my engineer degree I study from 7 to 11, then I work from 12 to 16hs and then I go to my university (yes we have classes from 19 to 22hs in Buenos Aires).

Twice a week I train doing some calisthenics at night since those days I don't have classes.

I usually change my routine twice a year if something is not working, I think it's important to review how we do things once in a while to improve it.

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Timoteo Ponce

Freelancing from home-office

  • Wake up at 5am
  • Brew some coffee and take a shower
  • Check inbox and pending tasks
  • Work until noon, pick kids from school
  • Lunch and complete remaining hours (40/week)
  • Quality time with family
  • Jogging for 1hr (5-6 days a week)
  • Dinner time with family and personal projects time (currently on Clojure course)
  • Sleeping at most 9.30pm
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Jan Schröder • Edited

I am an employee developer for a small company with a digital product in the construction industry.

This is was a typical day looks like. Although everyday is of course a little different.

  • 6am radio turns on. Get up.
  • prepare breakfast / lunch for me an the family
  • 7.45am get the big one to school, leave for work
  • 13km commute by bike
  • 8.30am take a shower at the gym
  • 9am enter the office / decaf French pressed coffee
  • sit down at the desk, bullet journal, check sentry, fix left over stuff from yesterday, smaller operational tickets
  • 10.30am stand up with the team
  • 11.00am get working on the next feature / current issue
  • 12.30pm lunch
  • 1.15pm next round of work
  • 4pm bike home -family time / dinner
  • 9pm bit more work
  • 11pm prep things for tomorrow, bed

Rinse repeat...

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Here is my vacation daily routine.

  1. Wake up
  2. Cleaning myself
  3. Cleaning the kitchen because I was lazy at dinner
  4. Sport
  6. Lunch
  8. Riding my motorcycle
  9. Cleaning the motorcycle once I'm back
  10. Gaming
  11. Dinner
  12. TV shows
  14. Sleep
  15. Repeat

When I say it means reading all the awesome articles here and learning new things by practicing.

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Ynoa Pedro • Edited

Not very exiciting i am a software developer from Brazil and my days go usually like this -->

  • Wake up (6am)
  • feed my 3 cats (6:10am)
  • Breakfast(6:30am)
  • Commute to work(7am)
  • work(8am)
  • lunch(11:30am)
  • work(12:30pm)
  • commute(18am)
  • go to the gym (3 times a week)(19pm)
  • go to college monday to friday (19pm)
  • commute home(10:40pm)
  • feed and play with the cats (11:10pm)
  • cook dinner and next day launch(11:30pm)
  • Have dinner(12:00am)
  • Read a book or code some small projects(12:30am)
  • go to sleep(1am)


  • Clean home(8am)
  • Code(11am)
  • free time until monday.
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Jordan Kicklighter

I work remotely, and having a dedicated routine has greatly improved my work ability.

  1. Wake up around 8:00
  2. Catch up on Twitter, Dev, News, and Email on my phone while waking up
  3. Shower, shave, etc.
  4. Breakfast and make tea
  5. Finish the tea while reading any emails that needed more interaction than I wanted to do from my phone
  6. Work until lunch on the most important task(s)
  7. Lunch around 12 or 1 depending on the day
  8. Work until I've run out of focus energy, sometimes 4 and sometimes 8, usually around 5-6
  9. Dinner
  10. Beat Saber for cardio 😎
  11. Read while laying in bed

Side note: currently re-reading Clean Code, read it if you haven't! It's a must-read for devs.

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06:30 Wake up
06:35 Meditate
06:45 Cycle to work
07:30 Gym
08:45 Shower/change
09:00 Breakfast & coffee#1
09:30 Start work; emails, following up, prepare for meetings/calls, plan day, etc.
11:00 Coffee#2
11:15 Work; coding/debugging or other technical stuff
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Work; technical stuff, coffee#3
16:00 Work; "personal" projects
18:00 Cycle home
18:30 Dinner/movie/game/read
21:30 Wind down; electronics off (unless call home), ready for bed and prepare for tomorrow
22:00 Sleep

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Benny Powers 🇮🇱🇨🇦

I wake at 5:40, catch the 6:03 bus, arrive at 7:12, eat a bowl of cereal, then get about an hour of golden time to myself in the office.

We eat around noon, usually a salad. Most Thursdays I treat myself to chicken skewers in a laffa.

I leave at 16:30 and get home between 18:00 and 18:30, depending on traffic. I'm really hoping the fast train to Jerusalem gets extended all the way to Tel Aviv soon.

I get about an hour with the kids, then maybe we'll read or watch some cooking shows on YouTube, or I'll help sometimes with the chores.

Then Shabbat rolls around and it's just eating together and spending time with one another ❤️

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David Brewer

Wake up 7am, take the dogs out, take a shower, head into the office by 8am. From there its usually coffee, eat the breakfast bar I packed, review team pull requests then jump into my own story if i have one or grab one off of the kanban board. Lunch then usually more focus on my own stories if we don't have core discoveries or extended discoveries. (Or Retros)

At home the only time I really do anything work related is if I'm having trouble understanding a concept. As I've just moved to the frontend at my company there are concepts and libraries I don't always understand so I take time at home to make a project using that to better understand how it works and why its used.

If I'm not working it's usually side projects or games. I've been working on chat apps at home here and there to play with websockets from server to client and vice versa purely for localhost chatting. Sometimes I'll put time into that If I don't have work to do otherwise.

Surely eating fits into here somewhere.. its just kind of random sometimes

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I'm a QA Analyst working remotely in sunny (today, anyway) Chicago, IL!

  • 6:50am: alarm goes off.
  • 7:00am: start working. I spend the first hour in support, responding to member emails and inquiries
  • 8:00am-10:00am: meetings, support bug triage, logging in Github, testing existing bugs or testing new products. In a perfect world I'd be able to turn off notifications and dive in to specific activities, but in reality there are lots of meetings that start as soon as I'm in the flow or questions about how things work or jokes I absolutely must share right now.
  • ~10:00ish: morning walk. I try to do roughly a 3k lap around the park (while playing Pokemon Go)
  • after walk, I revisit support triage for anything that came in during the morning, and continue on whatever I was working on earlier
  • anywhere from noon-2pm: lunch break, where I usually take a longer walk (5-7k)
  • 3:00: sign off for the day, work on personal projects for a bit or go to the pool!