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Prathap Rathod
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GitHub will add a “sponsor” button for donations to developers

GitHub announced a test version of the Sponsors tool. It will allow financial support for developers, according to the project website.

Any user with an account on GitHub can become a sponsor. In the first year of operation, the Sponsors service will not charge a percentage for accepting payments - developers will be able to receive the full amount of money sent to them.

The company also launched a fund from which in the first year it will double the amount of each donation. The volume of the fund is $ 5,000 per developer.

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Users can choose an attraction model: a one-time donation or subscription through services like Patreon, Tidelift, Ko-fi and Open Collective. Not only developers but also other members of the community, such as mentors, will be able to attract money.

GitHub also announced the purchase of the Dependabot service, which updates the project's dependencies and helps to keep track of library updates. The amount of the transaction is not disclosed.

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Microsoft bought GitHub for $ 7.5 billion in the summer of 2018. The company promised to empower users throughout all development cycles and keep the platform open.

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Mahesh K

Any idea how it will work for Indian developers? The reason being donations are not allowed through international sources in India. That's one reason why indian developers have no donation buttons in paypal.

prajaybasu profile image
Prajay Basu • Edited

"Donation" in this case is not a tax deductible donation and is, in fact, income.

Only government approved NGOs are allowed legit donations in India, but a "sponsorship" in this case (or Patreon/GoFundMe/Kickstarter) is NOT a tax deductible donation as international governments define it.

I believe the process for getting the money in your bank would be the same as it is for freelancers earning foreign income..

luispa profile image

Great post!

I published a package to add the sponsor button to your repo.

prathaprathod profile image
Prathap Rathod


darkes profile image
Victor Darkes

That is pretty wild that they won't be charging any sort of payment fees. I don't think that can last forever.

samandar profile image
Samandar Ravshanov

That is amazing!