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#DevDiscuss Recommends Programming Books

Some people love programming books; some people hate them. I, clearly, am one of the former. And so while reading through the latest #DevDiscuss Twitter chat, I started taking note of which books were most recommended by DevDiscussers.

The following are the greatest hits, collected in an easy-to-browse format with links to Amazon.

The medalists: these three books had 5+ recommendations apiece.

Books on project management and writing good code:

Books on refactoring and maintaining good code:

Books on software architecture and design patterns (language-agnostic):

Non-technical books to inform your programming:

Language-specific books:

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henrihelvetica profile image
Henri Helvetica

High Perf Browser Networking: online edition > print as I'm not sure if print was updated with H2 chapter, which free online version has is. A must read.

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Ben Halpern

Here are some additional recommendations (many of the same)

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Jess Lee

wow! thanks for compiling!

radditude profile image
CJ Horton

It comes of being a former librarian - must organize the books!