What's your setup for JavaScript Testing and Code Coverage

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I'm curious to know what are the tools/frameworks you guys use in your development environment for testing and code coverage for your JavaScript applications(React, Angular, Vue, or just vanilla/native JavaScript)?

I know there a are a lot of tools available, but I would really like to know what my fellow developers/software engineers are using.

Thanks! :)

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I use Jest for my tests, it has Istanbul baked right in.
You can use it with

jest --coverage

or via Jest configuration.

For E2E tests puppeteer sounds like a good fit. There is also a jest plugin for puppeteer.


For React apps, Jest with Enzyme and Storybook (as a combination of docs and snapshot tests).
I found Storybook with its storyshots very useful while working on a project that required 100% code coverage and docs.


Hi Minja,

I'm interested in the same combination to be incorporate for my front-end project. It would be great, If you could give me some resources/ links/ etc. to guide me through a correct pathway ?
Actually i was referring to the Storybook, but never come across the actual usage of it.


I like Sinon/Chai but also use Jest/Enzyme for testing. For code coverage I like Istanbul (aka NYC).

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