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When to leave a job?

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Everyone talks about how to get a job and how to keep the job. Today I would like to share my view on when to leave a job. To many, it is a very intuitive topic, but I like to put things in a logical order. Here are some signs that should be a good reason to think about leaving.

Respect, Payment and Learning opportunity (RePL in short 😉).

Respect: There could be two different levels of respect. First one is personal respect. If one notice a lack of personal respect in the company, then it should be a good sign for the person to look for a new job. The second type of respect is the respect to the job. If the company does not respect the job they are doing, that should also be a good sign (I mean bad sign). How can a company disrespect the job they are doing right? Well there could be tens of ways. Say your company does not follow standards and good practices, they don't care how you code, rather they just want to finish and pass. One should watch out for those signs.

Learning Opportunity: I personally feel very exhausted if I cannot learn on a regular base. Learning does not only give someone pleasure and relief but also increase his value in his field. If your job is not letting you learn, you should start considering a new job.

Payment: Finally if your company is paying you way less than your current market price, you should look for a new job. Either they don't know your value or worst they don't see your value. In either cases, you should look for an upgrade. (Of course, there could be exceptional cases where the company is going through bad time.)

⚠️ Watch out for RePL!

Those are the signs that give me hard time to continue in a job. Feel free to agree/disagree. Have a great day 👋

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Respect, Payment and Learning opportunity (RePL in short 😉).

This is a good acronym


I kept it RePL because we have REPL in programming, remember?
All good as long as you can remember the principles 😉


This is the age old interview question... "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"

My answer, for about the last 20 years... "Keep me happy, and my brain engaged, I'll be here. Don't, and I'll be some place else."


I have my rules to determine when to change jobs: Salary, (career) perspective, (work) atmosphere, (direct) manager.

Your acronym is much better.

Basically, I’ll stay at the current job if at least two of these aspects are fulfilled. I mean, you can’t get everything, am I right?

Starting year 3, I actively (but not yet aggressively) look for a new job. Mostly just to find out what the market is lookinng for and update myself with relevant skills. At the latest year 5, if the company can’t offer me more (not always salary-wise) I’ll seriously consider switching jobs.

In the IT industry, it’s always good to build yourself, skill-wise; and often staying for too long at the same job, for the same position and role won’t make you further, career-wise. On the other hand you won’t gain much experience staying for too short at one company.

Nevertheless, I encourage everyone to apply for new (higher) positions a couple of times every year. This has the following benefits: keeping your CV up to date, training yourself for interviews and if you have better job opportunity, you could consider it.


Development is more of an art. If the developer is not happy, most probably he cannot deliver a quality code. So such care is good for both developer and the company.