Here are my 5 Blog ideas for the 'Blog More' challenge on CNC2018.

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What will be the best choice for my first challenge?

  1. Adding Role based permissions using policies in Laravel.
  2. Deploying Laravel to a Digital ocean server.
  3. The development tools I make use of.
  4. Writing unit tests in Laravel.
  5. An introduction to arrow functions.
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The development tools I make use of

These posts are always helpful.

Writing unit tests in Laravel.

We always need more posts along this line regardless of tech.

  • Testing is always a good idea so if you have opinions on how tests should be written within Laravel then definitely a good idea.

  • Development tools deep dive would be great. Get into things like setup, use case examples.

  • Deploying Laravel to DO seems like it would be good and I'm surprised that DO themselves do not have an article on this but either way. Your perspective and experience on this would be a good read.


1/and 3/
1 sounds like something similar to a sails.js feature I love and I haven't used laravel in ages so I'd be curious to see what's new in it.
3 is always good, esp when focusing on "why" and the "needs" it addresses rather than just which tools


I'm missing the boat on Laravel but I'd love to read #3 and #5. Seeing other developer's tools helps me to reflect on what I am doing, so 3 is my top choice!


Development tools discussions are helpful even if the development subject is unknown. They help discovering new territory.

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