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How we got 2,000 stars in 4 days from a post

After years of struggling when building a notification infrastructure for different projects I was involved with. My partner and I finally decided to open-source most of the work and bring it back to the community instead of building it all over again closed-source.

I've not even imagined the amount of traction the repository got in the last couple of days. How did happen you ask?

When first releasing the library we only introduced a node.js library to unify all the notification channels into a single API. Send emails, SMS, and other mediums with the same code. Need to change SES to SendGrid? No problem. Just a single line of code.

This got some traction, but nothing impressive so far.

Next comes, building and restructuring our major infrastructure blocks in preparation for a big open-source release. With a bigger picture including An Embeddable Notification Center widget, monitoring for delivered notifications and channels, an admin panel to manage notifications channels and content, and other cool features, basically, everything you need for a Notifications Infrastructure.

Before jumping to code, I decided to compose a quick blog post outlining the proposed features to the community and to hear their thoughts about this. At this point, I was not even sure somebody else had this issue before.

One day after publishing to we've noticed thousands of people visiting the post from the analytics dashboard. Further investigation showed that a lot of people came from Google. Turned out that we have been selected for the Google Discover timeline 🀯

The next day GitHub trending picked the project and it's just exploded from there:

  • We've been trending on GitHub for 4 consecutive days 🀯
  • More than 50 people joined our discord
  • 10 new amazing contributors created PR's and contributed back
  • 2,100 Total stars as of posting this post

What's Next?

We are working hard on releasing the next huge release of notifire to the community with all the amazing features we discussed in the post as a Docker-based environment for easy implementation.

If you're interested in any of this check us out at:

The original post:

I want to say thank you to all the amazing contributors I had the luck to meet in the last past days check them out!

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jzombie profile image

So glad there's an integrated solution outside of Google Firebase and AWS offerings.

Some things I've worked with in the past required some convoluted approach which required AWS linking up through Google Firebase and it was ... awful.

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No one

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Dhruv Rajkotia

Congratulations Dima!! You guys are doing a great work :)

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Ben Halpern