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Which DEV theme & FONT do you use?

sharadcodes profile image Sharad Raj ・1 min read

Let's have a chat :)

Font : JetBrains Mono
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Confused right, share DEV as well as IDE configs 😄


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Based on the title I thought you meant dev.to/settings/ux... I use "sans serif" font and default theme 😄


What if serif is a sans serif font 😂😂🤣


At first it was DEV only, then I changed it intentionally 😂


Shall I answer it for dev(as mentioned in the topic) or for VSCode(as shown in the picture)?
Let's answer both. 😉

.dev {
    "background": Night theme;
    "font-family": Comic sans;
.vscode {
    "background": Hackpot;
    "font-family": Cascadia Code;

I discovered Cascadia Code recently and really like it! Happy to see it here. :-)


Loving Cartograph CF and have it in VSCode on my Mac on Texttastic on my iPad.

The italic styling is rather nice.

See marketplace.visualstudio.com/items... - the screenshots are made using Cartograph CF.


Fira Code and Ubuntu or Rubik !


On dev.to: Night theme and serif (yes!)
In VS Code: Nord theme and JetBrains Mono