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My Bookmarks for Developer and other IT Resources

Over the years, I have dabbled in various software/hardware studies and hobbyist blogs, in addition to my enterprise IT work experience.

I have aggregated my list of many web pages and projects that I am interested in. Some of these products I have already used and do endorse. Outside of that, I have no other affiliation with them other than researching or saving for future reading.

Not everything here is free or open-source but much of it is.

Please feel free to share any of your favorites. I hope this will serve as an aid for others, at whatever stepping stone you are on in your career path.

<-- Heads up the post below is a wall of text and HTTP links but I've tried to categorize and structure it -->

⭐️ Security ⭐️ [Network Security Monitor or IDS] [Toolkit for preventing digital stalking/abuse] [Digital "1st Aid kit"] [secure file transfer using PGP] [Privacy focused search engine] [Analyze hosts & malware] [Password manager] [anti-phishing apps] [Decentralized, Secure DNS] [analyze chrome extensions] [malware sandbox] [CVE scanner] [Youtube extension to flag sponsored videos] [Test web app security] [adblock your network via Raspberry Pi] [Secure DNS] [Freeze your personal credit] [Infosec guides] [Sites to analyze URL safety]

⭐️ HTML ⭐️ [Google's "Material Design" UI] [Website/extension to deconstruct HTML] [HTML Special Chars] [Timeline UI for your site] [Public Domain stock media]

⭐️ Windows 10 ⭐️ [Batch install programs] [Powershell script] [Harden OS] [Patch Applications] [benchmarking tool] [Powershell] [search cmdlets] [Powershell GUI creator] [Analyze BSOD dumps] [Debloat Windows 10] [Windows cleanup script] [Remove "locked' files] [Create bootable USB with Window .iso] [Python IDE] [Powershell Scripts] [Command line reference]

⭐️ Learning ⭐️ [Cisco Net Academy] [Learn to code] [Learn Powershell] [Learn to code] [Coding exercises] [tutorials on web technologies] [Learn Regex] [data science courses] [data science courses] [Dev community] [Wolfram|Alpha math/science] [Github Perks with valud .edu email] [Wolfram|Alpha query language] [SSH game] [Powershell "School"] [educational IT comics] [sysadmin/linux guides] [web tutorials] [Video/Study for IT Certifications] [find courses online] [Various Online courses] [Learn Python from Google] [Learn Javascript] [Cyber safety game for kids]

⭐️ Linux ⭐️ [community of CLI commands] [Geospatial data analysis] [man page wiki] [network monitor] [custom Chromebook firmware] [Submit/Graph raw data] [Modern Linux OS based on Ubuntu] [Modern Linux OS, Independent Project] [finds bugs in your shell scripts] [Python shell] [Container Linux Apps; similar to Snaps, Flatpak, Docker?] [check for rootkits] [Python IDE] [Python IDE]

⭐️ Cloud / Networking ⭐️ [Self-hosted cloud storage] [troubleshoot network tools] [Network admin blog] [Python for network engineers]

⭐️ Productivity ⭐️ [Documentation] [Chiptunes radio] [Music playlists; requires Spotify] [make flowcharts, diagrams, etc.; similar to LucidChart?] [bookmark manager] [rain/white noise ; similar to rainymood] [notes/documentation] [Remote Desktop apps]

⭐️ Environmental / Community / Fluff ⭐️ [keep the web a safe place for everyone] [Find recycle locations] [Mental Health resources] [Tidbits about where you live in America] [City/State information about schools, real estate, jobs] [File FTC complaint] [Manage & Prevent Depression in Men] [non-emergency virtual doctor visits] [find birth control] [find/post freelance jobs] [Explains the convoluted processes of gaining "clearances" for U.S. Government Careers]


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Adrian Matei

Hey Chris,

great list, thanks for sharing. Some of them I retrieve in my own bookmarks collection. At some point in time mine got so big I had to find a better solution for managing it. So I developed where I handle my dev "work" related bookmarks...


ben profile image
Ben Halpern

Nice list!

bradtaniguchi profile image

Awesome list, will have to spend some time checking it all out 😉

geniusdibya profile image
Dibya Sahoo

Helpful list. Added to my bookmark!

Adding one more to this list:
Domain/IP Blocklist Checker:

thebinarymutant profile image
Smit Patel


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