Where do you go as a developer for info on your tech stack?

A recent conversation came up with my colleagues on where developers go for content for their specific development stack. I would attest that it varies greatly depending on what technology or framework you might use.

Where do you go and for what development stack?

Here are some previous answers:

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Maybe my response 'll be out of the subject but:

For code: official docs (via devdocs.io)
For a bug: readthedocs.io / stackoverflow (via duckduckgo)
For good practices: fullstackpython.com
For good code: Django project sources (on Github)
For new usages: planet-python
For news: mail newsletters like weekly-python or weekly-import
For a new library: awesome-python on Github
For learning something new: pymotw.com

For tutorials about web technologies I love scotch.io and alsacreation (FR).

Apart from dev.to I let it come to me in the form of the good old newsletters :D I subscribed to a few ones: basically one weekly email for Python, one for Ruby, one for JS and one for Vue.js. The technologies I'm mostly using recently.

Unfortunately they tend to pile up if you ignore them for a week or two :D

I use Feedly to organize and burn through my subscriptions.

When digg.com/reader closed, and as part of my attempt at lowering the FOMO effect I stopped using feed readers.

Just a few newsletters and a few non tech related websites that I purposely have to check manually.

I definitely miss stuff but it's relaxing :-)

I'm EXTREMELY biased, but I think the dev.to search has become a good search destination for me depending on the query.

I suspected you might answer with that :-)

A lot of languages are covered there with many quick snippets!

Twitter, I follow a bunch of accounts focused on JavaScript and React, I read the headline and if I'm interested I take a look at the shared page / article.

I do the same, following key people and outlets for any given tech allows for a lot of information to be surfaced to your feed. Then its a matter of just making sure to get back to your favorites.

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