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How do you keep your desk organized?

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I have just started reading the book Organize your Business - Organize your Life by Rachael Doyle yesterday night. In the first chapter, Organize Your Desk she shared some very good pointers on how to keep your desk clean and organized to increase productivity.

At the basic, divide your desk into three zones.

Zone A: Desk area within reach of your arm while sitting in your chair.

Zone B: Area that require you to roll your chair a few feet away from the desk.

Zone C: Area where you have to get up out of your chair and walk to get something.

Make conscious decisions about which item goes to which zone.

I keep my workspace (reasonably) clean. And this idea of 'Zoning' the area makes lot of sense to me. How about you?

Q-1: If you were to follow this idea of 'Zoning', what will you keep in each Zone?

Q-2: What do you guys follow when organizing and keeping your desk clean?

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Q-1: A: Computer, phone, water, headphone. Zone B: notebooks, pen, other electronic devices, wires. Zone C: I don't have a 3rd desk 😆.
Q-2: I try to be a Minimalist. I try to keep as little as possible on my work desk and store everything else away. I also avoid eating on my desk to keep it clean.


We have hot desking where I work, so I potentially could work from different desks more than one time a day. So I tend to keep things lean. I have only the following: my laptop, keyboard and mouse, notebook and pen, Skype headset, and some kind of drink. The weird bit of the setup is that I mouse with my left hand so that my right hand is free to write with, as that makes me more productive. The only optional thing is that if I don't have many calls booked that day then I'll have my iPod and headphones out also, but that's not always.

The rules we have is that if we're away for more than an hour we have to vacate the desk completely, so it pays to not have too much stuff out, as you'd just spend your day tidying and taking stuff out again.

It sounds terrible-but I've got used to it, and having a nice clear workspace is quite nice.