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Open Source Adventures: Episode 57: Extending BATTLETECH Weapon app

Time to improve the app. Here are the main features for this episode:

  • show stability damage
  • include stability damage and minimum range in the form
  • show weapon type
  • show indirect fire indicator - with πŸš€ emoji
  • clean up display a bit


I added extra property step to the component. In Svelte to mark property as optional you need to give it a default value, even if it's undefined. Not doing this just results in a warning.

export let label, min, max, value, format, step = undefined
let id = Math.random().toString(36).slice(2)

<label for={id}>{label}:</label>
<input type="range" {min} {max} {step} bind:value id={id} />
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Form now has three extra sliders, and uses step for them and also for heat compensation.

Arguably now that I have this functionality, I might want to switch 0-100 sliders to 0-1 range with 0.01 step. Right now it's a mix of both.

import Slider from "./Slider.svelte"

export let ammoRounds
export let heatPercentage
export let doubleHeatSinksPercentage
export let rangeAtLeast
export let damageValue
export let stabDamageValue

  <Slider label="Ammo for how many rounds" bind:value={ammoRounds} min={1} max={30} format={(v) => `${v}`}/>
  <Slider label="Heat to compensate for" bind:value={heatPercentage} min={0} max={100} step={5} format={(v) => `${v}%`}/>
  <Slider label="How many double heat sinks" bind:value={doubleHeatSinksPercentage} min={0} max={100} format={(v) => `${v}%`}/>
  <Slider label="Normal damage value" bind:value={damageValue} min={0} max={1} step={0.01} format={(v) => `${v}`}/>
  <Slider label="Stability damage value" bind:value={stabDamageValue} min={0} max={1} step={0.01} format={(v) => `${v}`}/>
  <Slider label="Range at least" bind:value={rangeAtLeast} min={90} max={720} step={30} format={(v) => `${v}m`}/>

form {
  display: grid;
  grid-template-columns: auto auto auto;
  margin-bottom: 1em;
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All the extra functionality didn't really complicate the code too much, but at some point we might want to refactor things out.

I moved rounding to two decimal digits functionality into Row component, as doing it here caused some minor rounding issues, and SRM2/SRM4/SRM6 had slightly different values due to too much rounding.

import {sortBy} from "lodash"
import data from "./data.json"
import Form from "./Form.svelte"
import Headers from "./Headers.svelte"
import Row from "./Row.svelte"

let ammoRounds = 10
let heatPercentage = 80
let doubleHeatSinksPercentage = 0
let rangeAtLeast = 90
let damageValue = 1.0
let stabDamageValue = 0.5

$: heatSinkingPerTon = 3.0 + 3.0 * doubleHeatSinksPercentage / 100
$: costPerHeat = (heatPercentage / 100) / heatSinkingPerTon

let sortedData
$: {
  for (let row of data) {
    row.value = row.shots * (row.baseDamage * damageValue + row.baseStabDamage * stabDamageValue)
    row.ammoWeight = ammoRounds * row.ammoTonnagePerShot
    row.cost = row.tonnage + row.ammoWeight + row.heat * costPerHeat
    row.ratio = row.value / row.cost = Math.random().toString(36).slice(2)
  sortedData = sortBy(data, [(x) => -x.ratio, (x) =>])

<h1>BATTLETECH Weapons Data</h1>

<Form bind:ammoRounds bind:heatPercentage bind:doubleHeatSinksPercentage bind:rangeAtLeast bind:damageValue bind:stabDamageValue />

  <Headers />
  {#each sortedData as row (}
    {#if row.maxRange >= rangeAtLeast}
      <Row data={row} />

:global(body) {
  margin: 0;
  min-height: 100vh;
  display: flex;
  flex-direction: column;
  align-items: center;
table :global(tr):nth-child(even) {
  background-color: #f2f2f2;
table :global(tr):nth-child(odd) {
  background-color: #e0e0e0;
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Nothing too exciting about this one:

  <th>Stab Damage</th>
  <th>Ammo Weight</th>
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There's some more funcitonality here. Perhaps typeSymbol should be moved to the data exporter, I didn't notice that Support weapons are marked as AntiPersonnel in game files.

I'm blanking zero fields to improve readability, but not the weight field for MG++.

export let data

let round100 = (v) => Math.round(v * 100) / 100

let {baseName, bonus, category, baseStabDamage, heat, shots, baseDamage, tonnage, maxRange, value, cost, ratio, ammoWeight, indirectFire} = data
let damage, stabDamage
if (shots == 1) {
  damage = baseDamage
  stabDamage = baseStabDamage
} else {
  damage = `${shots}x${baseDamage}`
  stabDamage = `${shots}x${baseStabDamage}`
if (heat == 0) {
  heat = ""
if (baseStabDamage == 0) {
  stabDamage = ""
if (ammoWeight == 0) {
  ammoWeight = ""
let typeSymbol = (category == "AntiPersonnel") ? "S" : category.substring(0, 1)

    {#if indirectFire}
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Story so far

All the code is on GitHub.

I deployed this on GitHub Pages, you can see it here.

Coming next

I think the app is pretty good, so in the next episode I'll move on to something else.

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