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Open Source Adventures: Episode 12: Crystal Shard for Z3

This was super easy, I did this:

$ crystal init lib crystal-z3
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Then adjusted it a bit. The main issue was that repo name is crystal-z3 but library name is z3, so crystal init lib was a bit confused, but I think I sorted it all out.

One small thing it did was creating .editorconfig and I really don't like projects overriding people's editor configs, so I deleted it. There was nothing specifically wrong with these settings.

If everything went well, then the code should be in taw/crystal-z3 repo on github.

To use it, you can add this to your shard.yml:

    github: taw/crystal-z3
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Please give it a try to see if it works correctly, and let me know.

Current status

It's currently fairly MVP-level. Most important features covering about 10% of the Z3 API are all there, but there's a lot of features missing.

If you want something more complete, my Ruby Z3 gem is far more complete. Or you can use one of the official ones like Python's.

I think the code is really clean, so if you need some additional functionality, you should have no trouble adding it. Or just request it.

Coming next

That's it with Crystal Z3 for now. In the next post I'll move on to another project.

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