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Open Source Adventures: Episode 82: Series Retrospective

It's time to finish the series.

Previously I did Electron Adventures and 100 Languages Speedrun, which were both highly focused 100-episode 1-episode-per-day series.

I have a few more ideas for big series, but the time wasn't right for that, and I wanted to write some disconnected posts instead. So I labelled them "Open Source Adventures" even though without any focus, and without any schedule, it doesn't make sense to treat it as a "series". Having label like "Episode 76" on what's essentially a disconnected post is only confusing. And it included a few short series of posts, which should get their own miniseries instead (possibly without "Episode XX" numbering).

So I'm hereby closing the series. The content was good, but the organization really didn't make much sense.

I might do another megaseries at some point, depending on time availability. But more likely I'll just post standalone posts and short series of a few posts for now.

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