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Weekly Round-up #4

Here we go again!

Sorry for the late post everyone. This has been one hectic week. Quite the roller-coaster ride. I am a member of the USAF Reserve, and have been on a military exercise. Not a lot of coding has been accomplished. I will walk you through the past week up until Friday, which is how my regular Round-ups go.

Let's got this round-up going! Lol.

  • Saturday & Sunday - Didn't accomplish any coding last weekend. I focused on time with my family while I waited for the green light to head to upstate NY for a military exercise.
  • Monday - Finally got the green light. As I was headed to the airport, I learned that my little brother was being admitted tot he hospital after complaining about immobilizing stomach pains. He appendicitis, and the doctors said it needed to be removed. I got notified he was going into surgery right as I boarded the plane. My phone had a few messages saying everything had gone good in the surgery and my brother was in recovery.
  • Tuesday - Did some military stuff. Started taking notes on JS. Started diving through some JS tutorials in hopes of finding one that click. Started following Flavio Copes as he starts building an app from idea to production. Should be fun to watch how someone goes through these different stages.
  • Wednesday - No coding accomplished today. Thanks to how this exercise has gone my sleep schedule is shot. I did enjoy spedning time with my team at supper though. They're pretty good company.
  • Thursday - Sleep schedule is still in the toilet. No coding today either. Went to a pretty neat place in the mall near where we're staying. Great food, good drinks and random trivia.
  • Friday - Found a JavaScript Crash Course for Beginners on YouTube that seems to have clicked. Going to get through it before diving into Wes Bos' JavaScript 30 course.

That's it for the week. I do plan to continue, and finish, The Complete JavaScript Course 2019 by Jonas Schmedtmann. I was just trying to find different teaching styles for the basics. I really like The Complete JavaScript Course 2019 for the different projects Jonas runs you through. He has a basic budget app that I feel would give me some good groundwork for the budget app I would like to build for my portfolio.

I hope everyone has had a great week. Thank you for following along with me. Looking forward to giving everyone more content in the future.


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