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dev.to staff on November 01, 2017

Hey there! Welcome to dev.to! The last introduction thread got so many more introductions! Also, awesome that y'all are talking to e... [Read Full]
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Hello! I'm Marty.

I've been toying with the idea of writing an article for a while. I'd like to find a way to translate the topics I'm currently studying into something immediately useful, and I've read that the act of teaching or explaining something is a great way to solidify new knowledge.

I've always held back thanks to a fear that I don't have the "authority" to say very much in this field, but a little voice in my head knows that that's not really a requirement in order to contribute something useful to this community. I'm hoping that by signing up for this site and introducing myself, I'll have moved one step closer to reaching my goal of publishing my first article. Cheers!


Welcome Marty!

I understand that fear very well! Up until a few months ago, I had daily impostor syndrome and it still nags me now and again.

I just try to remember that the teaching model that we were likely raised by, whereby the facade of top-down education taught us that we could not teach without perfection, is not a true representation of how we learn.

We were trained to think that the teacher and the learner are separated, the teacher passing something to the learner and nothing to him/her self. The act of teaching seemed as an activity that only happens during certain times of day.

The reality, fortunately, is that the teacher and the learner are the same and it is happening all of the time. To teach IS to learn.

At this point in my commenting, a related fear of mine pops in mind to say, "Now, listen to you, all arrogant-like, trying to 'advise' this person. Who do you think you are!? Just delete this and don't embarrass yourself." And I could respond with submission and give in to that fear; retract my sharing. I could respond with aggression and an attempt to shut down my fear, to tell it to shut up. OR I could surrender to the process of allowing myself to learn by doing.

Submitting or shutting myself down means that I won't communicate, my own learning is stifled and I offer nothing to anyone else. I can do those things. I have made those choices many times. BUT, right now, I am choosing to allow myself the possibility of making a mistake in communication, for the sake of creating the opportunity to learn. If my aim is to teach only, I will not learn. If I aim to learn only what an "expert" possesses, I will never teach. However, when I share my experiences and engage with others in the process, the fear weakens, knowledge and understanding is developed and joy follows.

Anyway, I hope this long-winded thought helps you to develop your first article! :D


Welcome, Marty! I'm excited to read that first article.

I'm glad that the "little voice" of encouragement is already there. I think that one of the most destructive misconceptions that stops people from publishing articles is the false belief that you have to be an expert to write a worthwhile article.

I've learned so much from junior/intermediate developers sharing their realizations and experiences. They're often written in a much more approachable manner, step-by-step, without assuming existing knowledge.



Hey Marty. I understand about the fear of writing and posting your first article. I'm in the same position. I'm transitioning from a career as a teacher into tech, and so I've been putting in a lot of work to learn the tools of the trade.

For me, the most helpful articles have been short 'how tos' on doing pretty specific things, such as user authentication with Passport and Sequelize, how to set up a MongoDB database, getting Socket.io into your project, etc.

I'm not sure what your direction was for your article, but just putting out there what I like to see!

Anyways, good luck!


Hi Marty, I'm sure you'll do well just believe in yourself!


Hey Marty, Welcome to this space and I look forward to reading articles/information you post here soon. Cheers!!!


Hey! I'm Ali!

I have been writing a blog on how I learn new things as a developer, and I think I'm going to port that blog here because the community seems great and Markdown support is a gamechanger.

I teach people how to code at General Assembly, which I love. I have quite a bit of experience teaching fullstack JavaScript, Python, and Ruby. I have also done work in C++ and Java.

Right now I'm really into front-end work. This is the first time in my career I've had time to really hone in those skills, and I really like the artistic side of development.

Before that, my job was somewhere in between full stack web dev and data science -- it was a ton of fun too, but I really love the social-ness of teaching.

I'm also trying to talk at more conferences and meetups, so if anybody needs a speaker or teacher, reach out!

My #1 tip for people starting out is to find what part of development you love and then get really good at it. Writing code can be something different for everybody, and that's my favorite part of it. Really artistic people can work on animations and design-oriented CSS, mathematical people can do amazing things with data science, problem solvers can be great software architects or debuggers, musicians can do a ton with sounds on the web, etc! Find your niche and run with it, because you will be so much more likely to want to spend time developing yourself professionally and your enthusiasm will show!

I am super excited to be part of this community, and my first post is up! dev.to/aspittel/how-i-finally-buil...




What's GA teaching these days? When I went through WDI, it was Ruby/Sinatra, Rails, Angular & Node.

I feel like @sirjessthebrave would have the intel on any DC meetups that need speakers!


Sorry for the late reply - I was on a glorious no tech vacation in Japan for 2 weeks!! Yah I have the low down on some of the DC tech meetups - what kind of stuff are you looking for Ali?

Hey! That's awesome - sounds like a lot of fun! I am pretty into front-end and portfolio stuff right now, but I used to be primarily back-end, so I'm decent with that stuff too! My primary stack is React/Vue/Vanilla JS with Node/Python backend. Thank you so much!


Thanks!!!! 👋

We do Rails/Node/Express/React + a tiny bit of Python right now! It's a ton of fun. Awesome to hear from previous WDI people! What campus did you go through?

New York! Let me know if you're ever visiting and want to grab a ☕️ / 🍵 / 🍻!


Hi there. I'm Rachel. After taking a five year walkabout where I wrote a book on UI animation (Animation at Work with A Book Apart: bkaprt.com/aaw ), wrote API docs and did some fun tooling projects with browsers like Firefox, I'm looking at getting back into my frontend dev roots—or specifically, digging into the heart of programming. I'm surrounded by some inspiring people I can't wait to learn from!


Welcome aboard Rachel! Front-end is 👌🏽 though the back-end is nice too. 😉


Welcome! I always find it hard to work on my frontend skills, mostly because I don't know where the resources are. Any specific resources you use/are using to improve your frontend dev skills?


I'm using a lot of the courses from Frontend Masters and books like Grokking Algorithms :)


Hello, I am Prabhat.

I work on SAP ERP solutions, giving the existing application new user experience with SAP Fiori framework.
I use SAPUI5 library for UI development.
Though most of my development work is not on open source technologies, I have a keen interest in learning new frameworks with add as an innovation, like the hover feature on dev.to itself and the offline page.

I am very excited to learn more.



Hello! I'm Ryota Murakami.

I work as a Front End Developer, who like React, React OSS community, and especally fan of redux, also Dan Abramov(redux author).

I've been learning workflow, architecture, testing of React Based Application. There is a long way to go...

Thank you so much :D


Hey! I'm a front-end developer and I also enjoy React, Redux, and React community. With a 9-year experience in building React and JS applications, I'm also an active open-source contributor. Nice to meet you!


Hey folks,

Airbrake here! We're an error monitoring tool that you should definitely try if you don't already have one. There. Now the shameless plug is out of the way.

We're excited to hop on to dev.to and share some of the posts coming out of our blog. We'll mostly be using dev.to to share content we think offers helpful advice for IT management, but we also write a ton of stuff for beginners. You can find all of it at airbrake.io/blog

Eager to hear your thoughts on our writing and read what everyone else is publishing!

Have a swell rest of your Thursday.


Hi! I'm Lens.
I wish to have a full stack development skills. I am currently working on a project to build a artificial personal assistant that helps people to manage basic activities,helps in time & daily management and help people do the tasks they want and need to do (get work done).
I am very happy to exchange and learn from professional engineers like you guys!


Hi!my name is liaoya,I am learning c language,I hope to be able to grow and contribute here。
Ps:I am Chinese, English is relatively poor, I hope you and more exchanges with me, so my English may be promoted very quickly.


Hello, I'm also trying to learn C. IMHO every developer should at least learn the basic of C language or have an idea.

I'm doing some exercises from this website. My goal is to try them all.


Hello folks! I'm Caio.

I'm currently working as a mobile dev but I'd say I'm pretty well rounded in other areas.

I love discussing code and landing people a hand so feel free to give me a ping if you are stuck trying to figure something out.



Hi, my name is Michael. The Changelog Podcast brought me here!
I'm a frontend developer, getting into mobile, and working part-time. In the remaining time I study Clojure, tinker with Emacs, and try to contribute to the open source community. I use React with the mainstream toolset.


Oh cool! I didn't even realize that went live.


Hello World!

I'm Ephraim, a budding fullstack Dev from Nairobi, Kenya currently working as a web and mobile technology trainer at a college in my hometown.

I remember when I decided to learn how to code almost 2years ago and how overwhelmingly new(and strange) everything seemed at that time, and how many times I told myself this*coding* wasn't for me, and the only reason I kept at it was reading about how similar other people's journey learning how to code was,and ohh boy! I'm I glad I did.

I'm now a self-taught dev still learning whose gainfully employed teaching other people how to code, thanks to all the awesome devs who take time off their busy schedule to put up a blog podcast tutorial sharing their knowledge with the world.

Glad to join such an amazing community and can't wait to publish my first article on the things I've learned teaching/learning how to code :-)


Hi Ephraim
I'm always glad to meet other developer from Africa region (I'm from Madagascar, we're that far)
Were you already involved in a some professional field before starting to learn coding ?


Always a pleasure meeting a fellow African coder:-).

I was in IT but as a network admin, never knew I could learn to code on my own, access to info i guess.


Hallo, I'm Yasar(pron. Yashar).
Current computer science student, and I have a job interview next week in a start-up, focused on blockchain solutions for businesses. My role for the job will be researching, developing, helping out the team.
So, reaching out to you lads, how can I prepare myself the best way for the interview? Shall I get in touch with the software the company has developed? Or should I just prepare myself in terms of blockchain tech?


For those who are interested in: therefore it is a start-up company, they have no real HR. So, the interview was really not 'aggressive', it was quite relaxed, friendly, and personal. I was asked a little about my experiences and the technology they use in their products, my willingness to learn new topics, passion..
It was quite good, I think I got the job :)


Update after 3-4 months: I got the job. I am working as a junior software developer in a quite successful start-up now, as a working-student, part-time. I enjoy my time. It's a lot to learn, especially if you are a student yet.
I guess this is gonna jazz up my CV. The only thing missing are the good grades. And a girlfriend


My name is Daniel, I'm a developer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have been developing mostly for fun and hobbying since I was young, and 5 years ago decided to start up a software development company with a friend.
So I'm trying to gather advice and news from different points of view of the software development and engineering process. This lead me to dev.to, I've been reading the articles anonymously for weeks.


Hola, Daniel! Welcome to dev.to! How's the start up going?


Hi Luke,
The site is very cool, comfortable to read and to interact, and thanks to the efforts of the users to write good articles, it's very useful.


Hello, everyone!
I am Ranvir, and I am a science and tech enthusiast and an aspiring DevOp. I am a learn-by-doing kind of person and I write blog posts about my various experiences in the hope of inspiring others.
The thing I lack the most is human interaction, talking to people of about what tools they use to develop, test or debug, what the best practices are, and many other questions.
I hope, I can be a part of this community and inspire others, and learn a lot as I go along :)


Hello it's Isaac.

I am a teacher and I am interested in JavaScript as well as Google Apps Script to build useful functions and add-ons and web apps.


Greetings all! My name is Deanna, and I have a loop running in my head that says "you know nothing, Jon Snow!" In that scenario, I'm Jon Snow. Just to be clear.

I know that I've learned a ton in the last few months, but I still struggle like crazy with pretty much everything. It's always interesting to go back a few assignments, though. Once I move on a bit, I look at those older ones and think "wow, I totally get it now. I wonder why it didn't click earlier?" That's what keeps me going: knowing that it will eventually click, albeit not as fast I'd prefer.

Here's to everyone giving each other a hand!


Hey, there!

I am a full-stack JavaScript expert with almost 10 years of experience and CEO at CreativeIT, a software house in Belarus. Here I’m responsible for technical consulting, negotiating with customers, and managing our team.

Being an active contributor to open source development, I’m proud that many of our company’s products have a lot of stars on GitHub. So, I’m going to create my own blog on this amazing platform and share experience with you.

Also, I will be glad to discuss technical issues and exchange ideas. Hope, I will become a great part of this community.)


Welcome to dev.to, and I hope to see you in the community, and to start you off, here is +1 follow from me!



I'm Víctor, I'm a software developer and I've got something to say; dev.to is such a great thing, I do not only love coding, I find the "world" around it truly fascinating.

I'm glad to be part of a nice community, thanks mates.


It got me excited. Gonna see around and discover this "world" @ dev.to.


Hey all, I'm Ryan. Been a developer for nearly a decade, and an agile coach for around 4. I have a weakness for helping other developers navigate the weird career they've chosen and building better teams.

I've worked for startups, investment banks, educational tech companies, advertising, food service, shipping and logistics, and non-profits.


That's a lot of experience. Any preference of startup to big company or preference of industry after all that?

Do you still do a lot of development or are you more focused on the agile coach part? If so, what's the reason for the switch? Asking as a budding developer. :)


Lot of questions!

I really love the passion and energy that comes with working at a start up. I don't like how unhealthy it tends to get with lack of pay, benefits, or the idea that you have to work to death to be successful. Large companies are slower and more stable, but it allows a great opportunity to sharpen your skills.

As for the agile thing, well, I believe its my calling. The people I've worked with over the years that have been able to experience agility as it aspires to be describe it as the best experience of their career. I'd like to focus on giving people that kind of fulfillment over writing some code.


Hello I'm KK

I'm a Japanese college student and I usually study about computer science and wireless sensor network.
But wireless sensor network is not uninteresting...
I want to study about system programming or software engineering.

I love golang and making libraries, cli.
And I want to contribute to golang or famous golang's package.
If there are developers of golang or golang's library in this place please get along with me.
Thank you.


String myName = "Dan";
String communityName = "dev.to";
String myCountry = "Namibia";
String myStudies = "Computer Science";

//hello dev.to!
System.out.println("Hello "+communityName+" I'm "+myName+". Glad to be here :-D");
System.out.println("I hail from "+myContry);
System.out.println("I study "+myStudies);
System.out.println("I'm glad to be here!");


Hello, I'm Robert.

I am currently doing React/RN in SoloLearn and simultaneously majoring in Computer Science in American University of Armenia. I am trying to expand my knowledge as much as possible, as I am 18 yrs old and have a lot to learn. The articles I may write will usually be about the hardships and solutions on some problems I encounter while developing React/RN apps. Some of them come from documentation not being fresh or wrong, or some hacky solutions in certain cases, better patterns and architecture and best practices.

P.S. I love such communities and looking forward to write some articles. I still fear I am not good enough to talk about best practices and stuff but I will try my best :)


Hey, I'm Pierre !

I just discovered this community through the last update of Vivaldi (vivaldi.com/blog/the-browser-you-w...)

I'm a young french developer, enthusiast and curious about tech. I'm kind of new into programming and everything about IT but I do my best to learn and improve myself in as many ways as I can !

The last things I did were:

  • Personal: My website (pierrebouillon.tech/)
  • School : A coding battle challenging 3090 people
  • Work : A stock managing website for a company
  • Others : The Hacktoberfest of course !

My favorite language so far is Python but I would love to learn more about others (Why not Malbolge!) or improve in the ones I know.

Happy Coding !


Hi everyone! I'm Mervin.

I'm a web developer who loves Javascript. I'm here to share and write articles just to learn and improve my knowledge and skills. I'm not an expert but I know that each one of us has our own idea or opinion.

I'm hoping that by writing articles on this site will give me more confidence. Thank you :D


Hi, I am Alugbin Abiodun.

I want to be a core backend developer, but i have been stuck on writing php in different flavours, vanilla, Laravel and slim.

I do have a basic JAVA background with java swing and java fx and i have tried some basic applications with spring framework.

Now, am currently learning go, and i intend to make the best out of the language and also to be the best i can be.

I will love to work on distributed system with high demand of increased uptime and availability.
Also from backend, i will like to migrate to either big data or Machine Learning.

Its good to be here and i hope i can get some things done from this platform.

I hope i will also be able to contribute the little i know to newbies/beginners thereby preserving the continuity of the community.

Thanks all.


Hi there !

I'm glad to meet you all! I try to write an article / month to give back to the community the awesome knowledge I took from many open sources projects and tech articles.

I'm a fullstack dev (despite the fact I hate this word); i.e. i've worked with JS on the front and Python on the back; and sometime an ops (with cool modern tools like Terraform and Ansible).

I'm mainly writing on Python/Backend topics, in French or English.



Hey everyone,
I'm Shane, I am a .NET developer, and have been working around software/web development for the last 4 years or so. Excited to hopefully be able to give back to the community that helped make my career possible.


Hi people, my name is Stefan doing lot of stuff from growth hacking, ui/ux, business, PM etc.

Came here to share story about open source project i released with Vanila.io crew. Gonna share story soon in new post.

edit: Here dev.to/shtefcs/i-open-sourced-wire...



Hello, guys. I'm Oscar a developer from Honduras, I have been coding for a while now and live out of it. I'm passionate about creating cool stuff and have made some small games myself. Currently I'm working on my own startup called Chekku

I'm an amateur bodybuilder and animal lover.


Hello everyone!

I've been reading a lot of articles as an anonymous user but no more! I'm excited to contribute to this awesome community.

Fun fact: I am colorblind and made Mr. Dalton an iOS app to combine my clothes #fashionPolice. If you are interested you can check it out here gonzalezanguita.github.io/dalton-iOS/

Hoping to get inspired for writing an article, maybe about Mr. Dalton.. who knows.



name | Dennis van Leeuwen // 40 years
family | v1 -- commit -- 1 child // 1.4 years
occupation | Desktop Publisher // 20 years
roadmap | frontend -- backend -- software/applications -- data viz // @it 0.9 years

I seem to be in the v5 thread. :) need to read up on the other ones. Hello Dev.to. Big Echo to all!


👋🏾 I'm Kofi.

I've followed this community for a while, but I was "forced" to make an account after reading an awesome post by @matthewsj — props were due, so I made an account 🙂

The writing here is great! Keep up the great work everybody.


Hello There! I'm Petros!

I'm really excited that I am here in this community. I found the page by accident, but I sticked here! I really like every single article!

Keep up the good work!



Hey I'm Scott.

I run forestry.io from Eastern Canada (PEI). We're making web development fun again :)

I'm writing a few pieces on modern web development tools and thought this could be a good home for an article or two. Love the inclusive nature of the community here. 💯


Hey guys,

Sharls here, I'm currently a Front End Designer and working on a private company. I'd joined this community to learn more about this field and also to share some knowledge.

Hopefully, you can teach me some stuff as I am looking forward with that. I also wanted to make friends here some kind of side jobs if possible.



Hello everyone!

I'm Marko, cofounder of SemaphoreCI.com, hosted CI/CD service.

dev.to looks like the closest thing to a conference in an online community form, which is really cool. I hope to meet some cool strangers, learn something new and share some stuff that we've learned while building Semaphore! :)


Hi, Im Rohit ! Im a junior in electronics and also a cyclist. Im a very emotional person by nature and love experiencing and making things that convey emotion or maturity. Ive used several apps and software over the years and cry, when I come across a solution or a software that just clicks perfectly ! I understand that code is like a medium of communication and expression, just like poetry, painting and storytelling. I want to embrace this medium, learn and express myself and my ideas and problems.
However, Im finding it very difficult to find a mentor. Going to class isn't working for me, it would be great if anyone could guide me. It could be an online course or a website, whatever.I want to learn how to develop Apps and websites, with control on the user experience and aesthetics.
Ive written about my journeys and learning from my rides in the past on my wordpress account but my expression is inhibited as I don't have much control on the way my thoughts are getting presented. Thats the reason why I want to make a website myself. Please help !

Thanks, Rohit.


Hi all, I'm Nicole.

I'm an attorney by training and now working towards becoming a competent self-taught programmer/developer. I hope to make use of the legal and tech skills at some point going forward, but for the present I am enamored with the unique and ubiquitous ways software development, programming, and technology shape just about every aspect of our lives. I want to be a part of that!

I look forward to being a part of this community and learning from all of youo. "The more, the merrier", they say. And just as true, "diverse groups lead to diverse solutions"!


Hello everyone,

I finally decided to introduce myself.

I am a very passionate web developer (duh xD).

I can do full stack, I have worked with php and js for a bit under a year now (just changed jobs and am super excited to start afresh 🤣).
Other than that I have like 1 year prior exp of self-teaching myself stuff/self-studying/digging in/ making mistakes/learning =).

Major frameworks I touched/can use to a certain degree are:

Bk-end: Node/Express ,Laravel, Symfony4;
Client-side: Angular8 and React;

I used UI frameworks too such as bootstrap, materialize, etc...

I am into mobile development too (tinkered a bit with Ionic at some point). After I have built some decent stuff in terms of web apps, I would like to move to native mobile and game dev.

I am also into 3d graphics (blender any1?) and animation software (only played with MMD as I am also a vocaloid and anime/manga fan 🤣🤣🤣).

Nice to meet you all, I ve been following DEV for almost a year now, so I figured I'd 'come in and say hi'.

Thanks for having me around =).


Hi all - Tamas here, Developer Evangelist, Technical Instructor and Google Dev Expert in Web Technologies. I registered on this site aaaages ago, but never got to write a welcome post but here we go! I have been blogging for a long time now and I can't wait to share some of my articles with you whilst reading what you are up to as well! Cheers.


Hello everyone! I'm Adnan.

I'm junior javascript developer 😁
I love angular and I'm using it since Ng 4
Now I'm working with ionic and it's really amazing.
I have a little experience with Android too!
I have BS Degree of Software Engineer.
I love this community it has a lot of fun and wonderful developers 😊.

Thank you all!.


Hey there, I'm a Python developer with ambitions to become a quality machine learning engineer. Currently, I'm undergoing my bachelors in communication and computer engineering. I've been programming in Python since I was in high school and have volunteered in multiple Python workshops. I come here to share and enhance my programming knowledge and wisdom :)


Hello, I'm Nick.

Currently, i'm working at an offline Data Store for mobile apps. I started this project as a way to learn more things and delve into the obstacles that appear in that kind of library and what the enterprise level libraries are called to solve.



My name is Brian and I've been a professional dev for two and a half years now. I love making things and am curious about a number or areas of CS. Looking to become as efficient of a Dev as possible.


Hi, I'm Yuki.

I'm Japanese software developer who use Java, C, Ruby and Perl.
dev.to is catching a great deal of attention as very fast website from Japanese developers recently, and I feel very interesting, so I've joined here.



Hey all, I'm Nick from the North Side of Chicago (but I'm a huge White Sox fan, Whaaa). I'm currently studying to expand my knowledge of code, and update my current code skillset. My past Front End roles were mainly doing bug fixes for the terrible IE's: 6, 7, 8, and converting designs to pixel perfect design. I took a five year hiatus to focus on UI/UX work and icon design, but am looking to get back into development full time, or a hybrid type role at a smaller shop at the end of my studies (or now if you have a need).

If you need a design, icon or illustration, drop me a line!


Hello! My name is Pedro.

I began my career as a Software Engineer three months ago. My goal is to find a community that can help me grow and, hopefully, give something back to it.

Lately, I've been interested in chatbots, conversational interfaces, microservices and blockchains, but I'm open to learn and talk about everything.

In the future, I would like to start writing my own articles, tutorials and guides.

Cheers! :)


Hello, I'm Chidindu.

I have a project in mind, I would like to embark on - A machine learning project. I am postponing starting this project because I feel there's a level of knowledge i have to acquire before I can begin writing anything related to Artificial Intelligence, since I started programming this year January. Is that a healthy thought?


Hello World, I am Vitor Amaral and I am from Portugal.

I was lost and alone on facebook, nobody notices a developer there, I finally find a camp full of developers, I'm not alone anymore. I'm excited to be in this community. [Laughing]

At the moment I am taking a Masters in Multimedia Communication at the University of Aveiro. With experience in the area I like to consider myself a Full Stack Developer & Management and Information Programming.

I like to always be learning new things, at this moment my favorite language is Javascript, strong bases in React and GraphQL. I'm creating a form service called Formette formette.com/ using React, GraphQL, AWS Lambda.

All the best for all, cheers


Hello Viror!
I'm a front end developer especally React, GraphQL and it seems like similar interests each other.

Thank you :D


Whats up fellows!
My name is Robin and I am a software engineer using various languages like C#, X++, Python, JS and others in my daily business. There are a lot more I have used / am using privately.

I am reading articles on dev.to since a year and like the idea how topics are discussed here and how knowledge is shared straight forward. I appreciate the quality of the article also!

Because I am curious and playing around with new technologies and (to me) new topics very often, I hope to become an enrichment of the community and can share useful knowledge myself.

As you noticed english is not my first language, but I try to do my best :)

Have a nice one!


Hi there, I'm Lars!

I am a web developer and I am always thrilled to learn new things and to realize my ideas.
Recently I started a platform where people can publish step-by-step guides for coding via GitHub: lgkonline.github.io/skill-guide

I am excited to read more articles on DEV.to.


Hello guys!! i am Idris, I live in Switzerland in a beautiful city called Lugano and
my aim is to be a front-end web developer as I have a passion of programming and I am here for getting and sharing some knowledge that will help me and help others like me in the road of being a developer and just want to say thank for the great work folks ....love and peace !!!!


Hi all,

My name is Alex I am new JavaScript developer who is currently working as a help desk specialist looking to make the transition over to web.I have joined up here to share my experiences as I go along in my own journey. And over all I would really like to get to know the community and get to learn from others.


Hello! I'm Everton from Brazil.

I saw this square black and white DEV logo on Twitter and thought it was some sort of bot or scam hahaha.. just kidding, so many interesting tweets that I decided to take a look and join the comunity here.

Good day to everyone!


Hello all, I am fresh Computer Engineering graduate from Nepal. I want to grow my career in AI, Machine Learning or Data field. I've knowledge on OOP programming languages like C++, PHP, Python & others Front end web development languages like CSS, Javascript. I am beginner developer. So How should I start so that i can get my job very soon ? Thanks !


Hello! I'm Tonux
I'm a software Engineer.

After my training I saw that in my country the computer trades are poorly perceived and we do not show visibility on our abilities and skills. We only know our skills if we are tested and this is still not the case. We need digital content and a lot of presence on the web. Sometimes we need testimonials, feedback, advice to have a vision closer to reality and what is happening in our environment. But Alas we turn the thumb for this information. So I'm here to share the little experience I have and also go to meet new people to discover their wonderful background and skills.


Hello ! I'm Agik.

I'm from West Sumatra, Indonesia. I've work as a freelance programmer using the web technology PHP programming language and MySql database about 2 years. Now i wanna focus and specialized in front end development. Front end world amazing for me.

I know HTML, CSS(Sass)/Bootstrap, JS(jQuery, ajax) and new in angular (4).

Hope can find the right job as a front end developer, and opurtinity in this community. I want share everything :)


Hello, I'm Ahmed Ragab. I'm back-end Java developer

I have a lot of programming skills. I worked as a front-end developer for 6 months. In these 6 months, I made 2 e-commerce website and website for learning. Now I became a back-end developer at telecom Egypt. I responsible for all back-end from the database to web services. I also develop the web application to help customer service to troubleshoot any problem to solve and make our customer happy. I also have experience with the mobile application (IOS and android). I developed IOS app with objective-c 1 year ago.Now I developed 2 android apps. I am confident that I would be a beneficial addition to the Company.


Hi I'm Julian or kensleDev :)

I have been looking for a site like this for a while so thanks to the Dev.To community the content I'm finding here is amazing!

I have been learning web development for the last 2 years and have just got my first role as a junior web dev (albeit a 6 month secondment in my current company) but I'm really excited!

I have also had an itch to write a few posts to help concrete my knowledge and share best practices!

I have been learning full stack development with Vue/Node/Mongo but for my new role will be using angular/SQL

I have lots of half blog posts that I have started but never finished so maybe I will sit down one day and complete one and post it on here!



Hi all,

my name is Ivan. I am a software developer from Zagreb, Croatia.
What got me interested in dev.to was a great article by Carl Hembrough on imposter syndrome in IT.
I think the psychological challenges faced in this industry are the greatest challenges I can face.
Don't get me wrong, learning new technologies and ways of thinking is hard, but I remember that song from the 90's - "the race is long and in the end it's only with yourself".
I'm working on e-commerce applications and I have a passing interest in the new hyped stuff like microservices and blockchain.

Best wishes,
Ivan Šarić


Hello world my name is Nijeesh

I am currently doing my Undergraduate in Mechatronics Engineering in India. Currently looking for opportunities for work on a job or intern in a good company.
When i say i studied mechatronics engineering every one is like "if you studied mechanical engineering why you want to do an IT job ?" and i was like sorry you Heard me wrong " i said mechatronics engineering not mechanical " and they will answer " what is the difference ?"
So i have to explain to them the difference.
I decided to create a online presence so i can show people what i know and what i have been doing and share my experience with them and on the way learn many cool things.

This is my first article i have written in my entire life please take a look at it and i welcome any kind of suggestions : dev.to/nijeesh4all/why-learning-ja...


Hello! I'm Soumyajit

I am doing masters in computer science. I am from Delhi, the capital city of India. I have been working as a freelance dev for almost 2 years now and love to hack around with new tech in my free time. Love to use react, react native, graphql and node for my projects. Learning Go currently and reading up on blockchain stuff concurrently.

I am glad to join the community. Recently, I have been trying to contribute to open source projects and write about my learnings more and more. Wish me luck!

Thanks everyone!


Greetings, all. I'll just go by Amorfus for now. I like to do the least amount of work with the greatest amount of output, which is basically a pretty way of saying I'm very lazy. That's what makes good programmers though, at least in my experience.

At the moment, I dabble in C#.NET mostly. The majority of my current efforts are in maintaining and "upgrading" a handful of applications written by previous employees who were far too overloaded to create very much documentation. That has resulted in a lot of baptism by fire, ultimately landing me on sites like this in attempts to claw my way out of undesirable bottlenecks.


Hi Everyone! I'm Abhinav.

I am a developer, worked mostly on the web and .net technologies. I am here seeking new learning and tips from all of you and share my experiences.

The pace technology is progressing right now, I think every dev should stay connected and ready to learn new.



Hello and welcome, Abhinav.

I'm a .net developer too.
I would like to see your thoughts and experiences.


Hello! I'm Johnson.

I've always wanted to write articles on programming languages, Tech trends that i learn everyday, but i have always been held back by the fear of not knowing how to express myself so much as to impact knowledge i have acquired over the years. But seeing the impact done by Sarah Chima and other tech authors i am encouraged to want to help other developers learn new things and follow along as i learn new things too


Hello everyone
I'm Miroslav. I'm trying to build my career as a freelance software developer. I'd like to learn from experienced freelance developer. I found this site after i was searching for a way to promote my online presence, i found this text "How to Build an Online Presence as a Junior Developer" which helpful. I've already started writing on blogger what i have been learning over the years but i stopped for some unknown reason. This is all going to change starting today, i'm going to restart writing in the next few days and start improving in my freelance career.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
Bye for now, see you later.


Hello, i am Andrew and I new to programming/development, started trying out javascript recently and have had a big whirl with the whole js stuff, hopefully i would get better with javascript and the mean-stack. i am also open to learning from others, motivation from fellow devs as i see myself in an area without much developers surrounding me, i am also to mentorship and new opportunities to push me further.


Hi, I'm Fayaz, I've read a lot of articles in dev.to, so I thought it's about time I sign up. I'm so glad to meet all of you lovely people ❤️

One day soon I'll contribute something back to this wonderful community. All the best and have a nice day. In fact, have a fantastic life all of you 😊

Oh, I've said nothing about myself: I'm in web dev for 10+ years, most of the work I've done is private freelance work. Now a days I'm trying to get more involved in blogging, contributing back to the community little by little and working on a WordPress Plugin that'll (hopefully) change my life for good 😎


Hello to devs of all shapes and sizes :)

My name is Ice Carev.
I am a software developer from Macedonia with a primary focus on Java and Web related technologies. I just started my own start-up company called XTRID (sorry no web site yet :S ) and also started writing on my own blog. I found this community by shear luck and i immediately fell for it. This is a treasure chest for any developer and i have been highly recommending this site to all of my friends and colleagues.
I am looking forward to new insights and also an addition from some of my own articles which i will be writing in the future here :)


Hey y'all, I'm Cameron.

I'm in the process of a career change, moving from a teacher into web development, and I just started reading this website about a month ago. I'm not sure how I didn't find it sooner.

I've tried my best to get a solid foundation of JS and CSS, and have also used jQuery, Express, React, as well as know how to set up simple databases with mySQL and MongoDB. I'm just now getting to the point where I can move on the more specific frameworks, which I'm excited about! It seems everyday there are more and more JS frameworks out their, so I'm ready to get out and play around with them. I'm here to just learn as much as possible.


Hello, I'm Chuks
Basically I'm here to hopefully reignite my love for writing by translating it into writing tech articles.
I'm super good at procrastinating & sometimes feel I'll be writing what someone somewhere has already written.
This hopefully is a step towards breaking that jinx ☺


Good Evening,

My name's Peter and my interest is in mentoring and dev skills beyond just the technology. Everyone brings something unique to a team, a leader's job is to help every team member reach their full potential.


Hello all, I’m sunny and I started writing HTML and css back in 2001 but stopped for a while. How I wish I would have continued! Currently I’ve been learning JS for over a year now and it’s all slowly and surely coming together. Glad to see many like me with similar experiences.

Currently I’m an accountant so the math part of coding comes natural to me. I focus on US tax and you’d be surprised at the many parallels I find in the US tax code and coding (who would have thunk it).


Hi everyone!
I am Aggeliki and i study IT. I like programming in android and HTML but i have programmed in some different languages for High school projects!
I am happy for being here meeting other programmers!


Hi everyone!

I'm Rodrigo Ali, from Córdoba, Argentina.

I've been doing some self-taught learning in computing sciences and programming (for around 4 months or so), and like a month later I landed a job in a local software development company. I'm turning 9 months in the industry and in this job (right now solving bugs and doing some user stories in an application front end, JavaScript based) and hope to grow and become a Data Scientist sooner or later.

I've decided to join this community because I read some awesome articles around here, and as I switcher my job career (I'm 29 years old, changed jobs when I was 28), I might try to write some personal experiences that could help out people in the same situation, doubting whether if it's too late to change their job careers, or their own capabilities to learn new things that one might not ever seen or studied before.

Hope I can manage to do some articles and help people out in the same situation I was a year ago.

Cheers! And happy coding.
Rodrigo Ali.


Good Day Everyone,
My name is Sriram Kota, i am a web and hybrid mobile app dev from Atlanta. I came across dev.to a few weeks ago and i am amazed by the amount of great content created every day.

The site seems to be super fast too. A couple of years ago i wrote a couple of articles for binpress and was told i can write in a fashion people understand. I always had this imposter syndrome that prevented me from moving ahead. I have come to the realization that while there are folks who know more than you, it is also true that there are people who are looking for guidance that perhaps i can provide

I recently started learning Elixir and am hoping to share what i learned and hopefully help others in their learning. I am excited to be a part of the community..



Hello! I'm Jason, a front-end programmer from China.

I want to live and work in Singapore. Could anyone pls give me some advice about passing the interview and choosing companies? Really appreciate.


Hi there! Found this community because I stumbled on the "Programmers who only code at work" thread.

I personally love to code, but I don't want it taking up my whole life. I feel like there's a huge stigma that if you're not constantly coding, it means you're lazy to learn. I spent majority of 2016 learning new things, joining all the hackathons I could, and building up my portfolio hoping to get noticed. And I did--I landed a job at an amazing company while I was on my last year of school. But now, I feel like if I strive for the same amount of work I did last year, I would burn out.

On the weekends, I like to kick back, play a raid or two, read a book, go hiking, or just browse Reddit. But inside I feel so guilty.


Hi I'm DouG,

I have been following dev.to on twitter for a while and enjoying the discussions and other messages by the dev.to community on there, so thought I would check out this website and decided to join.

I mainly do back-end development these days using SilverStripe (a PHP CMS framework) but still play around with JavaScript as I enjoy it. I am the creator of a couple of JavaScript libraries, most notably Winwheel.js which started out as a bit of fun experimenting with HTML canvas.

I'm always keen to learn new things, so the articles/posts on this site are of particular interest to me, as well as connecting with other people in the dev space to share ideas.

Greetings from New Zealand.



Hello! I'm Dinesh.

I've been following dev.to for at least one month now in Facebook and Twitter. The articles I find here are so much informative and enlightening, esp. the one on impostor syndrome. I am looking forward to participate in more discussions and share my thoughts too.


Hi guys,

Vikram here. I've been programming for around 6+ years now ( college time scripting included ). Currently, working as technical project lead in India.

Areas where I've made most mistakes ( read - have the most experience ) in :
. PHP web services
. Golang web services
. Shell scripts
. Javascript web services
. MySQL and MongoDB storage and queries
. Java programs ...

I believe the process of learning, improving and innovating is at the core of all software technology.

Here to learn, and share my knowledge with the global development community.

Peace out :)


Hi everyone!

My name is Emily, and while I'm still a student, I'm always looking for ways to engage more with other devs especially in an open and collaborative space like this one :)

I'm interested in how to use technology for social good (I'm a program where I can make my own major — it's called "Decolonial Computing" and centers CS, critical race theory, and feminist studies!). I also really love the intersection of technology and art, and am currently exploring that a little bit in my spare time. I hope to learn from seasoned software vets about their perspectives on the industry and its quirks!

As for projects, I've generally tried to stick to stuff that I think is fun and (hopefully!) useful. I'm particularly proud of this very basic webVR project, though it's got some kinks that still need to be worked out: em-fong.github.io/chill-out-aframe/

Thanks so much for letting me join this community! I've loved lurking The Practical Dev on Twitter, and I think it's finally time to get involved lol


Hi, I'm Hakan.

I've been playing with computers since I'm four, and luckily I've transformed this hobby into my daily job.

I'm fascinated by computers, because of their processing power and the things that they can do, and my passion was always writing high-performing code.

I consider programming is a form of art and code performance, readability, and elegance all are parts of it.

However, I was a bit shy of sharing my code with the world, being frightened of the negative reviews I may get.

I plan to share my experiences here and the new things that I learn, and shake off the fear of sharing. :)



Hello to you all!
My name is Stevan,
I'm a software engineer for the past 5+ years. I have some experience in Banking software, a lot of SQL experience, little bit of Xamarin and mostly WPF and C# backend experience.
I'm looking to meet tech people and discuss never-ending subjects for software development.


Hello, I'm Chidindu.

I am kinda new to programming, started this year January. I have this project in machine learning I want to embark on, but I feel there's this level of knowledge i have to acquire before I can do this. Is this a healthy thought?


Hi there!

I was born (in a CS sense) in the '80s using FORTRAN at school and Basic on a Spectrum at home (yes, I am that old! :-)).

Now I work in the field of DSP and programming for me is more a tool/hobby rather than a job. Since I am quite curious, I used several languages, sometimes for the fun of it, sometimes because I needed them (the distinction has not always been clear :-).

Currently I use Ruby (for fast-and-dirty stuff), matlab/octave (for number crunching) and Ada (for long-lived and complex software). I want to learn to do formal checking with SPARK (a subset of Ada, nothing to do with Apache).

[ Yes, I program in Ada, I know I am kind of an oddball... ;-) ]

As many other Ada programmers, I have a soft spot for software correctness and my heart sinks when I hear about security holes due to buffer overflows and other bugs.

Why am I here? As I said, I am curious and this looks like a nice place. I searched the hashtag #ada but got 0 posts... Hmmm... Maybe I can change that :-) I just hope someone is interested :-)


Hello. I'm suquiya.

I am ... Hmm, I don't know how should I introduce myself.
It is certain that I am Japanese, and I am not good at English enough to write easily in English.
But, I interest in dev.to, so I join here.

I use markdown, Java, html, wordpress, php, and etc.
I have been learning Go. It is interesting.

Thank you.


Hi Everybody!

My name is Ruthie. I'm currently a student in a full stack coding bootcamp. I'm more interested in the frontend than the back and am here for guidance, should I have questions. I thank you for your time and help in advance.


Hello! I'm Lukaz.

I've been looking for ways to connect with the Dev world out there and this platform seems to offer that. I am venturing into Magento E-commerce Development and I would love to learn a lot from everyone.

I will also be writing about my Dev process to enlighten newbies like me.



Hi, I'm Idan. Currently doing DevOps for a living, and most of my open source projects are Vim plugins(though I recently started doing some Rust stuff)

I was looking for a blogging platform because I wanted to make a long due post explaining the rationale behind one of these plugins. When I think of Medium all I can imagine is huge images covering the entire screen pushing the actual text of the blog out of the screen, and Jekyll is too much of an overkill(I can probably handle it, but but why do I have to invest so much time just to be "minimalist"?), so I ended up here. Now I just have to write that post - hope it won't take me another year before I get to do that...


Hello! I'm Apar.

I just got into web development specially with web applications based on javascript frameworks.


Hy, Ilya.

I stumbled onto this community from IndieHackers reading an article on my phone this Sunday afternoon on a hike. Happy to be contributing. I'll be posting qKast and 2FB tutorials. So stay tuned!


Hello! I'm Dammy.

I've been reading Dev.to for a while now before i decided to join, i have really found a lot of courage in these lands (devtoville), which has really made the journey easier. I am into front-end dev for now, a beginner. The aim is to become full-stack and get a real dev job (before that). Happy to be here and to have the privilege to learn from the professionals on here. I also know some Python.


Hey, I'm Paul.

I'm here to learn from other people's experiences and to learn to share my own.

Don't know about y'all, but I have a lot in my graveyard of draft blog posts/topics, software projects, and ideas.

How do you get past all of that to start completing some of them or even ignoring all of those to start from scratch?

Thank you :)


Hello folks!

Just thought I'd let you know that I've finally arrived.

That is all.


Hi All! Im Glenn.

I've just joined here after reading a thread on reddit that this was a great place for new coders because of the awesome community. Anyways, I've been working at a tech company on the business side but I'm tired of not understanding the language of our developers and constantly frustrated because its something i've always found fascinating but never gotten a handle on. Hoping to expand my knowledge and be able to start participating and contributing in the community!



I’m Joe, an iOS Developer in the UK. I just released my first app to the App Store called Tasty Idea. It uses AI to determine the contents of your meal.

I’ve been an app developer for 18 months and was previously a web dev!


Hi, I'm Denis.

I'm interested in everything.
Actually, I work with PHP 7, Mongo, PGSQL and a basic of NodeJS.

I developped my own framework PHP 7, not as complete as Symfony, of course.
In the future, I will learn Python, Go, React and eventually, Angular.

With my framework and NodeJS, I create a big private web project, which is meant to improve me in NodeJS, then in others languages.



Hi! I'm Romilly Cocking; I've been in love with computers for almost 60 years, and I still love learning and teaching about new tech.

I'm currently working an a book about the micro:bit and researching AI and Robotics. I feel I'm living in a golden age. Open Source Hardware and Software create so many exciting opportunities.


Hello, I'm Eliabe.

I'm relatively a new programmer. I program in Javascript and PHP mostly.
I've been working with web development for about 1 year and I love it. I have had some experiences with some desktop programming languages, but never gone too far. I first started as a front end in my current job, but now I do some server side work too.
I work in a startup, by the way, we create intelligent recomendations for e-commerce.



Hi Everyone, I am Paul. I work as an instructor for unesco, teaching over 400 people how to build mobile applications​ using phonegap. I recently started developing with JavaScript and fell in love with React.js. Generally I've been in the tech world for 5 years now, fixing networks and configuring different Microsoft server​s for some organizations. I look forward to building a career as a software developer, hopefully I'd learn a thing and two from you guys.


Hey there, this is Froxx!

I'm a fullstack developer and currently working mainly on the frontend side.
For now I'm trying to realize some websites with Angular 5 to get a feeling about differences in this area compared to e.g. Wordpress.

I'm looking forward to have some discussions about hot topics in this area, and also a new help-endpoint next to Stackoverflow ;)



Hi, my name is Carlos and I am happy to be here and for more I am also an ongoing web developer study web development under Google Developer Scholarship and also a camper at freecodecamp.org/ra9


Hello, I'm Mikael!

I am currently a product manager from Sweden at a small software development company. On the side I'm exploring what it is to be a fullstack developer because I think our current internal software is more or less junk.

Stay tuned, there might come a few posts about doing a medium/big project on my own!


I'm Sayem. Working as a Backend Developer at CMED Health, Bangladesh.Currently working with Java technologies, an active contributor of some open source projects.
I hope I'll be able to contribute to this developer community.


Hi all, I'm Armin.

I'm a full-stack developer focused on .NET, Web and Mobile apps.
Came across this website and found lots of cool stuff, hope I can be part of the community and contribute as much as I can.

Excellent stuff, cheers!


Buenas dias, folks! My name is Aleksey.

I was born in Ukraine and moved to work to Germany 4 years ago as a developer.

I am php developer, recently obsessed with Vue.js. I hope to find other vue-fans here.

This platform looks very promising.



Hi everyone, Luke here.

I've been meaning to start writing blogs about my musings on React, software development, the ethics of social networking, perceptions of tech, privacy, security, messaging, etc. so I thought I'd join this brilliant community and make a start.

I'm currently helping to disrupt the world of messaging at matrix.org, working on a React-based app Riot.

I'm very interested to know people's opinions so I'll be spamming #discuss with discussions on various things and hopefully commenting a lot there, too. Maybe I'll put up a guide on making a simple Matrix client at some point as well.

To those joining, welcome. To those already joined, hello! :)


Hello! I'm Chuks.

Basically, I'm here to hopefully write technical articles and read a lot of awesome ones. I don't really write a lot because I'm super good at procrastination and most times, I feel like I'll be writing about what someone else has already written about.

Hopefully, this is the first step to breaking that jinx!


Hi there,

I'm Gerald. I'm a Mobile Applications Developer (Both Android and iOS). I work on Web Frontend projects too.

Been seeing a couple of articles from dev.to which has helped me to improve my Software Engineering skills and basics.

Hope I can continue to learn from these articles and be able to share what I know too. :)


Hi, I'm Stephen.

I do back-end development / dev-ops. I've been reading a lot of articles on dev.to and have been learning so much. One day I hope to work up the nerve to start writing a blog or write articles here about the things I've been learning in my day-to-day work to help give back. Just need to get over my case of impostor syndrome :P


Hello am Samuel Anthony,

I have been practicing and wanting to become a very good programmer, and recently i came into Dev.to, i really love it and would want some courage and teachings to learn more on development work.. thanks


I'm learning to code at this moment (C#, Java), so it will be great if someone could become some sort of consultant for me, as most tutorials cover only the basics and not the exact situations, or I'm just that bad…


Hello All, I'm Tony.

I'm a curious wanderer. I was, once upon a time, an anthropology major. After dropping out I purchased some old computers from the university surplus store and tinkered. I've worked as an artists assistant (framer, model, web developer), a coffee house owner (management, barista, sysadmin, web developer), a pipeliner (ditch digger, sandblaster, general labor, sysadmin), and an IBMer (Backup and Recovery Admin - Blues - TSM, BackupExec, NetBackup).

After almost 5 years at IBM my wife and I decided to sell our house, car, and most of our belongings to start wandering the planet. For almost a year before we left we studied programming/web development. I tinkered with python and PostgreSQL to automate some of my job at IBM and my wife learned HTML,CSS, and JavaScript.

We noticed some friends in need of a simplified process at their business to escape a cumbersome spreadsheet. We created a web app for them with Angular 1, NodeJS, and Postgres. Not long after completing that app my wife began to pick up some freelance work. This provided the confidence I needed to make the leap and leave IBM.

I then found Go and, after encountering some (re)deployment issues with the NodeJS app and my wife enjoying ReactJS, we decided to rewrite that first webapp. In the process of rewriting and deploying that app I was completely sold on Go. Upon completion of the rewrite in Go/React/Postgres and a lack of freelance work coming in, we found ourselves seduced by day trading. We have since recovered and are again building our development skills.

In my journey I have stumbled upon dev.to numerous times and have finally decided to join.


Hello everybody, I am Vipul.

I am here to enhance my knowledge of web development and most surely share my experience(however small it is) with all of you, and we will learn along the journey.

I am here to see the excitement and amazement that I feel while programming in others and learn from everybody else's experience and knowledge.

I guess I would do good here.


Hello everybody out there!!
I'm Ahmad. I work as a freelance full-stack developer in Iran.

Having a long experience in old fashion things like PHP, Laravel, jQuery,AngularJS,Ember etc, I find myself so busy on reusing these technologies and want to learn lots of new technologies.

To level up my knowledge I just started learning React and Vue. I'm so impatient to learn ELM and throw away PHP to go with sexy Go and Elixir languages.

Hope being able to improve fast and share what I learn in this path with others.

I talked too much about myself.
Hope taking part of this wonderful community and reading more of you awesome guys.



Hello I'm Greg ! French CTO (from 2 to 10 devs in 3 years) moving in NYc to see what's around for devs.
I use to write books, now I write code ! I'm interested in ddb requests optimization and code perfs in general.
I'm specialized in payment and data analysis.

Thx for the great posts guys !


Hi all. I'm Abraham and started to learn coding but it seems that I'm not making any progress. Would like someone to show me the ropes, please!!!?


Hey Abraham — check out the #beginners tag which has plenty of great content.


Hello everyone,

My name is Anderson. I came here by way of a random search for guidance in Crystal programming (dev.to/crystal-lang). Cool beans!

I am a software developer in financial tech. I enjoy solving problems with code. When I'm not doing that, the shell is where I "twiddle my thumbs" :D

Looking forward to chatting more here in the future!


I am Sambhav Jain. I’m a second-year student programmer at my college: Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies in Delhi, IN. I teach C and C++ to my juniors. I frequently demonstrate them how I use GitHub for my own work. Though I know that it’s not part of their curriculum I feel that it should be, given that every great software we use today is made on GitHub.

I have a background in Backend Programming and Computer Architecture. I’ve been teaching since last four months. I am currently learning Golang and Kotlin for myself. And, currently, I'm working on an Android App which streamlines the FIR lodging procedure in India.


Hi, I'm Lens.

I wish to be a full stack developer.
I am currently working on a project to develop a artificial personal assistant, a super cool!
I am happy to exchange and learn from top engineers like you guys.


Hello This is Mohan Prasad.

I am working for a small product based company in India.

I joined in DEV to improve my knowledge from talented people across the globe.
Currently i am working on VB.net programming Language.

Looking forward to learn from DEV community


What's up everybody. I'm Dell.

I'm an aspiring front-end engineer. I recently completed my Masters in Computer Science and looking to find my niche in web development. I know JavaScript well enough to build websites but I want to MASTER it. I've been learning React as well and I'm sure that's the direction I wanna go.

After following countless tutorials and building a few websites, I'm at point where I feel I've hit a wall when it comes to creating new projects. They say the best way to learn is by doing but I don't know what projects I should build or contribute to. Open Source is overwhelming and every time I look at a git repo my head explodes. I want to kill that fear.

I'm hoping this community can help me become a better thinker and programmer, pushing me over that wall.


Hey, my name is Marcos. I've been coding for like 7 months now and it has become my passion. I'm currently coding in python, i know c++, html, css and right now beginning to learn javascript. My actual project is to build an android/ios app using react with js.

Any advice is welcome, hello universe!


Hello everyone! I'm Mehran.

Currently I'm working as a junior backend developer in a startup. I'm doing my work in django, and many of the posts in dev.to have been very enlightening on how to write code (or more like on how to NOT write code :D).

I'm quite certain that I'm not good enough to be actually writing my own thoughts and perspectives yet, but I'm certain that I'll get there!

May be the force be with us!


Hi, I'm Chrisse/Tiana.
I used to build stuff with PHP, MySQL and VB. Knows Java and Oracle 11g. Unfortunately, I've been in a hiatus for years now. I have this fear of not knowing and doing enough so i took a break, which quickly turned into a quicksand; it didn't help at all. Now i want to make a comeback with JS and by joining this community, im inching closer to being the dev i aspire to be. Looking forward to more interaction and growth with everyone. Note to us: No matter how intimidating and frustrating things can be, keep moving forward. A productive hour in a day makes all the difference.


Hello 👋 my name is Laura and Iam a newbie. I am taking my first steps on a Front End Web Dev path with an Udacity Scholorship. So far I have learned some HTML, CSS and now JS.....I have definitely learned the importance of semicolons and inverted commas! I have briefly flirted with C++ and know for sure that I don’t like it when my software eng. Boyf looks at my codepens..... I’m looking to make a career change and fully believe it’s never too late to learn! 🤓


Hi folks, am Alex Emeka Igbokwe, a full stack web developer and a desktop app developer. I really like the community we have here and am happy to be a member.


Hi Everyone!

I've been a software developer for 20+ years. The majority of my work has been in Desktop Applications and APIs, and I'm currently working on web app development.

I've joined this community because I'm eager to connect and learn, and at some point, I would like to contribute.

Besides coding, I love cycling, photography, and beer. Anyone else?

Happy coding!



Hello Dev.to! I'm Abd El Ghani
just joining to this community is making me feel proud, that's all i want to say currently, as developers we can understand each others in those few words , love u all devs. (my first article)


Hello I'm Hoang,

I used to be an Auditor for PwC but had switched to web development, mostly on Ruby on Rails, React and Vue as I really like making useful product, so far I realized I really like what I'm doing, making product, solving problems :P I'm about to making my very first library in Vue, first it solve my problem of making form in Vue, it help me to learn, and hopefully it could help others like me :D


Hello! I'm José.

I'm a 16 year old teenager from Portugal. Currently learning web development (specifically django) in order to became a full-stack developer one day. I also know Java and a little bit of cyber-security. Really happy and excited to see what I'm going to learn with more experienced developers here.

Cheers! :D


Hello everyone, I’m Jack!

Currently I am in my final year of undergrad studying computer science. I am making a huge career change. I joined this community to network, broaden my knowledge in software dev, and join discussions with others about things that frighten me now, but hopefully won’t in the months and years to come as I develop my skills.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!


Hi all,

I am excited to learn and contribute, most importantly, I have been learning on my own for the most part and this platform offers me an opportunity to become part of a community.



Hi I'm Lance,

Right now, c# is my bread and butter. It helps me buy my favorite coffee and potato chips that fuels me while I'm sitting behind the monitor.

But now I'm dedicated to learning more open source technologies. I wanted to improve my linux, python and javascript skills and later on try to get a web development gig.

Aside from coding I do photography and I started to like mechanical keyboards.

It's really nice to ba a part of this awesome community. I've written some blogs and some visual studio extensions before. I hope I can contribute here soon.



Thanks for signing up. The web is a cool place and so is dev.to. 😎


Hello! I'm Ronak,

I am Growth Hacker at Karachain - karachain.io. We are building a new blockchain. We are also aiming to build easy and free courses on the development of Blockchain - university.karachain.io.

Our aim is to build a strong KARA community where every blockchain developer can freely question and answer the queries. Presently we have Telegram community - t.me/karachain and also gitter community - gitter.im/Karachain-Project.

Any developer willing to contribute to our community can join us on Telegram and gitter community for further discussion.


Hello Everyone!

My name is Brandon and I organize PopUp Robots, a group dedicated to JavaScript inspired robotics and IoT. You can check us out if you're ever in Norfolk, Virginia (USA). meetup.com/NorfolkJS/events/245189...

I love the community that pops up around IT / Software Development and can't wait to see what everyone has to share!


Hi, I'm Kevin.

I've been a web developer for 12+ years and I'm only now learning some lessons I wish I had learned a long time ago, but it's all about growth, right? In the past five years, I've focused more on front end development and more recently have been working in with Node, React, and Redux. I've felt a bit like wandering in the wilderness for the past year career wise and trying to figure out what the next phase in my career would be/look like. I'm looking to keep learning, connect more with other developers, and keep that imposter syndrome at bay. Anyway, I'm glad to see more open developer communities like this and hope to learn a lot and help a lot, too.