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Welcome Thread - v126

hot dog saying hi

Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!

Discussion (173)

thealexkates profile image
Alex Kates

Hi, I'm Alex.
Senior Software Engineer @

AWS Certified Solutions Architect and Community Builder.

Passionate about full-stack JavaScript, AWS Serverless, and Extreme Programming.

I also enjoy rock climbing, hiking, cycling, video games, and spending time with my family in my free time.

anoor profile image
𝑨hsan Noor

Hello Alex.

thealexkates profile image
Alex Kates

Hello! 👋👋

orlundo profile image

Hey Alex! Nice to meet you!

thealexkates profile image
Alex Kates

You too, @orlundo

venkatswaraj profile image
Venkat Swaraj


thealexkates profile image
Alex Kates

Hello @venkatswaraj !

qucchia profile image

Hi everybody! I'm 15 years old and I've been into programming for over 5 years. Right now I'm excited about web development, and I'm eager to learn lots and work on projects, maybe even a personal website!

kerthin profile image

Congratulations! 🎉 You have a great attitude and you still have everything ahead of you. Good luck with your training, on this site you can learn a lot to become a good developer and make cool sites.

qucchia profile image

Thanks a lot, this looks like a great place! I'm looking forward to getting my hands dirty 😄

leanne profile image
Leanne • Edited on

Hi there! My name is Lele.
I'm a new developer, looking to learn a thing or two and network with the community. I am currently working on creating my portfolio and trying to really get the hang of JavaScript and Python.

Very excited to chat and learn more with you all!

aaqilrk profile image
Aaqil Raj Krishna

Good luck Lele 🙂

longqua69 profile image
Anh Tran

Nice to meet you Lele. Could you tell more about you?

dunghv36 profile image
Dung Hoang Seothetop

Hello Guys
My name's Dung Hoang, I'm from Vietnam
I'm Software Engineer and SEO manager
I found something useful from DEV community and want to apply it to my blog
Thank you for your support

kptousey profile image
Kevin Tousey

Hi, my name is Kevin and I am currently working my way into web and app development in Javascript. Feel free to check out my website at to see some of the websites I've created. I look forward to becoming part of the community, thanks!

atulcodex profile image
Atul Prajapati

Hello dear folks,
I'm Atul from india
Full Time wordpress CMS developer
Started learning core languages from scratch
sharing my learning process at DEV community and at my IG account

cassiolacerda profile image
Cássio Lacerda

Hey guys! I'm Cássio Lacerda, and currently live in São Paulo / Brazil.

Since 2007, I worked with the PHP stack and also worked with Design for digital media and Digital Marketing, which are my academic backgrounds. Three years ago I changed my entire Stack to Javascript and the DevOps part for AWS.

Nowadays, I work mainly with applications in JS / ES6, MERN Stack, AWS / DevOps, Serverless / Lambdas, Socket.IO, PHP, MySQL, Codeigniter.

I hope to contribute here with a lot of content and learn a lot from you!

3bdelrahman profile image
Abdelrahman hassaan hamdy

Hello Guys,

My name's Abdelrahman from Egypt,
I'm very happy and excited to be here,

previously i was an irrigation engineer
And now, I work as a software support engineer at Paymob company,

I recently got into this field by self-study because I love programming and found my passion in it

Therefore, I always strive to learn, help others, and acquire new skills. I'm so excited
This is the first article I have shared here.

I hope it'll be useful, thank you

nickytonline profile image
Nick Taylor • Edited on

Welcome to DEV and congrats on your first post!

Spiderman swinging by to say hello

Here's a tip. We have something available to you in comments and when you write a blog post called liquid tags. The i in a circle icon at the bottom right of the comment editor shows you all the liquid tags available to you.

For example, your blog post you linked to can be added in a comment or blog post with this liquid tag {% link %} and it will look like this

Looking forward to seeing you around on DEV! 👋🏻

fabsantana profile image

Hey everyone! I'm Fabricio.

I am a recent college graduate and I am super interested in web development and becoming a better programmer. I am currently working on getting better at CSS and learning JavaScript. Excited to be here and to learn a lot from all of you guys!

willowro profile image
Nye 'Ro' Evans

hey, I'm Ro

I'm a student, just finished A-Levels now doing a gap year, working on web based vr applications and teaching myself C++ and maths, I'm excited to see what this site is like, it sounds like a really cool concept

pranaykharabe profile image
Pranay Kharabe

Hello World!
I'm Pranay. Frontend Developer.
I'm a college student passionate about web development, web designing, and Graphics Designing.

I also enjoy Gaming, Travelling, and Food.

Here is my >>
LinkedIn Profile:
GitHub Profile:
My portfolio:

rajatetc profile image
Rajat Gupta

Hello! 👋

prem225 profile image

Hello world! I'm Prem from India,
Love watching Anime!,
Pursuing Bachelor's degree in Engineering.
currently ,I am a noob in Javascript
I always give up in learning this programming language and then continue to next week. So, I hope I Won't distracted this time cuz, I am going to record my daily-programming activities in this website to prevent procrastinating

And wish me luck👍!!

Plus ultra👊

janithadilshan10 profile image
Janitha Dilshan

Guys I'm Janitha from Sri lanka 🇱🇰.
And I'm a Engineering student who is interested in software development and web development .
And I am very excited to join this wonderful community 😍.
I enjoy watching Netflix and playing badminton.🏸
And I wish to improve my coding skills as well as community skills with you guys ❤️

p0607 profile image


I am Priyanka Sahani.
A student learning programming.
Very interested to learn Python and web dev for now.
I am beginner at programming so looking forward for full support here.

I also love anime, mangas, different linguistic songs and art.

fzihak profile image
Foysal Zihak • Edited on

Hello Guys,

My name's Foysal Zihak. I'm from Bangladesh.
I'm very happy and excited to be here,

I am an entrepreneur. A few days ago I set up an IT firm called InvenTec IT (
(under constitution)
It is still very small but I am trying my best to make it bigger. I am the CEO of this organization, as well as working as a full stack web developer. Prior to that I worked as a Senior Web Developer at Pro Lab IT.

Therefore, I always strive to learn, help others, and acquire new skills. I'm so excited
This is the first article I have shared here.

Thank you for your support.

freddymartinez profile image
Freddy Hernan Martinez Quiñones

Hello everybody!
My name is Freddy, I'm a mechatronic engineer and software developer (full-stack ... kind of). I've tried several languages and frameworks, but now I'm focused on Node with Angular or React. I am also passionate about machine learning.

I'm always trying to learn something for both my career and my life, and I bet this is the right place to share that learning spirit.

tinkertim profile image
Tim Post

I'm Tim, a systems engineer turned developer advocate :) Some of you might know me from Stack Overflow, where I used to work. I'm still really passionate about improving the ways that developers learn and share knowledge, and am setting a goal to get a few ideas a month written out here, so that they might do some good instead of just cluttering up my brain :)

elroykanye profile image
Elroy Kanye

Hello! I'm Elroy, 20 and have been into programming for 7 years. Currently interested much in systems programming with Rust. Cloud engineering took me a year ago and I have been working with Java and c# for web and mobile development.

iferc profile image

I'm still learning Rust myself, but it's quickly become my preferred language for pretty much everything I do. Some web api services, queue workers, automation tools, and most recently trying my hand at some game development with it!

Which cloud(s) have you worked with?

elroykanye profile image
Elroy Kanye

Well, started with GCP following a course on pluralsight. Later had issues with my card so I have been on heroku for webapp deployments since then.

tlx_pod profile image

Hello Guys
My name's TLX Group, I'm from Vietnam
I'm Software Engineer and SEO manager
I found something useful from DEV community and want to apply it to my blog
Thank you for your support

musweu10 profile image
Musweu • Edited on

Hello everyone, I'm Musweu and I am a software engineering student , I started teaching myself how to program back in 2018 when I was in the 12th grade and I've loved it since then even after all the rough ups and downs I had when starting out.
I would love to connect with people and share everything I know with the community.
I love working with Flutter, JavaScript ,PHP, C# (for unity game dev) , Java and currently learning Python.

josielmatos profile image
Josiel Matos

Hi 👋, I'm Josiel from Brazil. I have a background in business and customer service, and currently I'm learning web development. I enjoy playing music instruments, games, some anime and movies. Excited to be here, learn and share some experiences! 👊

rhys_the_davies profile image
Rhys Davies

Hellooo o/ I'm Rhys, I'm a developer advocate for Ubuntu at Canonical. I was brought here by a link to this article in a telegram group about the Ubuntu podcast and thought it looked cool :)

I'm passionate about a few things but more than anything like poking around communities like this to see and get involved in what other people are passionate about.

cenacr007_harsh profile image

Hi, I am Harsh

Currently in 2nd yr of college.

Currently learning Web Development, Linux Shell scripting and a little bit of Cloud Computing.

I love competitive coding or just programming in general.

I am huge fan of novels, anime and football. Plz follow and do read my posts.

warren_5f5d5506d86 profile image
Warren Sirota

Hi, I’m Warren. I’m mostly retired coder with decades of consulting behind me, a product for musicians I still market, and plans for more niche products in the future. Big into .NET, C#, getting into WASM and react.

matteomaddalena06 profile image

Hi, I'm Matteo, a second year high school computer student, I was wandering around the internet, looking for a couple of tips on VGA hardware, when I come across this community.
I am currently learning Processor Architectures and their software models, as well as their relative Assembly language.
In conclusion "Hello World".

wechulimaven profile image

Hi , I'm Maven
A software developer
Specialize in python for web(django), machine learning and AI
Am also well versed with mobile app development with flutter dart
I love hiking, swimming, skating and riding, also I do martial arts Karate brown belt.

wdavidw profile image
Worms David

Hi girls and guys,

I am David, senior data architect @ We publish regulary on DevOps, Big Data and many complementary topics and we are thrilled with sharing some of them with the DEV community.

adityabandal profile image
Aditya Bandal

Hello, I'm Aditya,
Recent CS graduate from India.
I've worked on and learning more about web development. I regularly solve problems on leetcode to develop my coding skills.
I'm excited to join this community.
You can contact me to collaborate on a project.

castroa_m profile image
Castro Alexandre

Hello i'm Alex.

Technical Referent Azure and .NET

With multiple Microsoft certifications, i hope i will learn things and maybe help some of you.
Cloud passionate and .NET ecosystem.

devend profile image
Deven Kishor Mhatre

Hello, I am Deven.
Software Engineer @bentley Systems

Mostly working in JavaScript, TypeScript.
Love React.
Continuous learning Node.

Artist in my free time, you can check my art here Instagram: deven_art