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Welcome Thread - v146

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Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!

Top comments (244)

graciegregory profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Hello and welcome to DEV!

franetse7 profile image
Francisco Eyram IHOU

Bonjour mnd

0xsaksham profile image
Saksham Gupta

Hello and thanks for the welcome message.

jemomi profile image
Jens Morten Mikkelsen

Hello 👋

blaze_droid profile image
Vikas Dongre

Hello! 👋

naodreamweaver profile image
Nao #WindowsInsider🖥️

Hello, Gracie. Thanks for your greeting.

pandresdev profile image
Andrés Valdivia Cuzcano

¡Hola! 🤙🏻

itsjustpixel profile image

Hello 👋🏽

opedada profile image
ope dada

Hello everyone! I'm a beginner full stack web developer. I'm here to learn, network and develop my skills.

conkered profile image
Connor Garcia

Hey ope,
I am also here to learn and network !
have good one !

blazingmike profile image
Michael Adebambo


xandria32 profile image

Helloo 👋

sunny491 profile image


tehboyan profile image
Bojan Skrchevski

hello 🤟

turbospeedzter profile image
Ted Bailey

thank you

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saimonsp profile image


imsushant12 profile image
Sushant Gaurav


amanpandeycrypto profile image
Aman Chandra Pandey

👋 Hello!!

ashiquesaeed profile image
Ashique Saeed

Hello World! Hello Dev
My name is Ashique Saeed
I am a UI/UX designer turned developer from India. I got interested in programming because I had Ideas and no way to implement them. I am always learning about new technologies, currently focused on how internet works.
Currently building an application with FastApi. And I saw some implementation videos by @tiangolo and started searching for more leading me here.

Thank you @tiangolo for leading me to this awesome community.

franetse7 profile image
Francisco Eyram IHOU

Excellent parcours
Moi je suis Statisticien en développement logiciel et appliquées de nationalité togolaise suis d'origine africaine

jarvisscript profile image
Chris Jarvis

Welcome to DEV.

adamconnelly profile image
Adam Connelly

Hi everyone! I'm a golang developer based in Scotland, with a background in the .NET framework, SQL and various other things. Recently I've been focusing on DevOps / IaC, and I currently work for Spacelift building a really cool CI/CD system.

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

Great to have you Adam!

turbospeedzter profile image
Ted Bailey

What applications do you like to do?

khanfarazkhan profile image

hey dev community members I am Faraz Hussain from Pakistan. not an expert in the field still learning , would need you people help

michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington (he/him)

Welcome Faraz! 👋

Just to point out that if you need specific help on something, we often ask folks to write a post under the #help tag so that the community members can hop in and provide answers here. Here's a template for writing a #help post in case it comes in handy!


A place to ask questions and provide answers. We're here to work things out together.

Of course if you have questions about using the DEV platform, you can ask away here. I work at DEV as a Senior Community Manager and would happy to assist.

sjanjan profile image

Hello,guys.I'm from china.I'm a front-end devloper who have six years working experience.

nickytonline profile image
Nick Taylor

Welcome to DEV!

Multiple TV and movie characters giving a thumbs up

sam_rivera_47c29d1a4f3ecb profile image
Sam Rivera

Hey All! Just joined as I dive into this trying to learn, hope to connect and benefit from the experience in here.

thomasbnt profile image
Thomas Bnt

Hello Sam and welcome to Community ! 👋🏼😉

daniellittledev profile image
Daniel Little

I love putting my thoughts into writing and write at htts:// about web development and building reliable software. I'm trying to write more so maybe some community pressure can help. Here's one idea I've been playing with at the moment, good software design is mostly about modelling and limiting side affects.

naodreamweaver profile image
Nao #WindowsInsider🖥️

Hello World ! Hello Dev !
My name is Nao Megumi, I am a Multi-Platform Developer, Windows Insider, Disability Concerned Blogger, Web Designer, Codewriter and all other Tech related jobs. I am also a Virtual YouTuber but on a Temporarily Hiatus. I'm a very hyperactive person when it comes to development, but I am always open to anyone who wants to work with me. For skills and other information please see my DEV Profile and My Twitter Profile. I am Active in researching Operating Systems, both Windows and Linux. Not only that, I am also active in writing web code such as CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. I will share information about Windows or Linux or other things related to Technology and Development. I made my debut in DEV Community today. Hopefully being here can help all of you. Nice to meet you.

sumanthkrishna profile image
Sumanth Krishna

Hello All👋 I hope you are having a good day😊

I'm Sumanth🕴️ based in Silicon Valley of India, I'm working as an HR Talent Partner @ LambdaTest headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

I'm into people success for close to 5 years now, 🚀ing their career 10X, across 🌏🌍🌎. I ❤️ impacting lives, feel satisfied and find happiness doing the same.

I research a lot about SaaS StartUps & VCs 🔥 I also keep myself busy with doing Employer Branding, 🌱Growth Hack, Digital Marketing, Community Building, Designing Logos/Creatives, OSINT, sometimes trying to code😝

In my free time, I go cycling, do mobile photography, google a lot, My fav YouTubers - MKBHD, Peter McKinnon, Unbox Therapy, etc.

Let's have a virtual coffee ☕ connect with me here😎

achild profile image

Hello! .NET developer here. Thanks for the welcome. Been a .NET developer since the classic ASP days. Also played a little with ColdFusion, PHP, Silverlight, and some WPF.

Became unemployed due to covid last year, freelanced a bit making a few websites in CMSs here and there. Now I'm going back on the market looking for a job.

Oddly enough, after so long, I'm having a bit of imposter syndrome, as the market seems to have evolved quite a bit since my last job hunt (8 years ago) and got a bit too comfortable with my past employer's webdev environment instead of keeping up with the market trends (Azure, AWS, SPAs, Agile, microservices, etc.)

Came here looking to kind of become updated once again and read up on webdev trends, tutorials, etc. Become fresh again :) Look forward to it! Greetings.

turbospeedzter profile image
Ted Bailey

Just built several mobile apps in the Adroid Studio/Flutter/Dart platform. Love it.

Also, am having great fun making arcade-type platformer games in the Phaser3 Engine with HTML5/JavaScript language. I know it's old-stye, but there are a bunch of us out there who love making arcade games.

myduss profile image
Chinenye Scholastica Chukwuelue

Hello Dev,
My name is Chinenye Chukwuelue. Originally, I studied Chemical/Petrochemical Engineering but after my 4th year at University- while I was on industrial attachment, I noticed that most big companies/ start-up companies in my country are not digitally present, and some that are, ain't active. Therefore, out of curiosity I researched on how I could help to bridge the gap.

And while on it, I fell in love even when I knew nothing about how and where to start from😊.

Well, so far, I can build a fast loading and responsive website using Vue.js.
I'm open to learning new technologies.

Thank you for accepting me to be part of this community.

hadeel99 profile image
Hadeel Alhakeem

Hi, dev community, I'm Hadeel from Syria, I'm a computer science student, currently, I'm learning about front-end web development, and I found the development community to be the best platform to interact with during my educational journey,

_ananya_ profile image
Ananya Mohanta

Hey,This is Ananya from Mathematics & Computing,IIT guwahati(2021-23),Want to be a Front-end dev ,started my developer journey and here for learn more new stuff and will share everything whatever I know. <3

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