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Welcome Thread - v49 staff on November 20, 2019

Welcome to DEV! Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just ... [Read Full]
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Hello! I'm Celine. I am visiting from beautiful, sunny Santa Barbara, California. I do software engineering for an awesome company called Apeel Sciences. We develop plant-derived technologies that help extend the shelf life of fresh produce.

I just started in the software space, been at it for a couple of years now. I come from a background in data science. I hope to give back to the data science community by recommending good coding practices to make your data science models more reproducible, scalable, and robust.

Thanks for having me! Excited to be here (:



We add a little extra "peel" to naturally slow the rate of water loss and oxidation — the primary causes of spoilage, but our product is made out of materials that are found in every bite of fruit we eat.

Software is generally used to help the scientists collect data and run their experiments at a large scale, then be able to visualize their data on a dashboard so that they can make better decisions on how to optimize the formula, etc. We are a small team currently and work mostly as a support function for the organization (:

Thank you for your curiosity! I hope I have answered your questions well.



Not available for general purchase yet, we only apply post-harvest for now. But I will let you know when it is! (:

That’s pretty cool! Predicting for investment portfolios must actually be quite difficult, no? Because they’re so volatile and hard to predict?


Wow that’s cool! What’s your company called again?

Do you also do investments for sustainable companies? Like ESG?


Hello. So nice to meet you. I lived in socal for about a 9 years. Hope to pick your brain about some languages hehe.


Haha you're welcome to, although I am also new to React and Javascript so not sure that I would be the right person to ask (:

hahaha well well. It is really fun though. Are you currently working in the field yet. We have about ten days left in our bootcamp and hopefully, i'm able to land a job in it.

Yay good luck!! I’m sure you will find one. React is the hot new language (;

I started about a year ago, so I am still fairly new 😎 but loving it so far!


That is incredible :3 You are cool

I've been developing for almost a year and I hope to learn a lot with all of you.


Hello,I am param from India, I want to become a data scientist.
Can you suggest me,which programming languages I need to study.


Python is the best! You can learn the tensorflow library created by Google. And you can easily follow good coding practices like domain driven design and writing unit tests and acceptance tests.
To manage databases I recommend SQL. PostgreSQL is a great way to learn because it is open source.


Hi Celine,

the company sounds really interesting!
Best of luck with your work and thanks for helping the data science community!

Sam B


Thank you! Best of luck to you as well (:


Hey Celine!

Would be curious to know if there are any best practices for testing in data science models? What would that look like?


I think writing unit tests for statement coverage and integration tests is the most important thing. You want to make really easy for yourself by writing a testing script that you can just run every time you have a new iteration to your model or the functions you use for preprocessing so that you know you haven’t broken anything and you can trust that your code works.

I’ll start writing some documentation to provide examples and make this concept easier to digest but for now a quick google search might help you (: Hope this helps!

Right on - in your experience, is it something that happens with a lot of data science teams? (The writing of tests, I mean.)

I'm a weird convert towards testing, if it isn't immediately obvious hehe, but I'm always surprised at just how few tests can be found out there sometimes.

No, I don’t see a lot of testing in the data science world (: I agree, I think there could definitely be a lot more of it. It would make writing data models a lot easier to scale, instead of building code and fix models. But I feel like a lot of data scientists aren’t taught how to write good tests and that’s why they’ve been able to survive without it. Are you a data scientist? Where did you learn how to test?


Be welcome :)

I'm always excited when people show up with ideas that at some sort will help the planet. I'll be following you to watch the news about this tech!


Thanks for talking. How're things in sunny California?


Things are pretty good (: how about for you? Where are you based?

I'm currently residing in the United Arab Emirates. I'm doing okay. My day wasn't good to be honest. Hopefully that isn't the case today.


Hiya, I'm currently working in food and hospitality and I'm self studying for 1 year coding, mostly in Android Studio(Java) , but I learned HTML, CSS, SQL, Firebase, Realm, Git. I also have experience with Figma, InVision Studio, Photoshop, Illustrator. I made 4 web pages, 2 full apps (30 small) , 4 UX designs, 10 illustrations(logo, icon) and around 20 edited images. Looking forward for new stuff to learn😊


Wow! You've done a lot. I have a background in hospitality too. Do any of your projects combine the 2 industries?


Thank you. Some image editing and logo designs yes but not coding.


did you work on any android apps? I'm also programming with Android Studio Java and Firebase.


Cool! Yes, I'm currently working on a Music Player.How about you?

cool, I'm working on a note-taking app with a focus on location-based reminders. you got your project on github?

No, I haven't created repository for this project. Sounds a good idea chagai95.

Well, is nothing something to special, it's basically a music player which gets all your audio files from your device and you can sort it and create your own playlist. These projects I'm doing for my portfolio. 🙂

chagai95 how long you been working on your app? is it finished or is under building? 🙂


Thats great!! You area of expertise is astonishing. All the best!!


Wow, that’s awesome!! Looking forward to seeing more about your work!


Hello, I am working in the hospitality industry as well and I am studying code. I have just started and I am practizing the basics for now HTML/CSS. I want to learn more and connect with people in this field and this is why I am here.


Hi, I'm Tom, I've been a professional developer for 4 years and a hobby developer for many years longer than that. I've recently started trying my hand at writing tech articles and this seemed like the perfect space to share my articles. I'm looking forward to being a member of the community!


Hi Tom! What programming-language do you work with?


Hi! Most of my work is done in an Angular/.Net Stack, what about you?

Ohh sounds interesting. I am currently trying out Go and vue.js. But only for a hobby-project, I'm a student :)

Are you using APS.NET?

I keep meaning to look into both Go and vue, I have had almost no exposure to either of them. And yes I am, both ASP.NET Framework and ASP.NET Core.

Ohh nice. I also want to look into ASP.NET. A fellow student showed me how easy it is to create an API with it and automatically serialize objects to JSON.


Hello ladies, my name m... I'm don't like my name and family name, however you can call me 'gavel' or as I'm call myself in the Internet 'igavelyuk', what actually contain my name and family name all together.
So previously I was top Holland Marine Officer but I'm from country what I actually also hate and name of this country is Ukr..., lets call this country Utopia xD.
So after almost 14 years as Marine Officer, I'm starting loose health, I'm not smoke, no drink, no woman, however I'm 35 now with weight 53 kg and cataract on both my eyes (cataract developer LOL or blind developer xD).
Lets deep dive, so in Utopia after 30 y.o. nobody hire you whatever you know, unfortunately I'm living in the village and this is much more tragedy than everything else what you read before, so to not die I'm developing close loop Frontend/Backend/Database/Hosting to able satisfy people needs, because in my country 100$ for web shop it already going expensive so looks like this is my tier for now.
I'm starting developing on Vue and current project similar to this (Plain Html,JS,CSS, Firebase)

Thankfully I'm single, don't have kids and don't have serious projects and don't have job, so this is actually great thing especially if will be end of days, you nothing loose. So for that reason we coding as last day in the life, writing messages in same manner. Just now realize about name of my future company "BlindDev" or "MonkeyCode" so basically if you code something really bad, simply do, like you not guilty it's name of company(like you can't do, s#itty company with s#itty name for this reason s#itty code in the end).

So I'm really glad to be part of community, LIKE if this post make your feel better or improve your mood, I'd like you feel LOL after this.


Reading your post didn’t make me feel LOL or better but I like your spirit and how you walk the line between misery and humour. Unfortunately, I can’t help you out but to wish that your eyes don’t grow worse rapidly – which is no help :-( … Of course, I gave you a like :-)

P.S.: BlindDev? Awesome :-D


Thanks for the story bro.
Stay strong! God bless you! :-D


I am Haseeb, a Computer Science student.I'm in the area for just over two years and I hope here with you to be able to exchange experiences, sharing a little that I know and learning a lot from you.
Thanks for having me! Excited to be here


Hi, Maximous Black (17).

I found this platform while looking for a good blogging site that doesn't limit the number of articles to read per month. ahem medium.

Well mainly I'm here to post my software concepts. Any one interested in helping me render them real can hit me up @maximoublk all over the internet


Medium limits the number of articles you can read per month?!

What types of concepts/languages do you post about?


I don't yet post about anything cuz I don't know how to properly document the concepts and to find an interested group of people. I also don't have time for most of it as I am preparing for my exams right now

P.S. medium allows 3 premium articles per month to a basic user but the thing is they're the best ones so I ended up here and wanted this to be my primary platform for posting stuff I design.


Hello! I'm Stella. I am from Denver, Colorado. I'm a Statistician and Data Scientist for IBM Watson Health, Life Sciences division.

I'm hoping to learn more about web development, in addition to keeping up with the latest and greatest developments in open source technologies.

I'm excited to join this community _^


Hi Stella! I wish you the best of luck in learning more about web development! :)


Thanks, Friend! Best of luck on your journey into the coding world! _^


Hello, i'm Andrew. I recently (not so recently actually, its been a year) finished my masters studies. I decided i wanted to learn full-stack web development last week to compliment my knowledge base. Then i found this community. I hope to learn a lot more from in here. Cheers


Hey everyone,

My name is Patrik Kiss(yes Patrik, not Patrick), I'm newbie web developer from Hungary. I finished a 2 year software developer course a few months ago.

There I've learned the basics of HTML, CSS, JS, Jquery, Jquery-AJAX, responsive design, Bootstrap 4, PHP/OOP/PDO and MySQL.

I've learned Java as well, but I haven't used it ever since the exams, since I hate it, so a "Hello World" is my only knowledge left in it.

Currently I'm using these technologies while working on my own website. Unfortunately I still haven't got a job, since there aren't many companies looking for beginners around where I live.

But I'm not letting this discourage me, I code as much as I can in my free time, constantly learning new things during the time. I code at least 5-6 hours a day, many times 8-10 hours, sometimes even 12. Believe it or not, I don't find it monotonous at all, I really enjoy web development(for now).

Since I'd finished my studies, I've learned a lot, especially organizing my codes and files properly, creating functions that can be reused with just a few changes, etc.

This is a big deal for me, since in my last big project I threw all files in one folder. It looked total garbage not gonna lie. Finding anything there was a nightmare. And let's not talk about the code itself...

I mean, I'm proud of the final result, and I didn't think the code looked bad, in fact, I found it good back then, but with my current knowledge, I realize how bad it actually is.

I've also learned the basic use of htaccess, so my URLs are not ugly anymore(I know it's not a big deal, but it is for me).

I only found this site because Mr.Google recommended me an article from here, and I liked the it from the beginning. I find the design really nice, simple, yet great, not "over designed". I read lots of interesting stuff here.

Also, I'm a weeb, so I like watching anime in my free time, or as a break during programming.
But I'm not a shut-in, I go out quite often, and I do sports regularly, such as running, football and body workout.

Well, this one turned out to be a long introduction, thanks for reading!


Hi Patrik!

you've done a great job - you've learned pretty big stack of technologies!
I live in Germany, and many companies are looking for junior developers, may be you could find something for you hier.


Szia Patrik, Budapesten élsz? Szeretnék jövőre oda költözni és ahogy olvastam, hogy még nem kaptál állást, kíváncsi vagyok, hogy vajon Budapesten milyen lehetőségem lenne állást kapni. 🙂


Hi guys, my name is David and I'm a development enthusiast. I'm in the area for just over two years and I hope here with you to be able to exchange experiences, sharing a little that I know and learning a lot from you =)


Hello, I am Adrian and I'm a .Net Software engineer. One of my interests is to connect business with software and i joined the platform to learn and also to share my experience.


Hello AdiBorsos 👋. Do you also work for a consulting firm?


Hey, yes I am working for a dutch outsourcing company which produces software for their local government, hospitals, fashion, banking.. quite a lot of VMS Companies.

Nice! You code? What does outsourcing mean to you? Idk if its same in US

Yes, I code, that's my first passion and I believe that code should start after understanding the problem you have to solve. This helps you pick the right tech stack and the right people for the job. Our company works with some US partners also, so it's pretty much the same. We are trying to position ourselves as the technical adviceor for companies, enabling them to concentrate on business, while we concentrate on driving the technical solution. They bring a 'problem', we deliver the solution.

Yeah! I love coding taught myself python in college. Friends dad was managing director at large private investment bank. Improved his Bloomberg model (gui not actual code) by 7% over a 14 year period by reducing number of stocks in portfolio. What he wanted more focused returns. Hated having to go to campus to use Bloomberg found but have to use python to build model. So learned python.

Traded my first stock at 14 made $100 USD and was hooked.

The description of your company could be cut and pasted for the one I work for. Great to help others with tech stack or problem. Let them focus on what they excel at and let me/us focus on tech issue.

What is your favorite stack?

But love coding all around not just for financial modeling.

Yea, exactly. I work mostly with the c# .net stack. I am a .net dev at heart. Pretty much anything except silverlight. Also, i poke CI/CD strategies, performance analysis etc.

I focus more on the tech improvement and delivery than on business.

Nice 👍. Yeah i love C# / .Net core.

Pleasure to meet u


Hey! This is Jesus from Spain (Granada) living in Girona. I've been reading posts about what i find interesting and in this community there's a lot! I'll try to make some post to go throw #angular, #react, #php and more.

I'm 29 y old and I came here because I have left the comfort area.

Getting into javascript, php, node, frameworks and more! about 1 year studying already.

I'll be happy to help anyone.

Hey! Welcome you too.
Really appreciated.


Hi !
I'm Martial, coming right from Abidjan in Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast if you prefer).
I currently work as a Lead Software Engineer for a company named Chronostec, where i'm in charge (with my team :)) of building web and mobile apps for various purposes.

I love to solve daily life problems and build things that are useful to people around me.

Passionate of reactive UI, i really enjoy working with JS/TS, so naturally i use VueJS/NuxtJS and Angular 2+ (coupled with Bootstrap or Materialize CSS) for building front-ends.

I like to share my knowledge too. I already teach web development in some schools, but i would like to share with the world now. That's what brings me here!

Happy to be a part of the DEV community!


Hi, I am Bill and glad to be here!
My background and experience is not as a developer but I joined a blockchain project about 2 years ago as an HR and Ops guy and have thirsted to learn more and more; learning a little python, a little HTML and CSS, what Agile is about, and now even sketching out an App idea.

I came upon DEV in a blogpost on Stack Overflow. I figured I needed a community to help me grow and maybe I can help someone else along the way too. I am not sure where to go from here, but I am confident it will all become clearer in time.

Onward! Bill




Hi everyone,

My name is Angel and a full stack software developer here in Southern California. I write code mostly in AngularJS and Gosu(a Java based scripting language). Our company is currently in the process of migrating our front-end code base from AngularJS to Angular 8 which is one of the main reasons of joining the community!

I heard about this community from the StackOverflow podcast and decided to join to hopefully learn and meet other developers around the world! Thanks everyone : )


I like your description of what is ("A Facebook for developers"). Didn't really know what to expect from this, but gives me a sense of what it is ;)


Facebook for devs seems like a good thing to be part of.
Not sure about the tits...


Hi, I'm Mat, and I'm here to improve my skills and try to help others too (I want to come out of the shadows and not just lurk anymore!).

I work for a company that brings internet connectivity to public transport. It might sound trivial but it's actually really hard to give reliable, super-fast wifi to passengers at 100+ mph! It's not all about passengers either, we do some cool integration work with other systems too!

I manage a team of techies and am always looking for ways to improve either our output or our efficiency. Usually, this involves me automating (in python) or database-ing something. I claim it's to keep my mind fresh so I can converse with the team, but actually I just really enjoy getting into the detail and fixing/improving things!

Thanks for having me :)


Hello I'm Ibrahim From TGD Dev ™
I'm pretty new here but I'm doing well!


Hi, I'm David and I really like programming, looking for help on a topic, I found this community and I loved it, now I'm part and I'm excited because I know I'll learn a lot and I'll also be able to share the little I know, greetings!


Hello! My name is Jon. I'm currently a backend developer for CB Insights, in New York City. I primarily work in Go and (some) Python to help build our market intelligence platform.

I started out working life as a business grad and decided it wasn't for me, and made the switch to programming soon after. I'm now approaching 5 years of programming work, and I've enjoyed every minute of it!

Still figuring out my niche and "programming brand", but I've had a lot of fun taking projects from concepts and plans into fully functioning systems and features that align with business objectives. I'm really into building excellent user experiences, thinking through architectural decisions, and building lots of tests that bolster those user experiences.

In my spare time, I enjoy thinking about how to improve my programming skills in an accelerated way, and coming up with fun little app ideas and games.

Excited to be here!


Hi everyone, I am Anthony from Portugal.
I consider myself a software developer working with Void Software mainly focusing on web development using Node.js and React mainly.
But I've also done other kinds of work like blockchain development with hyperledger, a native application for Windows with C# for a racing simulator and recently dangled on some python.

Being 21 I'm really excited to learn all I can, and I just find the community here to be amazing for that. So much to learn from so many perspectives.

Really glad to be part of of such a community :)


Hello everyone! My name is Nick and I am from Allentown, Pennsylvania. I am a self taught software engineer in my senior year of high school. I currently go to a technical high school in their web design / web programming lab where I focus on software development and learning. I am a remote software engineer intern for a health care company called Family Directed.

My goal is to help other students who are interested in software engineering find ways to learn by themselves and stay self motivated.

Another goal of mine is to spread the Go programming language as much as possible. This language is amazing and I have been using it for a few months. I would highly recommend taking it for a spin!

Anyways, thank you for reading my post and have a great day!


Hello everyone
I am Yash from India.
Looking forward to learn and grow from this community and contribute as well.
I am currently an undergraduate doing majors in Computer Science, want to pursue my career as a Business Analyst and developer.

I want help from this community to grow and learn from my mistakes.

Hope, i get a lot of help.


Hello folks! I am Akhil. I am a full stack developer with little over 6years of experience. I am a javascript enthusiast and i love exploring the nuances of vanilla JS.
I have a small github repo where I not-so-frequently pushes my hobby projects.
But I think this is a fantastic platform to learn and share the knowledge I have. More importantly learn from all the masters over here!
I have a small website i made as a portfolio for myself where almost 100% of the code is mine and no libraries are used
Do let me know how you like it.

Also did I mention, am a huge fan of UX and minimalism!


Hullo! I'm Dustin, new to the Dev community and new to the dev world in general. I just graduated from Prime Digital Academy in Minneapolis, MN and am excited to learn more about development and to find my first job! I am interested in software systems, how they interconnect, and the interactions between the clever people necessary in creating them. I love to talk about JavaScript, logic puzzles, soccer tactics, Thai food, the importance of travel, and cats.

Thank you for all of the helpful articles and tips so far, I look forward to learning more every day!


Hi, my name is Gil. I started my dev career in Java, but fell in love in Ruby couple of years ago after I started digging into it. I just came back from RubyConf and that's where I learned about


Hello, I am Prakash. It's nice to be part of this wonderful Software Engineering Community. I am a Cloud Solution Architect working for Credit Suisse. My interests are Distributed Systems using Service Fabric, Full Stack Web on Blazor.Net, Xamarin App development and Azure DevOps.


Hey, there!

I am a full-stack JavaScript expert with 9-year experience and CEO at CreativeIT, a software house in Belarus. Also, I'm an active contributor to open-source and am proud that many of our products have plenty of stars on GitHub.

Hope, I will become a great part of this amazing community.)


hi! i am amina, i am here to interact with android and flutter enthusiasts.



I wrote my first code in 1977, in assembly, for a Z-80. These days I am slightly more modern, using Ruby, Javascript and some sort of Intel chip that goes much faster. I enjoy seeing how the more things change, the more they stay the same. Today's hottest code snippets are not actually all that different from code snippets written decades ago. Without history, without knowing the past, developers seem keen to repeat the errors of the past, but I am hopeful one day soon, that will change! In the meantime, I am learning from a lot of developers at this site, which is refreshing and maybe I can contribute to others with my experience.


Hi, I'm Paul, an old dog developer trying to learn new tricks. I come from the Microsoft world with over 25 years experience. My focus has been on SQL Server, and the .NET stack. During my tenure as a developer, I never quenched my thirst for learning. I’ve recently become interested in four newer areas of .NET. They are: Azure, .NET Core 3.x, security, and APIs.

In my remaining spare time (and believe me, it’s SPARE), you’ll find me out in the neighborhood training for my next 10K.


Hi, I'm Karl. I'm from Seattle and work at Blueprint Technologies, recently shunted into doing Web Development. I attended code bootcamp at CodeFellows and finished this year.

Super new in this industry and look to continue developing my code knowledge, which currently is full stack JavaScript, Angular, along with random smatterings of SQL and Python.


Oh and I also studied React and mongoDB when I was in CF.


Hey! My name is Bastian, currently I am writing my master thesis in computational imaging and hope to finally start working soon, yay!

Besides computer graphics, computer vision and data visualization i worked with web technologies a lot. I am generally interested in anything that has to do with technology, human interaction and interaction between humans and technology. Sometimes i feel like i have to many interests, there is way too much cool stuff around! I like pretty and well made things, data (it never lies!) and cookies. My passion lies in eSports where i have 15+ years of player and management experience in several fields.

Happy to join the community, have a fantastic day!


Hi everyone!

I’m Sarah (they/them), a multidisciplinary developer and designer based in Norway but originally from Belgium.

I do full-stack dev, but am specialized front-end and data visualizations, in addition to user experience design and research. Also have experience with project and product management.

I’m very interested in data science and AI/ML and am trying to move more into that direction, especially interested in combining it with ethics and social sciences.

Currently remaking my portfolio and having a goal for 2020 to start writing and be more involved in both the tech and queer community, and have some interesting personal projects planned as well. Excited to start sharing things here as well :)


Hi👋, nice to meet you. I'm Hally from Toronto, Canada. I just recently found out about this community and then like a minute ago I just signed up so.. yeah, here I am hahaha my curiosity led me here 😂. But I just want to be connected with other developers and I know I can learn a lot from you all too.



This is Dinesh from India. I am a JS developer. Though I can still call myself a beginner. I adopted jQuery instead of JS earlier and I am kinda learning it from the beginning. I am reading speaking JS right now and joining communities to learn more about everything that I take in. In terms of good coding practices, coding ethics.

I am currently working as a UI/UX Developer. I will love to work on some projects that enhance my knowledge and skill of JS.


Hello, I'm Vince!
I graduated from a 24 week part-time full stack coding boot camp in July. I am looking for my first developer position. I learned HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Node.js, React, Express, and MySQL.
I look forward to solving real business problem regardless of how big or small.
💻 👀


Hi! I'm Phil. I found this community a few months ago. I find myself referring to the insight that many others so kindly give. And it was cool to get a Hacktoberfest badge!


hi, I am Diogenes from Dominican Republic, I am Developer and work with DotNet, MVC and know all about microsoft tecnologies. So, I like this community and I feel at home.


Thank you for the warm welcome. I am a software developer currently working AWS Services such as EKS, Kubernetes etc. I also have the expertise in VLSI and Embedded Systems being an Electronics and Communication Engineer. Earlier before AWS, I had been working on Blockchain technologies like Multichain ans IBM Hyperledger Fabric and Composer. Always keen to learn new things, growing and delivering productively in the process.


Hello. I'm Omar and I currently reside in the United Arab Emirates. I've been coding for a year now and my background is in design more specifically in photoshop and website mockups like lunacy and Figma.

I'm a 19-year-old kid that loves to learn something new every day and web development is the right avenue to do that. When I'm not coding, I write about professional wrestling for a site I created last year. Thanks for reading and I hope I can enjoy it here.


Hi, I am Sotirios and live in beautiful Athens, Greece.
I like to write code, do architecture and solve complex problems with a DDD focus.
I am a co-host of the Athens Gophers meetup and like to give back to the community any way I can.
I currently work on very interesting projects for a ride-hailing company name Beat, using cutting edge technology.
I am happy to join this community.
CU around.


Hello Group Members,
It is so cool to see that this group exists.

I am Kenneth Fax ( I have working science, systems, engineering, quality assurance and technical project management. These days, I have been working on different, full stack, javascript, messaging platforms and mentoring groups for developers.

I like to invite developers to team up for fun, events, recognition and consider working together for noteworthy or paid projects. So far, great support from Samsung, IBM - to name a few.

I would like to invite more developers in or as passing through San Francisco. I don't want to be spammy, so just DM if you want an invite.



I'm Sam, a backend engineer working in London as a Python developer.

I work for a company which helps retailers create marketing experiences their customers will love. The system is pretty challenging and I try to learn a lot here!

I'm interested in distributed systems, Python, Go, AWS among a lot of other things.

Outside of works I'm quite outdoorsy, I love hiking and camping. I'm also actively reading up about how to do remote work well, as next year I'll move to a more rural area to be able to more outdoor activities, and I'll work remotely for the same company - it's going to be a challenge!

Best wishes to all,
Sam B


Good luck with your remote work! Let me know how it goes. I’ve always wanted to be a digital nomad but I’m not sure how difficult it is to find a job on the road (:


Hi everyone,
We are Bit4 Bitcoin & Altcoin exchange . We offer our customers to purchase Bitcoin and altcoins with VISA/MC credit or debit cards. As it is the main specialisation of our exchange, we`ve managed to do it very effectively and securely at very low costs. The aim is to provide our clients the best possible customer experience and great value for money.

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Nice to meet you all!



I am William, my internet user name is "Schleckenmiester" (or "Schleck" for short). I'm trying to become a game developer. But, currently only have time to do it in my free time. I also started learning web development recently and am trying to get good at that too. I came across this out of the blue and think this community can be a great place for feedback and I'm glad to be here!

If you wanna check out my stuff (that I have so far, it's not much). My twitter is @_schleck, my website is and I have an page too! Please give me whatever feedback you have (if you have any) because I only want to improve. Thanks!



I am currently working as a Front End Developer in Dublin, Ireland. Current workload is the creation of a design system and also preparing a migration from Drupal 7 -> Drupal 8.

On the side I am improving Javascript with (dream scenario) daily commits to my github, which I can use to improve on the fundamentals while learning new things.



My name is Daniel and I am software developer located in Czech Republic near Poland boundaries. I have more than 7 years of experience in development and programming. Now I am trying to push myself into more community activities and I would like to help people who are struggling in their software beginnings.

I coworker with founders of Update Conference Prague and I am in touch with MVPs and smartasses in the Czech republic .net dev communities.


Hi! I'm Alicia. A disabled computer engineer in a motorized wheelchair based in Spain. A former self-taught game developer who was mostly focused on programming indie games with C# & Unity (also made some gigs doing pixel art and some game designer documents).

This year I pivoted from gamedev to webdev, looking for remote-friendly opportunities and a stable income at the same time. In the beginning, I tried FreeCodeCamp and obtained the Responsive Web Design certificate, but around summer I obtained a scholarship for a full front end master learning InVision, Git, Flexbox, SASS, CSS Grid, Webpack, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Angular... and many more!

As for hobbies, I'm an indie gamer enthusiast, roleplayer (D&D!), reading manga and some other geek stuff 🤓

I've been registered in a while but until now I didn't feel confident enough to be part of the community. Maybe shortly, I'll even dare myself to write some small articles here!

TL;DR: Thanks for being an awesome community and having me!

Have a good day :D


Hi, I'm Zunaib. I'm from Lahore, Pakistan. I've done bachelors in software engineering. Currently working as a Analyst Software Engineer at Afiniti. Stared working before graduating. I'm skilled at React but present myself as a MERN Stack Developer. I love to explore new technologies i.e. Python, DJango, GO and much more.
I like making aesthetic front end experiences.

I'm glad to be a part of such helpful community. Always seek help here, but i joined now as a way to give back and be always on a learning curve.

Thanks for the support. :-)


Howdy! I am Josh. I am a software engineer at Two Sigma in the day, and I like building things with 3D printing and/or arduino in my spare time.
I heard about this site from the stackoverflow podcast, as I'm sure many others did recently.


Hello folks. I'm Bruno, I've been working as a developer for many years, but I've never been involved in the community. I would like to start somehow, first posting about experiments and, who knows, in the future get involved in some open-source projects.

BTW, I've seen tons of good articles here, thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge.

Please, if you have any suggestions, comments, please just ping me.


Hello everyone
I am Yash from India.
Currently pursuing my majors in Computer Science and want to pursue a career as an Analyst and Developer for Business Inteligence.

I am looking forward to communicate, contribute and work on great ideas in this community. What matters to me is learning and i am really excited to be here..
Looking forward to get great help from you all as i am very weak in programming and need some motivation to work now. I am looking forward to learn and grow.


Hi everyone! I'm new to programming but I'm here to learn and take on challenges hoping to get the guidance from more experienced users.
I am a technical analyst but nowadays every one have to be able to code if we want to keep in this industry, so I am catching up and excited to be part of this group


Aloha! signing in from the island of Hawaii
im a mother who loves to learn on her spare time, code newbie! started some basic html and looking forward to learning more! interested, but not limited in, cyber security, web dev and photo/video editing so far. Feel compelled by the holy spirit to leave helpful tips below :*
appreciate you !!

momswhocode #womenwhocode #afrotech


Hey everyone, I'm Tim. I work at Google on a few developer products, including #Flutter and #Dart. Flutter is one of our newest toolkits, and it lets you build apps for iOS, Android, desktop and web from a single codebase written in Dart, a language that compiles to native ARM or Intel machine code as well as JavaScript.

When I'm not working on that, I tinker with a variety of retro computing projects, whether it's building half-finished emulators, bidding on eBay for computers I wished I owned in the 80s and 90s, or figuring out which ancient cables I can daisy-chain together to plug an ancient machine into a modern monitor! See you around...



My name is Madhav Malhotra and I am senior software developer with Security Compass , Toronto. At Security Compass, we work to assist businesses in managing cyber security risk.
I am new to Full Stack Development and I am open to conversations around frameworks , best practices and much more!



Hello , am Teslim A Project manager and a Software and Hardware Engineer , Also a Prospective Cyber Security Specialist , Hv been earning a decent living in the Tech Space for more than 10 years and My Work has recently expanded more into mobile application development on android and iOS ........


I'm here thanks to my second Hacktoberfest. I write automated tests, knit, stargaze, and keep bees.


howdy. phill from nz. making a middle aged switch from teaching into tech. front end mostly, learning react and some other database stuff. and i make hightech water sports paddles for olympic athletes.


Hi, I'm Vlad and I start experimenting with Svelte. I was thinking of Vue after giving up on Angular. But I will try this.

I have years of experience with full-stack web development. But I feel it is time for me to move on to start using some framework ... hope it might be easier to manage in case of bigger application.

Thanks :-)


Hey, I'm Eric.

I'm a software developer from the US currently managing a team of backend engineers in Tokyo. In my spare time I'm building Japan Dev to evangelize Japan's tech industry and help developers find opportunities in Japan.



Hi Eric,

nice to meet you! Working & living in Japan sounds exciting!

How are you finding it in general? I've visited Japan once and I absolutely loved it! My uncle has been living there for ages.
I have some possibly incorrect preconceptions about the work culture in Japan: do Japanese people really work extremely long hours?

I'll check out Japan Dev for sure!

Sam B


Hey folks! I'm Daniel, I live in Toronto, and I work at Flipp, where I've been for 7 years as a software engineer, team lead, then back to software engineer :) Fun fact - I've been in software development for 13 years and in that time I've only worked at two companies. Yes, I know, it's like I brought the 1960's with me.

I landed on because frankly I'm not happy with Medium and I'd like to get people to maybe possibly actually read the posts I sometimes, against all odds, find the time to write. Here's hoping!


Hello all!

I'm Dominik, residing in the Netherlands, and I'm currently switching careers and working on becoming a Web Developer. I've only just recently left my job and am currently participating in a bootcamp to get up to speed and spend most of my (little) freetime soaking up even more knowledge.

I've always had a keen interest in coding and have tinkered around in Javascript and C# in the past for fun, but I never followed through on it.

Now, however, the time for change has come and after reflecting on where I would like to go next professionally Web Development just checks all the right boxes for me.

I have been learing the basic on my own for the past 2 months and decided that, to further build and cement my knowledge and skills, I'd also join a Web Dev Bootcamp.

Beyond that, i am browsing this site here multiple times every day and am grateful for all the fantastic bits of knowledge this community shares and I hope that I will be able to contribute very soon as well!


Hi I'm Asimic James from Nigeria, a student of Computer Science and Engineering. I'm currently on Java, Java Script (Vanilla), HTML, CSS, just started learning Android Development few days ago. I'm happy meeting you guys.



Myself Rajat as a Software Developer in Infinicue Solutions Pvt. ltd. I am working on Django Framework for 5 months. I was happy about what I choose to be in the IT field. But after 5 months in the IT sector, I feel that Programming is not for me. Why I am feeling low, Depressed and all negative feelings come across my mind.


Hey, I'm Thomas!
I'm happy to be here and I hope I'll learn a bunch of new things. I'm currently working on my own Game & Game Engine in Java as a school project. I still, even after 5 years, consider myself a beginner, but I'm SO excited about coding that I just cannot stop learning and improving myself.
Thank you all!


Hey, I'm Kanin! I just decided to join after seeing it on Hacktober fest. I currently know Python and mostly work within the Discord API though I'm trying to learn other languages such as JavaScript, Java, and maybe some Kotlin.


Hello, :) .
I'm Ehsan Aghaei FullStack web developer, I love and enjoy programming, I started since 2010 and I started first with front-end development, and now a days I work as full-stack developer.
I learned whatever I learned by self training and experience because I'm interested in this field. learning and being up to date is what I always try to do, and that's make me a Generalist in different technologies and languages, but most of all I worked with JavaScript programming language.
I'm kind of talented in learning things fast, I love trips(specially Adventures), Partying, Listening to Music, team working, fan on flowers and planting, I'd like every thing to be on the plan and I don't like surprises.
I'm working as freelancer now and I'm seeking to a job.


Hello, Kirimi here 👋. I am software engineer in an energy based company in Kenya known as PayGo Energy. We specialize in providing access to clean cooking for households as well as emerging markets and streamlining the distribution process.
I am happy to be part of community and hope learn as well as share.


Hello everyone! My name is Adam. I am from worst performing country in the Eurovision Song Contest, the United Kingdom - #phwoar!

I've been a general practice front-end developer in a past life. I'm currently working as a developer for an awesome law firm in the UK called rradar.

I work with react-native, react, IBM's Watson assistant. Express and loads of other fun tools.

I have three big loves. Music, Cycling and Typescript.

Excited to see all the threads!


Bonjour ! I'm Timbus, a French student in computer science ! I enjoy discovering new stuff, experimenting and creating bonds with people in the whole community ! I'm currently studying abroad in Sweden for the first year of my master, and am really excited to start a new journey.
I've been dev'ing softwares, servers, games, generative art and many many more during my bachelor and I am constantly thinking about new ideas to give birth to ! I also speak too much about what I am passionate about :')

My plan is to provide tools to people to help them in finding happiness, for now I've only opened my small blog for it, but I hope I'll be able in the future to convey my thoughts and ideas to as many people as possible :D


Hey my name is Putri. I come from Indonesia and at the moment live and doing volunteer work in nursing house in Germany. The reason why I join is to have friends who like to code and sharing knowledge. Or learn from people here. I live in small city and it's hard to find any like-minded person/event here. Thank you. Have a good day!


Hello! I am Abraham. I am a software engineer from Africa for a startup company called Exuus. We develop products that help automate table banking in Rwanda. Fun fact about me is that I like going to the club just for loud music.
I am here to interact, enhance my writing skills, give back to the community for the knowledge I have acquired so far and learn anything else.

Excited to be here😊. Thank you.


Hi all! I'm Giuliano, a software architect and cloud solutions architect. I've been working with software things for more than 15y now. My career was based on Java stack and my last 5 years is about Google Cloud.
I'm here to try (again) to write more about the things I do in my every day on work.

But my life is not only tech, I'm father of 3 little girls and I really love photography. My photos are on Flickr, find out on my page ( is a web too that I wrote :)


Hello! I'm Owen, living in Edinburgh but bouncing all around the world ( currently writing this from Phoenix Arizona. ) Systems engineering background who's kinda transitioned into the platform engineering space. Had been architecting stuff on the cloud for a bit and leading some digital transformation type things in public sector but super happy to be getting my hands dirty again.

Ended up discovering due to an awesome twitch stream and super excited to become part of the community here. Currently I'm mostly working on trying to help software teams in a hardware company adopt more CICD type approaches, playing with a toy game and the odd bit of photography.


Hi, I'm John. I came here from a random HN reply, praising the enthusiasm of this community. After 25 years as a dual class developer and designer, I still never tire of learning and sharing.

I currently work in the PNW, focusing on UI, UX, TDD, CI, SAAS and many other acronyms.


Hello my name is Sophie.
I am a girl that knows nothing about programming. Even I know how to use the 'cd' command. If you think it is "spooky", then I think you shouldn't be making articles about programming.

My boyfriend knows how to program, indeed, he is fluent in vim. You know how to click around in intuitive programs like my grandma does in IE5.mic drop


Hi, I'm Samuel. I study computer science, I love to write code and like learning about new technologies.

I must admit that the DEV community was completely unknown to me until I took the small black sticker from my Hacktoberfest set (good investment though ;)).
I like that apparently a positive and friendly interaction with each other is very much appreciated here. Unfortunately, this is not often the case in our field of technology.

I'm looking forward to reading many interesting, informative or unexpected posts (and maybe to write some of them myself...)


Hello All,
I'm a senior software engineer with decades of experience, I've worked on everything from backend to frontend to everything in-between. This seems like a great place to hang out and connect with fellow developers.

I'm happy this site exists.


Hii! I'm Kostas. I've been coding for five years, more specifically playing around with Android. I'm very interested on TDD and Continuous Integration, as well as how these techniques apply specifically on Android development.

I occasionally write my thoughts on and decided to start cross-posting here in order to get out of my comfort zone and get back as much feedback as possible, along with sharing any experience that I may have.

Thanks for having me!


Hello Everyone! My name is Wilson. I live in Bangalore, India. Beginning of March this year, I quit my job to work full-time on I'm here to learn and support dev community. Excited to be here! Looking forward to e-meet you all.


I’m Danny Moerkerke, freelance JavaScript and TypeScript engineer based in Amsterdam. I’m also a tech writer and conference speaker. My main interests are Web Components, Progressive Web Apps and web standards in general.


Hello everyone! I am Julkar Naim and I am a student of computer science, I am very much interested in web technology and very passionate about learning it. Currently learning Javascript. I am very happy to join such a beautiful community. I am looking forward to learning some awesome things from here.

Thank you.


Hello there from sunny but also rainy tropical Panama City!

+20 yrs of experience backup my professional skills on opensource technologies, mainly coding in PHP and related frameworks, from those, 10 yrs on the government, now in the private sector, always in the IT field.

I've recently found some passion for speaking languages, spanish is my native language, english is my second one (duh! hehe), but now I'm self learning portuguese and italian (among others) on the internet. So yes, a polyglot I want to be! \o/

I'm getting here from participating in this year Hacktober Fest event, quite a great experienced I had contribuiting at that level on open source projects!

Un fuerte abrazo, nos estamos leyendo!