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Hello amazing developers. Am Rose Akoth, an android developer. I love java and kotlin. Am a beginner in learning web front-end development. I look forward in learning, sharing and connecting with you guys.


Welcome Rose, hope you learn many new things that enable you to advance your career.


welcome to, rose! hope you enjoy your stay. :)


Hi Rose, I just joined as well and happy to be here amongst like minded folks. I want to eventually get into app development as well. All the best!


Hi Rose, I liked you hello-message. I almost never write in public forums, but your post inspired me to also do so 👍


Hello Rose, very nice to have people like you here.



I'm trying out DEV for my future blog posts.
I love python and am self taught, currently learning web development.

Nice to meet you all, I've enjoyed many articles from the DEV community. Hope to be a contributor.


Thats so amazing! what inspired you to learn?


After a while, the toll you see blue collar work take on yourself and the ones you love, pushes you over that line of indecision.

I didn't know if I could, but i no longer let that keep me from trying.


welcome Nellie, believe in yourself you have a great future ahead.


Came here because of a post I saw about the tragic death of Scott Allen. Even though I never met him, I consider him someone I looked up to and strived to be just like as a Pluralsight author myself. My fourth course on building Lightning Web Components for Salesforce was just released.


Yeah he was a great mentor, author, and teacher!


Hello ><, greetings.
I'm Asphira from Indonesia. I am a self-taught dev, currently I am a web developer still a beginner though and I'm here to learn and making some friends. looking forward to being a part of this community to learn new things and connecting with amazing dev here.


College in the US is terrible and insanely over priced. So I dropped out of Computer Science nearly 10 years ago and have been self taught every since. You learn a lot more for a lot less, plus you learn things in use today not 10+ years ago like college teaches LOL


High five to "self-taught" devs, figuring out stuff as we go along! Welcome aboard!


Hi there!
I have learned more by myself than University has taught me.
So, good luck :-;


Olá Asphira, sou do Brasil. E também estou iniciando no Desenvolvimento Web. Seja bem vinda.


Self-taught web developer here as well, and new to this community. Greetings from Germany to Indonesia! 🌍❤️🌏


Hello. I'm a self-taught dev. I currently work for a medium sized manufacturing company where I'm the sole dev for their custom built ERP system.

Not going to lie, I'm a bit burned out in my current job and I'm just looking to connect with other devs and figure out what I want my next adventure will be.



I'm the same. Looking to re-discover my love of tech, hopefully through Python.

All the best, good luck!



hey y'all - I'm a research librarian with interest in the intersections of libraries & information, and computers. I want to learn at the things. I love reading Dev posts and seeing how much overlap there are with the professions and how often we do not talk outside our silos.


Hi Tisha,
That's awesome! Libraries are an interesting place to watch the cross section of technology, information, and accessibility.


Sup, my dudes/dudettes? I'm Dylan and I'm a budding Quality Engineer who's moving from a career in manual testing to automation and web development. It's a big jump, and I'm currently in the "fake it 'til you make it" phase, learning as I go along!


hello Dylan!
in fact it is a big jump but nothing is impossible, just follow your mind.
i wish you archive your goals! Good luck dude.


Hi friends, am chris, java developer and a newbie in scala, was tracking a friend and landed myself here, I would really appreciate supports to help me learn. I might also have interesting stuff to share as well.


Hello. I am also a Scala Developer and I have a blog where I create lists of useful articles such as this one for Scala newcomers and best practices and this list of scala resources I am also creating a Social networking platform written in Scala with a sample app written in Scala for developers to create apps based on the API. Register to stay updated about when the app will launch. I hope later this year. Scala allows for rapid development.


Thanks for your reply, will definitely checkout those links


Hello! I'm an IT student in Helsinki currently doing my second year and found this community through

Despite being in my second year, I still feel like I don't really know how to program, and thought that it would be a learning experience to join a dev community to learn and get tips & tricks from others.

My fun fact would be that i really like cherries.


Hai, Guys this is Ragu, am a java back-end developer and i love front-end development. and am beginner for front end development so,forward to learn new things hopefully am learn and improve the programming knowledge at this platform.


Welcome to DEV Ragu! There's a lot of frontend content in the #javascript & #webdev tags. Hope you enjoy your time around here!



Hello Dev Community, My name is Prashanth, enjoy working with Linux and C/C++. Enjoy working on proof of concepts/ideas. Trying to extend my learnings into Machine Learning and cloud development. Look forward to learning and sharing with you all.


Wuzhappenin eurybody, names Wash-Row and I'm here to develop my skills in programming. I have no experience, but I wanna learn all the essentials to make it in this field; maybe even make the next big app.


I don't know how I stumbled into, but here I am enjoying the day not working just refreshing ES6 syntax and going on with vue and vuex tutorials. Happy that to hear that I am not the only lost programmer, not knowing what he really wants in life, but still fighting my way to get my own product and company.


Hello developers.
I am Cindy, 27 years old. Currently, I'm a Computer Science student in France and mostly self-taught. All my current knowledge learned in my spare time. I work with languages such as C, Java, C# with a touch of C++, and my learning is still going on.

My other interests include graphic design, animation and so on.

I discovered DEV while looking for a way to exchange and share information around programming and at the same time improve my English.
I have already read many articles from the DEV community that I have enjoyed.
Hope to be a contributor.


Hello World! 😆

My name is Amit Mondal and I am a 💻 Fullstack developer by profession.
Very excited to be a part of this humongous community of intelligent devs around the world. I am here to learn as well as share 📚 .


I've dappled in html and basic stuff over the years, and am finally diving in to formally learning all the stuff. My background is in music, ag, and food. I'm stoked to lurk in that back corner over there, while I'm watching and learning. Currently, I'm in a rural high desert.


Hello there. I’m Casey. I’ve been coding for about five months. I’ve picked up a lot of HTML/css since then but have found that I’m totally in love with JavaScript.
I’m a public school teacher but I’m really hoping to make a transition to full time dev.


Hello everbody! My name iS Tiago. I love Node.JS,Angular, JavaScript,Python and Arduino . I a eternal student of web development technologies and every days in my life . It's a pleasure to connect in this development community to learn,shared knowledges.


Hi Tiago! Great to have you here. Welcome!


Hello Devs, I'm Kyles a newbie in react, also certified in java , android enthusiast, I have joined the community to learn React and be able to be up and running and share my experience in programming paradigm, thank you in advance


Hi! My name is Lauren, I've been working within the technology industry for almost a year now, specifically within software development (Front End / Javascript).

I'm here to learn more about modern web technologies and broaden my network.

I currently live in Central London and attend many Meetup Events: React BYOP, Coding For Girls and FINOS / Open Source.

Great to meet you all, looking forward to learning and sharing within DEV community. :)


What wonders me is the world-wide community there is here!
It is great to read you all.
Thanks for your generosity and enthusiasm! These are what makes the worlds spins on and on!

BTW, I'm Mexican and live in a small city. I'm learning and learning and learning.


Hello amazing people! I've decided to subscribe because I've never been part of community! and I'm sure Is something amazing to do! Great to meet you all! in this days I'mn learning to write stuff in react! I want to have fun with it! so suggestions are more than welcome!!



Hi everyone, am Johnson, and I loved web development. I want to know more about the web, and have many friends around the globe 🌐. I am currently learning HTML, CSS, Java and PHP. Guys, I am a beginner, and I loved to learn more and shared with the world 🗺.


welcome to, wiafe! hope you enjoy your stay. :)

also a fellow web developer ;)


My name is Yousif Aziz, I`m a software engineering at Safa solutions and consultant in many other companies around Egypt.

My passion for programming, security, open-source DevOps, Linux and electronics

I`m looking forward to learning and share knowledge with you


Hello guys! I've been working as a "Full-Stack Web Developer" here in the Philippines and this is my first job. I'm still surprised on things on the web development. I hope that this community will help me and welcome me! Cheers!


Hello everyone, I'm Anderson, from São Paulo, Brazil and I'm learning to code, primarily as a hobby, some time ago I started with Visual Basic made a small library management system, but now I'm actually having a lot more fun with Python, looking forward to go deep into AI and machine learning someday.


Helloo brothers, after a sad year with depression after a burnout I got hired for some projects, unfortunatly I realized I forgot a lot of stuff, good practices and most of d libraries got changed and updated. I did the projects on stack overflow and took almost 6 months to deliver the longer ones. Now I can take 2 months to update myself. Also Looking for React open source project.


Hi everyone! My name is Jonathan and I am a full-snack developer but typically get relegated more towards the front end. React and python/flask/django are my bread and butter. Glad to meet you and looking forward to the community!


I am here after reading this article
Making the advanced search query with Eloquent-Builder in Laravel by Mohammad Fouladgar:

I want to comment on this artile.


Hi guys and girls! I'm an aspiring developer, 2 years into a CS bachelor. I found a thread here while looking for a solution over 4 space indentation in Emacs web-mode and I laughed my ass off. The second thing I read was an article on WebAssembly that someone linked too, and after that I was totally hooked. DEV seems awesome!

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