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Thu Htet Tun
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Best 5 Steps To Improve Your Programming skills

Hey guys,
Today I would like to share you how to improve your programming skills within an unexpected time limit.

I also uploaded this content on my YouTube channel.
If you prefer to watch, please go for it.

For readers, let's get started.

1. Choose your specific role

There are a lot of roles in software engineering. For example, Front-End, Back-end, DevOps, Analyst, Security, QA, DB admin etc. So, what gets you excited about them. If you are interested in design, go for designing things. If you enjoy about algorithms and data structures, just go for it. Important things is you have to choose one first.

2. Choose your weapon (programming language)

First, you have to choose what programming language will be yours.
There are a lot of programming languages in software engineering so if you don't decide it first, you will never escape from beginner step.

3. Learn it but not study

After you got your weapon, then learn about it. You can learn from different ways like University, Bootcamp, Mentor, Online class or YouTube etc. Important thing is to be enjoyed on your learning. Personally, I don't like studying just for an exam. I used to be but I don't like it. Studying is just intended for making a result. Learning is different because it is continuous and fun for me. Mostly, if you are in IT field, learning is an essential thing you have to follow. Plus, don't forget to learn about your main programming language's documentation deeply.

4. Apply your knowledge with multiple projects

You've got some knowledge from learning things. So, Apply it. Start with small projects so that you can feel achievement. It is important too. That will make you the reason what you are learning about.

In this case, sometimes learning and applying might be parallel. Because there is no complete learning. we have to keep that in mind.

As another reason, you can boost your self-confidence by creating projects. Plus, you can show those projects to your clients or whatever as your experiences.

5. Keep in touch with Community

Congratulations to reach this step. Now, you know yourself in this professional field. It is time to upgrade your skills. Go for advanced projects or get a job. At this point, you will see that your domain knowledge is not enough while building things. Time to learn from real world experience.

You may find some skills or tools that you don't have. Don't worry. You've already got learning skills right? So quick learn them. You can connect to respective engineering community, forum, social media page or groups. Discuss and sharing about what you gets and needs.

That's it.
Now, it is time to spread your wings and fly.

I hope you enjoy this post.
I also uploaded this content on my YouTube channel.
Please check this out too.

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See you guys.

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raphael_jambalos profile image
Raphael Jambalos

Hi Thu! I agree with your post. For someone starting out in programming (or like studying a new programming language), "studying" the concepts end-to-end seems to be too dry. I think people should learn just enough and try to apply it right away with a project. The first few projects don't even have to be that advanced, just progressively harder.

thuhtetdev profile image
Thu Htet Tun

Thanks for your reply Raphael.

thuhtetdev profile image
Thu Htet Tun

Thanks for reading my post, Danish. 🤓