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Can you be a programmer or game developer without math?

Hey There,

Tired and exhausted Dev's. I am Tirth here your one and only game blogger here.So i know majority of us doesn't like math at all and we all want to become a good programmer or be good in coding, Even i hate maths it's the worst subject in the entire world,
(according to me) But maths is required for being a good developer here is why:


Alt Text

Physics is used in a game like mario too. Like when you jump you automatically come down due to gravity so you have to define gravity using maths formulaes and all that. Even in space you need maths,example: when your enemy is moving you have to move too and your bullet should hit the moving enemy.


Alt Text
for a good basic grasp of algorithms, you mostly need good problem solving abilities and a broad exposure (not necessarily too deep) to various kinds of mathematics. Number theory definitely is helpful as is some basic graph theory. If you really want to be able to analyze algorithms, you'll also need a fairly solid grasp of Big O notation.

There are many more examples and fields for which to learn you need to learn math and have good problem solving skills. At the end of the day it's your life and your decision. Pls subscribe to my youtube channel if you like gaming and games like pubg, fortnite and valorant
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Mohamed Dahir

As others have already said, some kind of math is always required for game development.

However, if you are really passionate about making games, then go for it. Nothing will prevent you from learning the perquisites as you go on in you journey.

Also see

arsenmazmanyan1104 profile image
Arsen Mazmanyan

I'm a game developer too and there are lots of things, that require math. Well, we rarely need AP Calculus level math, but it happens too.

We are trying to write reusable code, so we won't do that calculations again, but
there are some game specific calculations that require lots of math

So you can go nowhere in gamedev without math

tirthuhihadev profile image

yeah, and the article was all about that some people still think that you can become a programmer or game dev without math

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Muhammad Hasnain

Short answer: No.

Math is very important to game development. I am very very bad at math, game development wasn't very fun when I had to implement some basic functionalities.

tirthuhihadev profile image

yeah very true